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Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, July 19, 2008

AL TOEFIELD MEMORIAL ROAD RACE Presented by Kissena Sports Brooklyn, NY Saturday, July 19, 2008

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Pro-1-2-3          44 Miles
1   Hammean        Walker            USI
2   Robert         Lattanzi          Sid's-Cannondale
3   Nikolai        Masluk            Northeastern Hardware
4   Pascal         Sauvayre          CRCA
5   Chad           Butts             Champion Systems
6   Leigh          Sorrells          FIORDIFRUTTA
7   Eric           Edlund            M.I.T.
8   Paul           Burrowes          WS United
9   Glenroy        Griffith          Foundation
10  Paul           Chooweenam
11  Andrew         Bernstein         BVF
12  Albert         Pedemonte Pica
13  John           Durso             Liberty Cycle
14  Jon            Clifton-Moore     Rush920
15  Anthony        Lowe

Masters            34 Miles
1   Gary           Steinberg         Global Locate
2   James          Joseph            Team United
3   Haig           Marino            Deno�s Wonder Wheel
4   Marcos         Gratereaux        Axis
5   Frank          Arroyo            Axis
6   Adam           Duncan            CRCA
7   Alessandro     Matteucci         BVF
8   Rick           Delgado           Strictly Bicycles
9   Johann         Burrowes          Team United
10  Robert         Brown             Major Taylor Iron Riders

Women              37 Miles
1   Stacey         Jensen            Kissena
2   Cheryl         Wolf              Bethel Cycle Sport Club
3   Midori         Nakamura          CRCA Miya Shoji
4   Elizabeth      Smith
5   Stephanie      Busloff           Avenue A | Razorfish Cycling

Category 4         31 Miles
1   Neil           Bezdek            unattached
2   Brian          Breach            Chelsea
3   Desmond        Griffith          U/T
4   Luis           Funez             Van Dessel Factory
5   Akin           Dorsett           Peddalers Paradise Cycling Team
6   Miguel Angel   Blanco            Spineity
7   Rob            Havemeyer         East End/Kreb's Cycle
8   Rameshwar      Ramkissoon        unattached
9   Bogdan         Blai              unattached
10  James          Hines             Major Taylor

Category 5         17 Miles
1   Daniel         Perez             unattached
2   Tim            Heitz
3   Jason          Schmidt
4   Arron          Deutch
5   Brian          Amen
6   Juan           Nunez             Signature Cycles
7   Joe            Steele            Major Taylor
8   Carlos         Sosa
9   Max            Novitsky
10  George         Whyte

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