Clif Bar/ECV Cyclo-Cross

Gloucester, MA

Sunday, November 2, 2003

Clif Bar/ECV Cyclo-Cross
Verge NECCS Round 2
Gloucester, MA
November 2, 2003

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Dunlap and Wells Ride to Victory in Verge NECCS #2

Typical New England Fall weather greeted the 443 riders and numerous other
spectators who arrived at the Clif Bar/ECV Cyclo-Cross in Gloucester to take
part in the 2nd round of the Verge New England Cyclo-Cross Series.  Lining
up for the men�s and women�s elite races were the same, remarkable fields as
the day before in the Central Mass. Cyclo-Cross, giving riders the
opportunity to make up for missed chances and poor luck, as they raced for
the podium in the UCI Cat. 2 race.

Dunlap Dominates

If the race from the day before had left any doubt as to who the strongest
rider in the elite women�s field was, today�s race put them to rest.  In a
field featuring no less than five current or former national champions,
Alison Dunlap put on a true tour de force.  The race off the start line was
fierce, as the riders vied for the lead into the first corner.  Gina Hall
(Clif Bar) was the first rider to attack when she went off on her own midway
through the first lap.  Meanwhile, her teammate Carmen D�Aluisio adopted a
defensive strategy, keeping an eye on Alison Dunlap (Luna Bar) and Anne
Knapp (Kona), while Mary McConneloug (Seven Cycles) appeared to have
recovered from her poor ride the day before and was right up with the
leaders.  Near the end of the second lap, Dunlap unleashed a ferocious
attack that the others were unable to respond to.  She quickly bridged up to
Hall, and just as quickly rode by her.  Before long, D�Aluisio and
McConneloug had bridged up to Hall, dropping Knapp in the process. As Dunlap
soloed to her second consecutive win on the weekend, Hall had fallen off the
pace of the three chasers, leaving the race for second place down to a
sprint, which was won by D�Aluisio.  McConneloug claimed a stellar third
place on the podium, followed by Hall for fourth and a fast-closing Knapp
for fifth.  Her podium finished meant that McConneloug retained the leader�s
jersey in the Verge NECCS.

Same Pair, Different Result

On a day which featured the deepest and most talented field of men�s elite
cyclo-cross racers assembled this season, any number of riders were in with
a chance to claim victory.  The tension was thick at the start line, and the
race for the first corner was furious. As the field hit the first run-up,
Saturday�s winner Ryan Trebon (CCA) was leading the field, with the rest of
the favorites hot on his heels.  By the end of the first lap, a select
leading group of five riders had broken off of the front, including Todd
Wells (Mongoose/Hyundai), Trebon, Jackson Stewart and Andy Jacques-Maynes
(Clif Bar), and Mark McCormack (Saturn).  Behind them Marc Gullickson
(Redline) was riding hard, trying to make the connection. It didn�t take
long for Trebon and Wells to ride off the front of the lead group, and the
race settled into the same rhythm as the day before, as each took turns at
the front, waiting for a mistake from the other.  Behind them, McCormack had
his hands full racing against the two Clif Bar teammates, as Stewart and
Jacques-Maynes both took turns trying to bridge up to the two leaders.  Up
front, as the two leaders crossed the start/finish line for the bell lap,
Trebon laid down a hard attack, instantly gapping Wells. But, only moments
later, as Trebon flew through the course�s tough corkscrew turns, he rolled
his front tire.  Wells was left alone to ride to the win, as Trebon was
passed by both chase groups to eventually finish in ninth after having run
nearly half a lap.  The sprint for second was a photo finish, won by Stewart
over McCormack. Jacques-Mayne claimed fourth, and Gullickson rode home for
fifth.  Peter Wedge (Kona) led home the second chase group, in front of
Travis Brown (Trek) and Dale Knapp (Kona).  With his fifth place, Gullickson
narrowly held onto the leader�s jersey in the Verge NECCS.

In the junior�s race, the trio of Tucker Thomas (Rad Racing), Jamey Driscoll
(GMBC/Invensys), and Konrad Lebas (Richard Sachs) were leading the field,
when Driscoll suffered a mechanical for the second straight day, but
recovered in time to re-catch the leaders.  He went on to win the race by a
clear margin, while Lebas finished second and Thomas third.

Other winners on the day included John Verheul (Cycle-Smart) in the masters
35+ race, Scott Wade (Gearworks/Spin Arts) in the 45+, and Cory Burns
(winner the day before as well) in the Amateur men�s race.

