Verge NECCS Round 6: Patterson Construction/NEBC Cyclo-Cross (UCI Cat.3)

Merrimack, NH

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Verge NECCS Round 6: Patterson Construction/NEBC Cyclo-Cross (UCI Cat.3)
Merrimack, NH
December 21, 2003

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Verge NECCS Finale Concludes with a Thriller

The final round of the Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series
provided a fitting finale to a series which has provided excitement and
surprises from the first round in Maine, back in October.  Today, riders
were greeted with a course that was shockingly slick with ice, snow, and
mud, pushing riders' abilities to the limit, as they fought for both race
wins and victories in the series overall standings.

Gullickson Makes it Two for Two

There was a lot at stake in the Men's Elite race. Mark McCormack (Saturn)
was the leader in the overall standings, but not by a comfortable margin
over last year's series winner Marc Gullickson (Redline), winner of the
previous day's race in Rhode Island.  And in the race for the Under-23
series overall win, Jeremy Powers (NCC/ was sure to face a
strong challenge from 2nd placed Jesse Anthony (Hot Tubes).  The sprint for
the hole shot at the start was furious, and McCormack was first into the
crucial, icy turn one.  Behind him, a crash brought down several riders,
including Anthony, and left just small group of riders alone off the front,
including Powers, Gullickson, and Ben Turner (7-Up/Maxxis), all chasing
McCormack, who quickly established a 15-second gap.  In the treacherously
icy conditions, the chase group didn't stay together long, and soon
Gullickson launched a solo chase, while behind him Johs Huseby
(FiordiFrutta/Wheelworks), Turner, Noah Taylor (VergeSport), Jamey Driscoll
(GMBC/Invensys), and Troy Wells (Devo/BalanceBar) began racing for 3rd
place.  At the race's midway point Gullickson caught McCormack, but wasted
no time in attacking him and heading off in pursuit of victory.  As
McCormack raced home for 2nd place, the chase group continued to splinter,
and soon the race for 3rd was down to Huseby and Wells, as Taylor, Turner
and a surging Jesse Anthony scrapped for the remaining podium spots.  As
Wells and Huseby rode the last downhill section, Huseby slipped and had to
stop to regain his balance, giving Wells the chance to attack him and grab
3rd place.  Huseby finished 4th, with Taylor finishing 5th, just in front of
Ben Turner in 6th.
The 2nd place finish secured the Series overall title for McCormack, who
thereby achieved one of his season-long goals.  Gullickson's back-to-back
victories left him with three wins out of the six rounds of the NECCS.
Meanwhile, Jeremy Powers won the series overall under-23 title, edging out
Anthony by a comfortable margin.

McConneloug Rides Away with Two Victories

After regaining the NECCS overall leadership the day before, Mary
McConneloug (Seven Cycles) went out today and stamped her authority on the
Verge NECCS, winning her third series race this year, and her second
consecutive series title.  But from the gun, it was clear that her
competitors were taking nothing for granted.  Marianne Stover
(Gearworks/SpinArts) blazed a lightning trail to the first corner, and
immediately built a gap in first place.  Unfortunately, Anna Milkowski
(Gearworks/SpinArts), who was just a handful of points behind McConneloug in
the overall standings, crashed in the first corner and as a result she spent
the bulk of the race working her way through the field.  Ahead of her,
McConneloug and Maureen Bruno (Dankso/Wheelworks) set off in pursuit of
Stover, eventually reeling her in midway through the second lap.
McConneloug kept the pressure on and dropped Stover, but she could not shake
the surprising Bruno, who kept the series leader within 5-10 seconds for the
entire race.  McConneloug rode the rest of the race error-free, and came
across the line for a great victory in both the race and the series.  Bruno
finished in 2nd, followed by Stover in 3rd, Sinead Fitzgibbon (EAS) in
4th,and a hard-charging Milkowski in 4th.

Other winners on the day included Junior National Champion Jamey Driscoll
winning the Junior Race, his fifth series victory of the year; Jonny Bold
(CCCC/Corner Cycle) in the Masters 35+; Paul Curley (Gearworks/SpinArts) in
the Masters 45+; Steve Rescigno (Bethel Cycle) in the B Men; William Keiler
(NECSA) in the C Men; Alexis Wruble in the B Women; and Michael Olbrys
(NEBC/Cycle-Loft) in the B Masters.

