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"Ed Peters Memorial Masters Weekend"

Bethlehem Township, PA

Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Ed Peters Memorial Masters Weekend" Emrick Boulevard Criterium Presented by Lehigh Wheelmen Association and Cycledrome Bicycling Team Bethlehem Township, PA Saturday, July 05, 2008
These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

PLACE  First Name    Last Name     Team
Men 60+     1      Philip        Stanley       Morgan Stanley/MarketEdge/PowerBar
2      Robert        Lea
3      Barry         Free          ERA Cycling
4      David         Holmander     NHCC/Team NH/MCRA
5      David         Kjellquist    Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
6      William       Kalman

PLACE  First Name    Last Name     Team
Men 30+     1      Rich          Uliana        Gotham
2      Michael       Miller        Team Alliance Environmental
3      Brad          Ober          Spinners cycling
4      Keith         Wilson        Spinners cycling
5      Vladimir      Borokov       Team Somerset
6      Ted           Inoue         Liberty Cycle
7      Bill          Gros          Squadra Coppi
8      Warren        Holzman       Guy's
9      Benjamin      Fetterman     CYCLEDROME BICYCLING TEAM
10     Cameron       Reider        Gotham Cyclists
11     Gary          La Sala       Liberty Cycle
12     Keith         Cramer        Unattached
13     George        Sherman       Gotham
14     Dean          Smith         Morgan Stanley/MarketEdge/PowerBar
15     Rick          Ball          Watchung Wheelman
16     John          Spittal       Spinners cycling
17     Joe           Transue       Gotham
18     Brian         Stoner        Hunt Valley Bikes/Tailgunner Inc.
19     Thomas        Lyons         Main Line
20     Robert        Rehm          Watchung Wheelman

PLACE  First Name    Last Name     Team
Men 40+     1      Robert        Moskal        Elite
2      Michael       Norton        Cyclonauts Racers
3      Keith         Wilson        Spinners Cycling
4      John          Spittal       Spinners cycling
5      Vladimir      Borokov       Team Somerset
6      John          Grenier       BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farms-Goodale's Bike Shops
7      Tom           Armstrong     Gotham
8      Scot          Willingham    CRCA/Sanchez-Metro
9      John          Paproski      Elite
10     Steve         May           Monstr Health
11     Dave          Bonser        Gotham
12     Matthew       Diefenbach    Alliance Environmental
13     Gil           Hatton        Texas Roadhouse
14     Bill          Gros          Squadra Coppi
15     Steve         Sambrano      Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
16     Keith         Cramer        Unattached
17     Jan           Felice        Spinners cycling
18     Christopher   Dimattio      Bethel Sport CLub
19     Ed            Kallatch      Evolution Racing
20     David         Whitney       Team Somerset
21     Jim           Pomeroy       Spinners Cycling
22     Michael       Holub         Dreamscapes cycling team
23     David         Krial         Cycledrome
24     Stephen       Baumbach      Cycledrome Bicycling Team
25     Art           Miller        Spinners cycling
26     Andy          Kraynak       Bike Line/LWA
27     Craig         Guensch       evolution cycling team
28     Timothy       Hancock       On Track
29     Christopher   Peterson      CRCA
30     Larry         Detris        Cycledrome
31     Albert        Anderson      LWA/Bikeline
32     Dean          Smith         Morgan Stanley/MarketEdge/PowerBar
33     Carl          Nelson        Colavita Racing
34     David         Hunt          Team Somerset
35     Wayne         Santos        BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farms-Goodale's Bike Shops
36     Todd          Noonan        Kutztown Cutters
37     Mark          Krajci        Unattached
38     Thomas        Nagy          Elite
39     Thomas        Lyons         Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
40     Unkown        Rider
41     Edward        Krynski       Elite
42     Christopher   Kaiser        Unattached
43     Joe           Manacchio      Main Line

PLACE  First Name    Last Name     Team
Men 50+     1      Gil           Hatton        Texas Roadhouse
2      Brian         Wolf          Bethel Cycle
3      George        Pawle         Cyclonauts Racers
4      James         Prestia       Tri-State Velo
5      Andrew        Buchanan      Skylands Cycling
6      Michael       Speranza      QCW Breakaway
7      Gerry         Ryerson       Skylands Cycling
8      Michael       Shapanka      Watchung Wheelman
9      Robert        Wellmon       QCW Breakaway
10     Michael       Tacci         Main Line Cycling
11     Carl          Nelson        Colavita Racing
12     Wayne         Santos        BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's Bike Shops
13     Greg          Ruch          BikeLine/LWA
14     Russ          Padgett       Cycle Funattic
15     Tim           Toms
16     Mieczyslaus   Burzynski     B.O.B.Stonyfield Farms Goodale's Bike
17     Royden        Detweiler     Bike Line/LWA
18     David         Nesler        Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
19     Mark          Croneberger   Dutch Wheelman/SBRT
20     George        Harriot       LWA/Bikeline
21     Kevin         Saint Clair   Main Line Cycling - Bikyle
22     Michael       Karr          Montclair
23     Andrew        Bollinger     Gotham Cyclist
24     Kevin         Tuttle        Main Line/BiKyle
25     Bruce         Petrovick     Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
26     Bryan         Barrett       BikeLine/LWA

PLACE  First Name    Last Name     Team
Women 30+   1      Kristy        Swope         EPS/CSS/Riptide
2      Nancy         Heller        Tri-State Velo
3      Tracy         Lea           The Sports Team

PLACE  First Name    Last Name     Team
Women 45+   1      Pamela        Glass         Susquehanna Valley
2      Julia         Klinger       Tri-State Velo
3      Cheryl        Wolf          Bethel Cycle
4      Barbara       Shweky        Team Somerset
5      Jennifer      Sands         Sturdy Girl Cycling
6      Patty         Powers        Kutztown Cutters

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