More information on the Verge Series can be found at

Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series sponsors include Verge
Sport, makers of quality custom cycling apparel; Clif Bar;
Cycle-Smart-Solutions for Cycling; Maxxis Tires;; Pedro�s USA;; The Ride Magazine.

Round 3 of the 2003 Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series will
be the UCI Cat 3 Cycle-Smart International Cyclo-Cross, held on Sunday, Nov.
16 in Northampton, Mass.


Elite Men

1 58:59 Todd Wells Mongoose
2 59:43 Jackson Stewart
3  Mark Mccormack Saturn
4 1:00:00 Andy Jacques-Maynes Clif Bar
5 1:00:31 Marc Gullickson Redline
6 1:00:44 Peter Wedge Kona
7 1:00:50 Travis Brown Trek/VW
8 1:01:03 Dale Knapp Kona
9 1:01:25 Ryan Trebon Easton/Kona
10 1:01:35 Ben Jacques-maynes Family Cycling Center
11 1:01:45 Bart Bowen Kona
12 1:02:02 Adam Craig Giant/Pearl Izumi
13  Alan Obye Balance Bar
14  Ben Turner 7up/Maxxis
15  Erik Tonkin Kona
16 1:02:23 Jeremy Powers NCC/
17 1:02:28 Michael Broderick
18  Adam Hodges-myerson Cycle-Smart
19  Jed Schneider Alan Factory
20  Brian Astell IF
21 1:02:38 Rob Hult ProCycles-Giant
22 1:02:49 Frank Mapel Durango Coca Cola
23 1:03:18 Matthew Svatek 'Cross All-Stars
24 1:03:24 Johannes Huseby FiordiFrutta/Wheelworks
25 1:03:28 Jeff Weinert Creek/Saturn of Toledo
26 1:03:42 Michael Cody NCC /
27  Shannon Skerritt TREK/VW/BIKEGALLERY
28  Michael Yozell Wissahickon
29  Jon Bruno ECV
30  Jacob Stechmann Alan Factory Team
31 1:03:54 Ryan O'Connor W. Virginia
32 1:04:16 Noah Taylor
33 1:04:33 Daniel Coady NCC /
34 1:04:39 Chris Peck Fiordifrutta
35 1:04:49 Brandon Dwight 7up/Maxxis
36  Jesse Anthony Hot Tubes
37  Jonathan Baker Pro Peloton Velo
38 1:05:45 Matt White NCC /
39  Jeff Leake NCC/
40  John Hanson Benidorm/Createx
41  Andrew Freye Giant Bicycles
Matthew Hadley Radical Edge/Power Bar
David Allen
Aaron Molloy NE Trek
John Foley Dried Plumbs
Jamie Lamb Cyclesmith
-1 lap Nathan Chown St. Catharines/ Fuji Canada
-1 lap Kevin Noiles flers cyclisme 61

Elite Women

34:02 Alison Dunlap Luna Women's Mtb Team
34:16 Carmen D'Aluisio Clifbar
34:21 Mary McConnelong
34:26 Gina Hall Clif Bar
34:51 Ann Grande KONA
35:29 Megan Monroe Lemond Cycles
35:30 Anna Milkowski Gearworks/SpinArts
36:08 Marianne Stover Gearworks/Spinarts Cycling Team
36:22 Rhonda Mazza Vanilla Bicycles/Sellwood Cycle
36:38 Sarah Uhl Saturn
36:48 Maureen Bruno Dansko Wheelworks
36:59 Katrina Davis Richard Sachs
37:29 Sara Cushman Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team
37:42 Perri Mertens Boston Road Club
Pauline Frascanne Arc-en-ciel
37:57 Maryann Martinez CCB/Volkswagen
38:14 Darcy Cornell Dansko Wheelworks
38:18 Erica Miller Wissahickon
38:29 Aicia Genest Richard Sachs
38:40 Rebecca Wellons
38:54 Susan Maclean Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team
39:09 Celeste Drumm Mean Wheels Bike Shop
39:14 Stephanie White Daigel Corp/NHJCA
39:48 Kristen Osborn NEBC/Cycleloft
39:54 Kami Trenbay
40:10 Lesley Honsberger St.Catharines C.C.
40:24 Katherine Farago
41:16 Martha Wilson Dansko Wheelworks
41:36 Cassie White NEBC/Cycleloft
42:00 Rebecca Sox Dansko Wheelworks

