Results » Road » 2008

Oley Valley Junior Road Race

Oley, PA

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oley Valley Junior Road Race Presented by Young Medalists Cycling Club/Team Dual Temp Oley, PA Sunday, July 13, 2008

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

weather:  86�  65% humidity, winds 5 to 15 variable

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MEN 10-12
PLACE        LAST          FIRST         TEAM
1            GRANIGAN      Noah          Team Somerset
2            KOZLOWISKI    Teddy
3            SPILLER       Stephen       Colavita Racing
4            SHAFER        Andrew
5            KELLY         Colin         Team Bikeline
6            PERREAULT     Julien        Colavita Racing
7            DUDZIK        Thomas
8            CRUZ          Justin        Colavita Racing
9            COLLESTER     Zach          cb velo
10           BRIGHT        Austin

MEN 13-14
PLACE        LAST          FIRST         TEAM
1            FARLEY        Calan         young medalists
2            RATZELL       Greg          Bikeline / LWA
3            ANDERSON      Dag           Team Somerset
4            MCCRACKEN     Kody          unattached
5            KAHL          Trevor        Liberty Cycle Town Cycle
6            BRIGHT        Jonathan      Vortex Cycling
7            BARANOSKI     Christopher   Cycle Sport/Zaveta Construction
8            SKOROCHOD     Anthony       Gotham Cyclists
9            BENDER        Zach          GS Park Ridge�Team Cyclesport
10           WILSON        Avery         NCVC/Inova Health System
11           MANCUSO       Max
12           HOOVER        Jacob         Bikeline/LWA
13           BATEMAN       Luke          Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp
14           GLASSER       Michael       Colavita Racing
15           KRAUSE        Christopher

MEN 15-16
PLACE        LAST          FIRST         TEAM
1            CARMONA       Juan          Young Medalists Cycling Club/Team Dual Temp
2            TOBIN         Angus         Budget Fork Lift
3            WADE          Josh          Mesa Cycles Racing Team
4            BLAUVELT      Dan           Colavita Racing
5            CLUNE         Ryan          Team Vortex/Vortex Cycling Club
6            CARPENTER     Robin         Main Line Cycling Club/ Bikyle
8            GRYSTAR       Eddie         RC-13
9            ROEDER        Nick          JVR Sports
10           MANCUSO       Cam
11           NOVAK         David         Sicklers/Upstate Velo
12           ZIOLKOWISKI   Zachary
13           KAPLAN        Max
14           DAWSON        David         Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
15           SEMIAN        Zachary       Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp
16           GORR          Chad

MEN 17-18
PLACE        LAST          FIRST         TEAM
1            LANE          Pat           Budget Fork Lift
2            RICHARDS      Tom           Team Budget Forklift
3            MULHERN       Mitchell      Budget Frok Lift
4            WERNER JR.    Kerry         Shirks Presented by Trek
5            WILSON        Nathan        NCVC/Inova Health System
7            STOUP         Wyatt         Chester County Velo-Iron Hill Brewery
8            STERN         Christopher   Liberty Cycle
9            RODGERS       Chris         Colavita Racing
10           NOVAK         John          Sicklers/Upstate Velo
11           SAILLOT       Franklin      Colavita Racing
12           TVEDT         Stephen       Colavita Racing
14           FENDLEY       Zach          National Capital Velo Club

WOMEN 10-12
PLACE        LAST          FIRST         TEAM
1            GATES         Victoria      unattached

WOMEN 13-14
PLACE        LAST          FIRST         TEAM
1            LAWRENCE      Kaitlyn       VORTEX
2            FARNSWORTH    Taylor        JVR Sports
3            SEMIAN        Bailey        Young Medalists Cycling Club/Team Dual Temp
4            WILSON        Isabella      Colavita Racing
5            CRUZ          Ariana        Colavita Racing

WOMEN 15-16
PLACE        LAST          FIRST         TEAM
1            STEWART       Brodie        Budget Fork Lift
2            FREIBERG      Lara          Budget Fork Lift
3            ESPOSTO       Antonina      Young Medalist / Team Dual Team
4            HAYDUK        Hannah        Dual Temp / YMCC
5            PROBST        Catherine     Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp
6            BRUNNER       Jennifer      Colavita Racing
7            FRIEDMAN      Amanda        Colavita racing

WOMEN 17-18
PLACE        LAST          FIRST         TEAM
1            GALLOWAY      Miffy         Budget Fork Lift
2            GULICK        Colleen       Colavita Racing
3            HUYETT        Elspeth       Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp
4            FARNSWORTH    Morgan        JVR Sports
5            POTYLYCKI     Kate          JVR Sports
6            SANTIAGO      Nina          High Gear/Watchung Wheelmen
7            OPPENHEIMER   Leah          Colavita Racing
8            RAILEY        Kristen       Colavita Racing

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