Murrysville Cyclocross

Murrysville, PA

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Murrysville Cyclocross Presented by UPMC Sports Medicine & Freddie Fu Cycling Team Murrysville, PA Sunday, November 30, 2008

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Men C                     WT         Laps  Team
1.  Brian Janaszek        40:20:00   5
2.  Todd Schoeni                           Pro Bikes
3.  Scott Osterider
4.  Joe Mc Manus
5.  Brian Rutledge
6.  David Thorton
7.  Mike Quigley
8.  Joseph McLeod
9.  Greg Shanefelt                         ONU Multi Sport
10.  Mark Perry
11.  Jason Mahokey                         Pro Bikes/Salsa
12.  John McClintock             
13.  Rich Allen                  
14.  Ray Sielski                 
15.  Jim Anglin
16.  James Briggs

Men B                     WT         Laps  Team
1.  Tim Carson            45:01:00   6
2.  Sam Morrison                 
3.  Jason Zimmerman                        Freddie Fu Cycling Team
4.  Craig Merritts                         Pittsburgh Elite Velo
5.  Eric Lundgren                          Iron City Bikes
6.  Bradley Schmalzer                      Team Bikeman/Twin Six
7.  Aaron Shelmire
8.  Brendon Jones                          Beaver Valley Velo
9.  Matthew Tinkey                         Maxxis/Highland
10.  Donald Power                          Pro Bikes
11.  William Westover                      Thick Bike
12.  Ben Stephens                          CMU
13.  Rob Lochner                           Iron City Bikes
14.  Jon Lomax
15.  Jason Leaman                          Stark Velo
16.  Henry Dimmick               
17.  Bryan Routledge                       ACA/Sette Nove
18.  Gary Dugovich                         Beaver Valley Velo
19.  David Sopko

Men Masters 35+           WT         Laps  Team
1.  Andy Gorski           46:40:00   6     SPK/Speedgoat/Salsa
2.  Jeff Craft                             Lake Effect Racing
3.  Brian Wieczorek                        Freddie Fu Cycling Team
4.  Matt Mana
5.  Jeff Guy                               Dedicated Athlete/Fort Frames
6.  Jay Downs                              Fort Factory/WVU
7.  Rob Masterson                          Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA p/b Transcore
8.  Greg Ellis                             UPMC Cycling Performance
9.  Ray Sielski                            Ag3r-Butler Health

Women Open                WT         Laps  Team
1.  Patty Buerkle         46:41:00   5     Vanderkitten
2.  Liz Martin
3.  Michelle Bishop
4.  Sue Falvey                             GPOA
5.  Lee Ann Beatty                         Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA p/b Transcore
6.  Christa Ross                           ACA/Sette Nove
7.  Lindsay Dugovich                       Hunt Valley Bicycles
8.  Rachel Tedori                          Steel City Endurance
9.  Suzanne Atkinson                       Steel City Endurance

Men Elite                 WT         Laps  Team
1.   Steevo Cummings      1:00:48    8     Indiana Regional Medical Center
2.   Mike Mihalik                          Beaver Valley Velo
3.   Joe Ruggery                           Freddie Fu Cycling Team
4.   Gerry Pflug                           SPK/Speedgoat/Salsa
5.   Ernesto Marenchi            
6.   Andy Gorski                           SPK/Speedgoat/Salsa
7.   Justin Pokrivka                       Dirty Harrys
8.   Jared Babik                           Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA p/b Transcore
9.   Colin Sandberg                        Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA p/b Transcore
10.  Brian Wieczorek                       Freddie Fu Cycling Team

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