Amateur Men

1 Cory Burns
2 Ryan Larocque Team Bicycle Alley
3 Steve Rescigno Bethel Cycle
4 Maxwell Kullaway Boston Road Club/ATA
5 Tom Hopper
6 Ryan Rumsey Team Liquid Motion
7 Matt Demeis
8 David Keefe Boston Bicycle Club
9 Todd Cassan Rocinante
10 Michael Masar Test Pilot / Verge Sport
11 Brad Roberts West Hill
12 Brant Hornberger NCC /
13 Graham Howard Ada Bike Team
14 David Connery Boston Bicycle Club/Community
15 Wade Summers / HVVC
16 Alan Starrett
17 Brad Shuford NCC /
18 Art Trapotsis Boston Road Club
19 Michael Cole Minuteman Road Club
20 Jeff Murray Expo Wheelmen
21 Jerome Hughes REI/Team Novara
22 Andrew Schnellinger Team Bike Alley
23 Sean Sullivan ECV
24 Thomas Carr
25 James Mccowan
26 Matthew Sudd Boston Road Club
27 Joe Sullivan Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team
28 Tom Giordano NEBC/Cycle Loft
29 Kurt Perham
30 Andrew Hollopeter Bethel Cycle
31 Jason Achilich HVC
32 Ryan Fleming NHCC/Team New Hampshire
33 Jude Demeis
34 Todd Crisafulli North Atlantic Velo/Mercury Web Solutions Cycling
35 Shaun Berry Boston Road Club ATA Cycles
36 Ben Harper Test Pilot / Verge Sport
37 Brad Patches Skyline News
38 Zac Daab Hup United
39 Alan Buday rotations racing
40 Dan Davenport Team Psycho Triathlete
41 Brendan Sullivan Team HUP
42 Christopher Boer ada bike-marceco
43 Nate Simms NAU / Mercury Web Solutions
44 David Drumm Mean Wheels Bike Shop
45 Anders Larson Liquid Motion
46 Willem Haydendad NAU/Mercury Web Solutions
47 Young Choi Joe's Bike Shop
48 Ed Meyer
49 Kyle Wolfe Bicycle Link
50 Chris Gagnon
51 Eric Goodson Boston Road Club
52 Christopher Cyr Bikeman
53 Wayne Maceyka Boston Road Club
54 Gary S. Keblish CRCA-Conrad's
55 Ethan Parsons NCC /
56 Sam Stevens Berlin Bike
57 Randall Descarreault CS Ardagna
58 Jeff Craft
59 Bruce Pierce Boston Bicycle Club (Community Bicycle)
60 David Rose
61 Paul Everard
62 David Fredrickson
63 Jonathan Parrott West Hill
64 Richard Battaglia Boston Road Club/ATA Cycles
65 Chip Sovek Potomac Velo Club
66 Joshua Begin Independent Fabrication
67 Matthew Stover
68 Owen Pope UVM Cycling
69 Matthew Crews Ride 365
70 Ian Everard
71 Brian Keegan UNH
72 Zach Johnson Essex County Velo
73 Keith Button NHCC/Team NH
74 Mark Robson Team Bicycle Alley
75 David Hartmann Stage1 Cycling
76 Timothy Shea BOB
77 John Frey
78 Andrew Albright Monkey Hill Cycle Sports
79 Shane Mulroony ECV
80 Paul Niehoff
81 Paul Bain Boston Bicycle Club/Community
82 Edward C Parsons Jr Essex County Velo
Jeffrey Juneau Nault's Cyclery


1 39:23 Jamey Driscoll GMBC Invensys
2 39:34 Konrad Lebas Richard Sachs
3 39:58 Tucker Thomas Rad Racing NW
4 40:18 Charles Marzot Corner Cycle Cycling Club
5 40:31 Morgan Macleod Portland Velo/Jamis
6 40:52 Geoffrey Johnson Portland Velo
7 41:04 Will Freeman Rad Racing NW
8 41:24 Andy Brooks Redline
9 41:40 Noah Harwood NHJCA
10 41:51 Steven Howard Marceco/Ada Bike
11 41:59 Will Dugan Mean Wheels
12 42:26 Tucker Olander Peerless/HNECC
13 42:47 Jon Belcher Bicycle Link
14 43:36 Ian Gordon Cox
15 44:07 Kevin Wolfson NEBC / CycleLoft
16 46:08 Patrick Goguen the goguen stable
17  Piotr Brzezchstv Andover
18 47:02 Colt Mcelwaine Northeast Bicycle Club-Cycle Loft
19 48:10 Alex Duggan Scottie's Westport
dq Mike Wickman Peerless/HNECC
rel Severin Skolrud Rad Racing NW

