Live Free and Ride Cyclocross Race

Madbury, NH

Saturday, November 5, 2005

Live Free and Ride Cyclocross Race
Presented by
University of New Hampshire Cycling
Madbury, NH
Saturday, November 05, 2005

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. USCF Mens A Place First Name Last Name Team Elapsed time 1 Jesse Anthony 51:27:00 2 Rob Hult 52:27:00 3 Cory Burns 53:28:00 4 Ryan O'Connor 54:15:00 5 Jeffrey Craddock 54:30:00 6 Brian Keegan 55:07:00 7 Brad Sheehan 55:08:00 8 Ryan Fleming 55:09:00 9 Bryan Rumsey 56:25:00 10 Hersey Matt 1 lap 11 Coley Bryan 1 lap 12 Tom Gosselin Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania 1 lap 13 Aaron Millette 1 lap 14 Josh Austin 1 lap 15 Morgan Macleod Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania 1 lap dnf Gregory Hillson dnf Brendan Cornett dnf Alan Starrett USCF Mens B Place First Name Last Name Team 1 Pete Smith Essex County Velo 2 Osborn Erik 3 Leo patrode 4 Larson Anders 5 Justin Ziemba NHCC/ Team NH 6 Zach Johnson Essex County Velo 7 Kirk Fongemie 8 Nathanial Smith Maine Cycling Club 9 Ariel Herrmann MIT 10 Walter Conley CCB/Volkswagen 11 Edward Parsons DNF Kieran Culligan MIT DNF Jason Sears MIT DNF Chris Worden DNF Chris Richard DNF Corey Masson USCF Women Place First Name Last Name Team 1 Amy Wallace Verizon Wireless Wheelworks 2 Sara Cushman Gear Works/Spin Arts 3 Kathy Sarvary 4 Erin Cannif 5 Susam Maclean 6 Natalie Stoll 7 Michele Smith Independent Fabrication 8 Kerry Litka USCF Masters Place First Name Last Name Team Elapsed time 1 Kevin Hines 41:25:00 2 William Sawyer Gearworks - Spinarts 3 Eric Marro BOB/Nault's Cyclery 4 William Casazza BOB/Naults 5 MIchael Cole 6 Keith Buttin 7 Andrew Durham CCB/Volkswagon 44:13:00 8 John Meerse Hurricane Mountain Multisport 44:23:00 9 Wayne Cunningham NEBC/Cycle Loft 45:13:00 10 Christopher Smith 45:41:00 11 Robert Bauer Minuteman road Club 46:00:00 12 Terrence Parker Boston Scientific Cycling 13 Brian Bigelow BOB/Nault's 46:25:00 14 Paul Weiss 15 David Foley 16 Jim Burke NEBC/CycleLoft 17 Fran Boudreau Gate City Velo 18 George Bennington 19 David Barr 21 Michael Parr NAV/Mercury Web Solutions 22 Todd Savage Minuteman Road Club 23 Mark Suprenant CCB/Volkswagen 24 Robert Tutwiler 25 Jorge Hernadez 26 Dave Lerdberg 27 William Turner 28 Ron Menner 29 Herbert Bates NEBC/Cycle Loft 30 John Tommasi Joe Hepp Southern Maine Cycling Club Arnold T. Kalmbach Bicycle Link /Mass Bay Road Club Todd Rowell NCC / Vincent Donohue Scott Roy John Chapman Steven Bonadio John Roche USCF Mens C Place First Name Last Name Team 1 silas anthony 2 Deke Andrew Portland Velo Club 3 Dan Fishkin 4 Steve Simonds 5 Nathanial Campbell 6 Julian Hjortshoj 7 Joshua Bengal 8 Joe Rapuano NHCC 9 David Lafferty MIT 10 Garett Burke 11 Gary Lavigne Southern Maine Cycling Club 12 Jerry Marceau 13 matthew simpson 14 Herbert Taylor 15 Sally McInnis 16 David Hullones 17 John Beaudoin Southern Maine Cycling Club 18 Ken Han 19 Nick Loomis MIT dnf Russell Brooks dnf Oscar Jimenez NEBC/Cycleloft dnf Ron Menner dnf Thayne Nord dnf Charlie Roberts Minuteman Road Club NCCA Mens A Place First Name Last Name Team 1 Tom Gosselin Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania 2 Morgan Macleod Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania 3 Ryan Kelly UNH 4 Tim Stanley UNH 5 Jason Sears MIT 6 Mark Cote MIT 7 John Genovese 8 Chris Worden 9 Ethan Parsons 10 Drew Steliga UNH 11 daryl wilson UNH DNF Cory Burns UNH NCCA Women Place First Name Last Name Team 1 Natalie Stoll UNH 2 Callie Mcdonnell 3 Melissa Smith UNH 4 Caitlin Bever MIT 5 Anna Kaltenboeck Dartmouth 6 Llana Brito MIT NCCA Mens B Place First Name Last Name Team 1 Dye-zone Chen MIT 2 Nathan Miller UNH Cycling 3 Ariel Herrmann MIT 4 Kieran Culligan MIT 5 Dan Seaton UNH Cycling 6 David Lafferty MIT 7 Michael Anthony 8 Ian Desjarlais UNH Cycling 9 Thom Cape 10 Nick Loomis MIT

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