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Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, June 13, 2009

TOUR OF NEW YORK Presented by Kissena Sports Brooklyn, NY Saturday, June 13, 2009

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

TOUR OF NEW YORK - 6/13/09
Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

First Name	Last Name	Team

Pro-1-2-3  (44 Miles)
1	Paul		Burrowes	WS United
2	Jermaine	Burrowes	WS United
3	Glenroy		Griffith	Major Taylor
4	Salvatore 	Scotto DiVetta	GS Mengoni
5	Will		Schneider
6	Tadeusz		Marszalek	Sommerville
7	David		Lee
8	Keith		Snyder		Kissena CC
9	J.P 		Partland	Kissena
10	Saul		Salazar		Chelsea
11	Ricky		Gargiulo	Colavita
12	Giancarlo	Bianchi		Colavita
13	Anthony 	Lowe		United
14	Eric		Robertson	Kissena CC
15	Brian 		Breach		Brooklyn Velo

Masters  (34 Miles)
1	Anthony 	Maisto		Deno�s Wonder Wheel
2	Juan 		Pimentel	Global Locate
3	Gerry 		Martinez	Global Locate
4	Frank 		Arroyo		CRCA Pacifico
5	Paul		Carbonara	CRCA - Axis
6	Leigh		Sorrells	FiordiFruitta
7	Kurt 		Gustafsson	CRCA/Axis
8	Ian		Farrar		CRCA
9	Matt		Doran		Global Locate
10	Tim		Spence		CRCA - Axis

WOMEN (37 Miles)
1	Donna 		McMahon		Carl Hart
2	Nina		Strika		Deutsche Bank
3	Gabrielle	Fisher		CRCA 3rd Nature
4	Midori 		Nakamura	CRCA Miya Shoji
5	Andrea		Urist		CRCA 3rd Nature

Category 4  (27 Miles)
1	Bogdan		Blai		SpinCity
2	Raul 		Galliano	Westwood
3	Joe		Bylund		Columbia
4	Desmond 	Griffith	unattached
5	Calvin		Campbell	Westwood Velo
6	Mark 		Spottiswood	East End/Kreb's Cycle
7	Miguel		Flores		Chelsea
8	Aaron		Deutsch		Brooklyn Arches
9	Matthew		Montesano	Kissena CC
10	Bruce		Schwartz	Signature Cycles

Category 5  (14 Miles)
1	Jason		Voigt
2	Scott		Savory
3	James		Mahlmann
4	Alex		Horton
5	Elezar		Torres
6	Christian	Venegas
7	Lincoln		Wettenhall
8	Osvaldo		Perez
9	Jeffrey		White
10	Alfonso		Torres

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