Master 35+/45+

1 45:59 John Verheul Cycle-Smart
2  Rich Maile Clif Bar
3 46:55 John Mckone CCB/Volkswagen
4  Mark Stotz Cyclonauts
5  Peter Brennan Trek/VW
6  Michael Bernard Gearworks
7  Christopher Long Independent Fabrication/Gotham
8 45:59 Jonny Bold CCCC/Corner Cycle
9 47:17 Scott Wade Gearworks/Spinarts
10 47:40 Jim Brown Rad Racing
11 47:53 Paul Boudreau ECV - Essex County Velo
12 47:57 Tim Haitz Team Dupont /RITCHEY
13 48:04 Robert Bisson Gearworks/Spin Arts
14  Timothy Goesbeck CCB
15 48:15 Paul Lynch Bicycle Link
16 48:33 Todd Cassan Rocinante
17 48:42 Paul Curley
18 48:53 Mike Umbrell Minuteman Road Club
19 48:57 James Walsh Cox Communications
20 49:02 Sam Morse Mass Bay Road Club
21 49:07 William Sawyer Gearworks
22 49:12 Nathan Mchugh
23 49:16 Joel Brown Cox Communications Cycling Team
24  John Meerse Fastsplits Cycling Team
25  Gray Eldridge Corner Cycle Cycling Club
26 49:56 Paul Nyberg Benidorm Bike/Eastern Bloc
27  Gene Petrella Gearworks/Spin Arts
28 50:13 Brian Sweeney Gearworks/SpinArts
29  Chrisotpher Zigmont ECV
30  Gary S. Keblish CRCA-Conrad's
31  Mike Spangenbey BCA
32 50:22 Wayne Barlow coyote hill
33 50:52 Jim Bronson Power Mama
34  Dave Becknap Mass Bay Road Club
35  John Musher NEBC/Cycle Loft
36  Michael Dameron Cox Communications Cycling Team
37  Doug Aspinwall NCC /
38  David Schachte Providence Velo Club
39  Paul Weiss Portland Velo Club
40  Kevin Callahan bicycle link
41  Wayne Cunningham NEBC/Cycle Loft
42  Daniel Russell Missing Link
43  Chris Milliman Putney/Westhill
44  Chris Brown Corner Cycle
45  David King CCB-Volkswagen
46  Al Raine S&W
47 51:24 Craig Harrison CCB/Volkswagen
48 51:29 Rob Belcher Bicycle Link
49  Robert Kramer Mass Bay Road Club
50 51:34 Ken Gonzalves Housatonic
51  Tom Stevens Gear Works/Spin Arts
52  Ken Jayne AMGEN
53  Steven Bonadio NEBC/Cycle Loft
54 52:02 Charles Mcdaniel Wilmington Velocity
55 52:11 Derek Griggs Recycled Sports
56  Richard Brown NHCC/Team NH
57  Larry Bettencourt CCB Volkswagen
58  Gene Garneau Mercy
59  Barry Doubleday MBRC
60 52:28 Jeff Gauthier GMBC/Invensys
61 52:36 Tim Crowley CTS
62  Stefan Hesselberg Berkshire Cycling Association
63  Phillip Kenealy NHCC
64  Mike Provost Arc-en-ciel
65 52:49 Christopher Smith
66 53:22 Steven Heath Masters Velo Club
67 53:36 Timothy Shea BOB
68  Jorge Hernandez Minuteman Road Club
69  Geoff Sullivan
70 54:20 Brian Bigelow BOB
71 54:53 James Mills Mass Bay Road Club
72 -1 lap Richard Jachs Richardjaschs CYBC
73  Bruce Thompson Minuteman Road Club
74 -1 lap Paul Niehoff
75 -1 lap Theo Kindermann
76 -1 lap David Genest Richard Sachs
77 -1 lap R Tutwiler
78 -1 lap Paul Alachoyan Team Bike Alley
79  William Joye Boston Road Club
Jim Burke NEBC/Cycle Loft

