Michigan Cyclocross Series #4

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Michigan Cyclocross Series #4
Sunday October 26, 2003
Riverside Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Results Courtesy of Jer Walker - Marketing/Media Coordinator - Tailwind Enterprises
These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.
Tiles Slingshots to win, Card Pads Overall Series Lead The fourth stop of the 2003 Michigan Cyclocross Series took the riders to the West side of Michigan. Here, the racers went to work on a course reminiscent of the old Chicago SuperCup race. Conditions were good as temps rose to the upper 40's/low 50's with a mostly sunny day. A brisk wind kept things seasonal for this otherwise great day of racing. Elite Men: The Elite Men took to the line with a sparse field of just 14, however a group of four would emerge to battle for the win. Russ Tiles (Slingshot) would start things off with a blistering sprint out of the blocks. He was followed immediately by series leader Jon Card (Tailwind.net/Cane Creek), Todd Shoberg (West Coast Riders), Jer Walker (Tailwind.net/Cane Creek), and Jeff Weinert (Tailwind.net/Cane Creek). Strangely, Tiles backed off the pace giving Tony Bruley (Suburban Homes) an opportunity to go to the front and test his legs. The field stayed together for the first two laps with everyone waiting to see what the other guys were going to do. Finally on the fourth lap, the action started to unfold with Tiles attacking taking all three Tailwind.net/Cane Creek riders with him. Seeing he had his work cut for him, Tiles let up the pace and field came close to latching back on. A determined Tiles went again on the fifth lap again taking Card, Weinert, and Card with him. This time the four gapped the field for good. Lap six saw a brief attack by Walker that would last through to the seventh lap. With three to go, Tiles attacked again with Card answering. Weinert and Walker were just ten seconds back waiting to see what would unfold. With two to go, the leading duo were still holding their gap while Walker and Weinert were still together. On the bell lap, Weinert and Walker tried one last time to bridge after noticing Tiles slowing down, but Tiles wasn't interested in taking on all three riders. Card forced Tiles to do the work heading into the final where the two would eventually stay together to contest the sprint. Tiles took the win after Card accidentalyy puled out of his pedal. Meanwhile, Weinert held off Walker in the sprint for third. Shoberg would get away from his chasing companions to take fifth. After four events, Jon Card still holds on to the Louis Garneau Series Leaders jersey. Anne Schwartz took another walk away victory to increase her lead in the Elite Women's yellow jersey competition. The Michigan series resumes after a three week break on November 16 at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills, Michigan. For more information, go to www.tailwind.net or contact Robert Linden at 248-634-6178. Results Elite Men 1 Russ Tiles Slingshot 1:04:37 2 Jon Card Tailwind.net/Cane Creek 1:04:38 3 Jeff Weinert Tailwind.net/Cane Creek 1:04:45 4 Jer Walker Tailwind.net/Cane creek 1:04:46 5 Todd Shoberg West Coast Riders 1:06:07 6 Eric Jellum Youthcycling.com 1:06:10 7 Mike Wissink Wheels In Motion 1:06:16 8 Tony Bruley Suburban Homes 1:07:00 9 Graham Howard Ada Bike/Marceco 1:08:47 10 Mark Wolowiec Flying Rhinos 1:08:54 Overall Standings 1 Jon Card Tailwind.net/Cane Creek 191 pts 2 Jeff Weinert Tailwind.net/Cane Creek 174 3 Jer Walker Tailwind.net/Cane creek 154 4 Nate Griffith Ford/Giant Bikes 102 5 Mike Wissink Wheels In Motion 95