Verge NECCS overall winners after the final round were Mark McCormack
(Saturn); Mary McConneloug (Seven Cycles); Jeremy Powers (NCC/;
Jamey Driscoll (GMBC/Invensys) in the Juniors; John Verheul (Cycle-Smart) in
the Masters 35+; Steve Rescigno (Bethel Cycle) in the B Men.

The Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series is presented by Clif
Bar and Cycle-Smart: Solutions for Cycling. Series sponsors include Verge
Sport, makers of quality custom cycling apparel; Maxxis Tires; Pedro's USA;;; and The Ride Magazine.

The Patterson Construction/NEBC Cyclo-Cross is sponsored by the Cycle Loft;
Galaxy Sport Marketing; Goodale's Bike Shop; Breakstone, Whitelief and Gluck
Attorneys; and Nault's Cyclery of Manchester, NH.

Race Results

Category:              Elite Men    21           starters

Place     U23          Time         Rider                                               Team
1                      56:33        Marc         Gullickson                             Redline
2                      57:49        Mark         McCormack                              Saturn
3         1            1:00:00      Troy         Wells                                  Balance Bar/Devo
4                      1:00:05      Johannes     Huseby                                 Fiordifrutta/Wheelworks
5                      1:00:21      Michael      Broderick                              Seven
6                      1:01:00      Ben          Turner                                 7up/Maxxis
7                      1:01:15      Noah         Taylor                                 unattached
8         2            1:01:40      Jesse        Anthony                                Hot Tubes Cycling Team
9         3            -1 lap       Jamey        Driscoll                               GMBC
10        4            -1 lap       Jeremy       Powers                                 NCC/
11                     -1 lap       Jon          Bruno                                  ECV

Category: Elite Women  13           starters

Place     Time         Rider                     Team
1         37:09        Mary         McConneloug  Seven Cycles
2         37:15        Maureen      Bruno        Dansko/Wheelworks
3         38:06        Marianne     Stover       Gearworks-Spinarts
4         38:24        sinead       fitzgibbon   EAS/ CRCA
5         38:48        Anna         milkowski    Gearworks-Spinarts
6         40:17        Celeste      Drumm        Mean Wheels Bicycle Shop
7         40:21        Stephanie    White        Dansko/Wheelworks
8         41:37        Susan        MacLean      Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team
9                      Pauline      Frascone     Arc-En-Ceil
10        43:03        maryann      martinez     CCB/Volkswagen
11        43:21        Rebecca      Wellons      NEBC/CycleLoft
12        43:39        Sara         Cushman      Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team
13        -1 lap       Kristen      Osborn       NEBC/CycleLoft

Category:              Masters 35+  28           starters

Place     45+          Time         Rider                                               Team
1                      44:02        Jonny        Bold                                   CCCC/Corner Cycle
2                      45:18        Michael      Bernard                                Gear Works
3                      45:34        John         Verheul                                Cycle-Smart
4                      45:57        mark         stotz                                  Cyclonauts
5                      46:23        Christopher  Long                                   Independent Fabrication/Gotham
6                      46:30        Steve        Dudley                                 Missing Link
7         1            46:45        Paul         Curley                                 Gearworks/Spinarts
8                      46:48        Paul         Lynch                                  Bicycle Link
9                      47:01        Mike         Ward                                   Team BCA/Tosk
10        2            47:12        Scott        Wade                                   Gearworks/Spinarts
11        3            48:34        Timothy      Groesbeck                              CCB
12        4            48:58        William      Sawyer                                 Gearworks
13                     49:28        James P.     Walsh                                  Cox
14        5            49:36        Phil         Bannister                              Putney
15        6            49:49        Tom          Stevens                                Gearworks/Spin Arts
16                     50:12        kevin        callahan                               bicycle link
17                     -1 lap       Alan         Douglass
18                     -1 lap       Chris        Brown                                  Corner Cycle Club
19        7            -1 lap       david        schachte                               Providence Velo Club
20                     -1 lap       John         Mosher                                 NEBC/Cycle Loft
21                     -1 lap       Christopher  Smith
22                     -1 lap       Wayne        Cunningham                             NEBC/Cycle Loft
23                     -1 lap       John         Boser                                  Putney
24                     -1 lap       Tim          Shea                                   BOB
25        8            -1 lap       David        Genest                                 Richard Sachs

Category: Juniors                   8            starters

Place     Time         Rider                     Team
1         43:48        Jamey        Driscoll     GMBC
2         47:39        Noah         Harwood      Daigel Corp/NHJCA
3         49:16        Morgan       MacLeod      Portland Velo/Jamis
4         49:16        Charles      Marzot       Corner Cycle Cycling Club
5         49:45        Tucker       Olander      Peerless/HNECC
6         -1 lap       Kevin        Wolfson      NEBC/CycleLoft

