2004�Evolution Cross Race / Evolution Cycling

Leesburg, VA

Saturday, October 30, 2004

2004�Evolution Cross Race / Evolution Cycling
MABRA cross Series Race #4
Ida Lee Park - Leesburg, VA
Saturday, October 30, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Total Starters - 103

Men A
Place     Name                            Club
1         Rodger Carter           Legg Mason/Race Pace
2         Joesph Piccillo         Evolution Cycling/Pedal-N-Spoke
3         Evan Ellicott           City Bikes
4         Patrick Cusack          Rockville Harley Davidson
5         Nate Seymour            Potomac Velo
6         Chris Baker             Thomas / WMW
7         Judd Milne              Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB
8         Greg Abbott             NCVC / Edge Technologies

Women A
Place     Name                             Club
1         Melanie Swatz           Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB
2         Jennifer Maxwell        NCVC / Edge Technologies
3         Janet Olney             ALAN Mid-Atlantic
4         Tracy Lea               TEAM Fuji

Men B
Place     Name                              Club
1         Chris Huhn                Evolution Cycling/Pedal-N-Spoke
2         Brent Biddle              First State Velo
3         Ron Paletzki              Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB
4         Mike Bradbury             Evolution Cycling/Pedal-N-Spoke
5         Wayne Scott               First State Velo
6         Pat Weiler                Unattached
7         Andres Wright             All American
8         Chris Nystrom             LSV/Kelly
9         Steve Fife                Route 1 Veolo
10        Sean Pfaff                LSV/Kelly
11        Mark Dontigny             Evolution Cycling/Pedal-N-Spoke
12        Rob Campbell              NCVC/Edge Technologies
13        Dave Flickenger           Evolution Cycling/Pedal-N-Spoke
14        Tim Carbis                Boone Velo
15        Chip Hoover               NCVC/Edge Technologies
16        Jamie Welen               Unattached
17        David Barber              Unattached
18        Tony Thompson             Whole Wheel Velo Club
19        Philip Hunnicutt        Courier 1
20        George Schulz             Evolution Cycling/Pedal-N-Spoke
21        Chris Harshman            LSV/Kelly
22        Jonathan Houghton       Unattached
23        Mike Prolan               VCB / Race Pace
24        Matt Shields              Evolution Cycling/Pedal-N-Spoke
25        Art Mitchell              Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB
26        Matt Mitchell             Unattached
27        Chris Cusack              Rockville Harley Davidson
28        Butch Ramsey              Team Bigtime
29        Ed Fisher                 Shore Velo
30        Rodges Ankrah             Route 1 Veolo

Masters 35+
Place     Name                              Club
1         Rick Mihills              First State Velo
2         Mike Hebe                 K2 / Atlantic Racing
3         Roger Musse               All American
4         Mark Podgursti            Mt. Nittany Wheelworks
5         Mike Buchness             Bike Doctor
6         Albert Green              Yellow Breeches
7         Warren Buscemi            Team Snow Valley
8         Christopher Clarke      City Bikes
9         Brian Hall                Evolution Cycling/Pedal-N-Spoke
10        Jim Mitchell              The Bike Shop
11        Brian Poochigian        City Bikes
12        Ron Huebner               Potomac Velo
13        George Milinkovic       Unattached
14        David Jablonski           Husker Road Club
15        Dave Paul                 Artemis
16        Scott Thompson            Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB
17        Carlos Concalves         All American
18        Thor Engblom              Unattached
19        Brian Davenport           Atlantic Cycling

Masters 45+
Place     Name                               Club
1         Kevin Breckenmaker       Team Harrisburg
2         Karl Kensinger             ALAN Mid-Atlantic
3         Eric Marshall              Independence Fabrication
4         Drad DeVries               Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB
5         Ad Bax                  Artemis
6         Donald Morison             Wissahickon
7         James Carlson              Potomac Velo
8         James Wagner               DC Velo
9         Scott Scudamore            Potomac Velo

Jr. 10-16 Results
Place     Name                            Club
1         Jesse Saldana           Evolution Cycling/Pedal-N-Spoke
2         Morgan Gerlak           LSV/Kelly
3         Justin Mauch            Unattached

Jr. 17-18
Place     Name                               Club
1         Nick Bax                   Artimes
2         Jonathan Nathanson      Evolution Cycling/Pedal-N-Spoke
3         Benjamin Sandberg       Unattached
4         Tony Goncalves             All American

Women B
Place     Name                               Club
1         Janet Olney                ALAN Mid-Atlantic
2         Saskia Franabarger      Unattached
3         Beatrice Newbury         MORE
4         Susan Mittenberger       BBC

Men C
Place     Name                               Club
1         Christopher Salice       BBC
2         Eric Krause                All American
3         TG Taylor                  Fairbanks Cycle
4         Mark Drajem                Unattached
5         Kevin Dillard              NCVC/Edge Technologies
6         Jeff Cundiff               Unattached
7         John Kamenick              Unattached
8         Larry VonMoss              Unattached
9         Brian Fouche               AVC-Cliffbar
10        Yoav Gery                  Unattached
11        Thorn Moore                Unattached
12        Joe Foley                  City Bikes
13        Harris Finkelstien      Unattached
14        Todd Chenning              LSV/Kelly
15        James Wanger               DC Velo
16        Paul Depenning             CSH Racing
17        Carlos Castro              Unattached
18        Jeffrey White              Route 1 Velo
19        Alven Williams             Unattached
20        Ed Fisher                  Shore Velocity
21        Mike Whitman               TEAM Fuji
22        Cesar Pico                 Unattached

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