Battle of the Brandywine Road Race

Wilmington, DE

Sunday, September 7, 2003

Battle of the Brandywine Road Race
September 7, 2003
Wilmington, DE

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Juniors 10-14
Place   Name                  Team
1       Nick Bax              Artemis
2       Paul Runyon           BiKyle
3       Burke Nash            NCVC/ Edge Technologies
4       Andrew Holmes         LSV/Trek/VW
5       Nathan Wilson         NCVC/ Edge Technologies
6       Elisa Oehrlin         Artemis
7       Davis Garrison        Team Snow Valley
8       Drew Nash             NCVC/ Edge Technologies
9       Ellen Kessel          Artemis

Juniors 15-18
Place   Name                  Team
1       Alden Towler          Team Snow Valley
2       Mike Chauner          Team Snow Valley
3       Curtis Windsor        Artemis
4       Colton Valentine      unattached
5       Ryan Elliott          Monticello Velo club
6       Chris Saxton          Team Snow Valley
7       Gonzalo Escobor       Squadra Coppi/IM Saab
8       Mike Berry            Team Snow Valley
9       James Bosch           Squadra Coppi/IM Saab

Women 40+
Place   Name                  Team
1       Barbara Scott         unattaached
2       Jill Lewis            Wilmington Velocity
3       Nancy Waddell         First State Velo Sport
4       Lisa Vible            First State Velo Sport
5       Laury Saligman        Rock Creek Racers
6       Tracy Rankin          DC Velo
7       E. Shepherd Ferrar    NCVC/ Edge Echnologies
8       Becky Troop           unattaached
9       Evelyn Egizi          Artemis

Place   Name                  Team
1       Erik Engle            Artemis
2       Michael Price         Team Snow Valley
3       Tony Lang             DC Velo
4       Karl Woitas           Team litebites
5       Matt Doyle            Wilmington Velocity
6       Erik Prince           Liberty Cycle
7       Ramon Benitez         Artemis
8       Mark Worno            Evolution Cycling
9       Kevin Gallo           Squadra Coppi/IM Saab
10      John Miller           Guy's Bicycles
11      Michael White         NCVC/Edge Technologies
12      Nils Dennis           Bike doctor/Cannondale
13      Greg Ferguson         Wissahickon
14      Nima Ebrahimnejad     Evolution Cycling
15      Michael King          Virginia Beach Velo
16      John McGill           NCVC/Edge Technologies
17      Andres Wright         All American
18      John Wittington       NCVC/Edge Technologies
19      Matthew Todorow       ECB/VBV
20      Daniel Wilson         unattached

Place   Name                  Team
1       Roger Friend          Monticello Velo
2       Grant Soma            Team Snow Valley
3       David Osborne         Artemis
4       Paul Drees            Market Edge
5       Jonathan Phillips     First State Velo Sport
6       Thomas Buzas          Red Lantern
7       Paul Lemar            Squadra Coppi/IM Saab
8       John Holmes           LSV/Trek/VW
9       Jim Bronson           PoWER/MAMA
10      Paul Langolis         PoWER/MAMA
11      Curt Southern         NCVC/Edge Technologies
12      Bill Luecke           NCVC/Edge Technologies
13      Randy Root            Team Snow Valley
14      Stephen Schultze      DC Velo
15      Spencer Beckett       Wilmington Velocity
16      Matthew McGoey        All American
17      Carlos Goncalves      All American
18      Victor Siegfried      Evolution Cycling
19      Jeffrey Manor         Pax Velo
20      Joe Baremore          DC Velo

Place   Name                  Team
1       Craig Clark           Evolution Cycling
2       Mario Steven          DC Velo
3       John Cox, Jr.         Chesapeake Wheelmen
4       Gary Kelly            Baltimore CC
5       Daniel Kole           Evolution Cycling
6       Darrell Vreugdenhil   Team Snow Valley
7       Dana Ormerod          Wilmington Velocity
8       Scott Olson           All American
9       Russ Nichols          Team Snow Valley
10      Leone Pizzini         ERA Cycling
11      Gary Hoffman          DC Velo
12      William Neumann       Team Snow Valley
13      Barry Rumsey          LSV/Trek/VW
14      Kerry Scanlon         DC Velo
15      Michael Hill          Chesapeake Wheelmen
16      Bruce Oliver          NCVC/ Edge Technologies
17      Rob Walters           Team Snow Valley
18      J.C.  Laboudigue      DC Velo
19      Henry Banta           NCVC/ Edge Technologies
20      Merrick Frampton      VCb/ Legg Mason/ Race Pace