Beginner Men

1 30:01 Rick Desmarais Union Velo Ltd
2  Charles Goldman Portland Velo
3  Robert Bauer Minuteman road Club
4  William Palm UC Berkley Cycling
5 30:10 Todd Christy Vineyard TRI
6 30:55 Matt Williams
7 31:10 Kenneth Hamel AFD/OSVC
8 31:15 Carl Ring NHCC/ Team NH
9 31:28 Michael Keough Corner Cycling Club
10 31:32 Jason Hughes
11 31:46 David Trent Wheelworks Multisport
12  Stephen Kelley
13 32:06 Brad Kelley NHCC/teamNH
14  Peter Stetson Portland Velo
15  March Bavineau
16  Joseph Hughes
17  Chris Rehm Team Bike Alley
18  Brian Blondin BOB
19 32:27 Mike Zanconato NCC /
20  Duncan McGovern Ride 365
21 32:58 Andrew Reed
22 33:10 David Alden crank racing
23 33:20 Tom West Unaff
24 33:25 Michael Hobson Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada
25  Nicholas Keough Corner Cycling Club
26  Jason Morris Crank Racing
27 33:52 Brian Spring Sr. N/A
28 33:57 Chris Dever
29  Shawn Corbett Portland Velo Club
30  John Wilde
31  David Lafano NEBC
32  Ron DeAngelis Cox
33 34:09 E Bennett Salem Cycle
34  Rich Norford Naults Cyclery
35  Dennis Flanagan
36 34:43 David Rioux BRC
37  Alex Flinn
38 34:56 Shane Smith NHCC/Team NH
39 35:15 Michael Lowry Minuteman Road Club
40 35:22 Stephen Lin
41 35:37 Sean Grady
42 35:41 Christopher Carlton Highland Bike Shop
43 37:04 Huub Valkenburg Craft
44 -1 lap Jim Collins
45 -1 lap Stuart Beaulieu Salem Cycle
rel  Christopher Evans NCC /
rel  Jose Monterroso Union Velo

Beginner Women

1 32:27 Jess Truslow NEBC/Cycle Loft
2 32:38 Catherine Daley UNH
3 33:57 Rachel Brown NCC /
4 34:31 Tracy Elmes BRC
5 34:43 Brenda Bahnson Independent Fabrication
6 35:22 Jen Rhodes Dansko Wheelworks
7  Karena Paulkulis NEBC/Cycle Loft
8 35:41 Janet Sestokas NEBC/Cycle Loft
9  Melissa Smith Dansko/Wheelworks
10 36:02 Christine Bereau Bike Alley
11 36:22 Lana Courtney Skyline
12 36:44 Lesli Comp Team Berlin Bike
13 37:10 Michele Smith Boston Cross
14 37:22 Heather Soberg
15 37:28 Susan Harris
16 37:36 Donna Lecasse BCH
17 38:05 Jean Cunningham NEBC/Cycle Loft
18  Patricia French
19 -1 lap Teri Carilli Dansko Wheelworks

Beginner Masters

1 28:56 Coley Bryan
2 30:10 Todd Savage Minuteman Road Club
3 30:16 Christopher Kadlick Minuteman Road Club
4 30:33 James English Minuteman Road Club
5 30:45 Jason Arcelay NEBC/Cycleloft
6 31:06 James Paterson
7 31:15 Don Marsh Blues City Riders
8 31:42 Joseph Di Angelo harborside cycles
9 31:46 John Plump Claremont
10 32:06 Thomas Downey MBRC
11  Jim Mckinley Team Wright Museum
12  Mike Sheahan Pedros/K2/WheelWorks
13  Bob Connors corner cycle cycling club
14  Mako Saito Harvard U Cycling
15 33:41 Scott Roy Bicycle Link MLBC
16 33:44 Rob Desroisiers
17  Kevin Pickett
18  Mike Troisi Chocksett Inn Racing
19  Tom Deakins
20 34:39 Edward Hickey
21 34:42 Chris Sullivan
22 35:15 Michael Meldas?
23 35:41 Dennis Legnard
24 37:43 Bruce Kapsten ECV
25 38:06 James Craddock
dq Paul Lynch Bicycle Link

Cub Juniors

1 7:18 Ryan Barlow NECSA
2 7:28 Nathan Belcher Bicycle Link
3 7:47 Nicholas Keough Corner Cycle CC
4 8:09 Luke Keough Corner Cycle CC
5 8:10 Tommy Goguen the goguen stable
6 8:58 Duncan Spaulding NHJCA
7 9:03 Samantha Barlow Coyote Hill
8 10:00 Jessica Wong
9  Manny Goguen the goguen stable
10  Ryan Packard Quad Cycles
11  Sam Chalet
12 10:37 Jack Clark
13  Brian Spring