Category: B Men                     34           starters

Place     Time         Rider                     Team
1         45:13        steve        rescigno     Bethel Cycle
2         46:14        Alan         Starrett
3         46:18        Ryan         Amirault     U of Colorado
4         47:02        Tom          Hopper
5         47:22        rick         trojanowski  hampton velo club
6         47:28        Jerome       Hughes       REI/Team Novara
7         47:51        Jeff         Murray
8         48:10        Oscar        Purwin       NHCC/Team NH
9         48:11        Damien       Colfer       NHCC/Team NH
10        48:20        Peter D.     Rubijono     Boston Road Club
11        48:34        Paul         Nyberg       Benidorm
12        48:45        David        Keefe        Boston Bicycle Club
13                     Christopher  Cyr          Bikeman
14        48:51        Coley        Bryan        unattached
15        49:09        Brian        Rutter       Berlin Bike
16        49:23        Matt         DeMeis
17        49:33        Kyle         Wolfe        Bicycle Link
18        49:37        Tom          Giordano     NEBC
19        50:10        Ben          Harper       Verge Sport Test Pilot
20        50:55        Brian        Baettner     Putney/West Hill
21        51:03        Gunter       Hofer        unattached
22        51:19        Richard      Brown        NHCC/Team NH
23        52:20        Ben          Zawaski      NHJCA
24        -1 lap       Keith        Button       NHCC
25        -1 lap       Greg         Black        Sport Test Pilot
26        -1 lap       Sam          Stevens      Berlin Bike, East Berlin CT
27        -1 lap       Wade         Summers      Hudson Valley Velo
28        -1 lap       Corey        Richards     Naults Cyclery

Category: C Men        20           starters

Place     Time         Rider                     Team
1         38:59        William      Keiler       NECSA
2         39:11        Deke         Andrew       Portland Velo
3         39:32        george       benington    portland Velo
4         40:44        Robert       Bauer        Minuteman
5         40:51        Duncan       McGovern     Ride Through 65
6         41:08        Stephen      Kelley       Silver City
7         42:21        John         Feinberg     Hampton Velo
8         43:13        Rich         Norford      Naults Cyclery
9         43:56        Gary         Smith
10        44:02        Jeremiah     Fitzgibbon
11        44:36        Kenneth R.   Hamel
12        44:56        Ron          DeAngelis    Unattached
13        45:02        Joe          Rapuano      NHCC
14        45:29        Mike         Doyle
15                     Christopher  Carlton      Good Boys
16        -1 lap       Michael      Lowry        Minuteman
17        -1 lap       Alvin        Nordell      Northampton

Category: B Women                   3            starters

Place     Time         Rider                     Team
1         44:21        Alexis       Wruble
2         -1 lap       carla        carver       bikeman
3         -1 lap       lesli        comp         Team Berlin Bike

Category:              B Masters                 21                                     starters

Place     45+          55+          Time         Rider                                                                     Team
1                                   38:59        Michael                                Olbrys                             NEBC/Cycle loft
2         1                         39:44        Steve                                  White
3                                   40:00        Derek                                  Grigos
4                                                James                                  Patterson
5                                   40:44        Mike                                   Troisi                             Chocksett Inn Racing
6         2                         41:16        Robert                                 Tutwiler
7         3                         41:27        garabed                                minasian                           mm bicycle
8         4                         42:09        Tom                                    Downey                             MBRC
9         5                         42:21        Ron                                    Menner
10        6                         42:44        Brian                                  Bicki                              Team Hawaiian/Vittorio
11                                  42:59        Jason                                  Arcelay                            NEBC/Cycleloft
12        7                         43:43        Paul                                   Bracs
13        8                         44:41        Dan                                    Tieger
14                                               Becky                                  Sox
15        9                         43:40        Walter                                 Zawacki
16        10                        46:17        Richard                                Costa
17                     1            -1 lap       Herbert                                Bates                              NEBC/Cycle Loft
18                                  -1 lap       Bill                                   Hurley
19                     2            -1 lap       James                                  Craddock

Category: Cub Juniors               3            starters

Place     Time         Rider                     Team
1         6:20         Stephanie    White        Dansko
2         6:54         Dan          Fishkin
3         9:37         Patrick      Douglass     Unattached