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26th Annual Exeter Criterium

Exeter, NH

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

26th Annual Exeter Criterium Presented by NorEast Cycling Exeter, NH Tuesday, July 01, 2008

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the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Men Pro/1/2/3                                             110 Starters                                                                  30 Miles
1     57    Shawn               Milne                     Team Type 1                                      Gloucester           MA      59:48
2     88    Markus              Weinberg                  Kahala-LaGrange                                  Santa Monica         CA      st
3     60    Adam                Myerson                   Time Pro Cycling                                 Boston               MA      st
4     1     Jake                Keough                    KBS Medifast                                     Sandwich             MA      st
5     98    Richard             England                                                                                         AU      st
6     112   Jonathan            Page                                                                                            NH      st
7     41    Edward              King                      Bissell Pro Cycling Team                         Brentwood            NH      st
8     4     Clayton             Barrows                   Rite Aid Pro Cycling presented by Shebell & ShebeShiremanstown        PA      st
9     81    Ward                Solar                     Nerac Cycling                                    Vernon               CT      st
10    116   Josh                Lipka                     FiorediFruitta                                                        MA      st
11    77    Chris               Scott                     Locos Grill & Pub                                Athens               GA      st
12    76    Vincent             Scalia                    NOREAST                                          Queensbury           NY      st
13    120   Isaac               Howe                      NorEast Cycling                                                       NH      st
14    48    Josh                Liberles                  Colavita NM p/b JNF Enterprises                  Albuquerque          NM      st
15    80    Thomas              Soladay                   TIME PRO CYCLING                                 Bethesda             MD      st
16    10    Brendan             Cornett                   Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania                  Lewiston             ME      st
17    118   Alain               Fery                      MetLife p/b                                                 MA      st
18    51    Ciaran              Mangan                    CCB/Volkswagen                                   Brighton             MA      st
19    3     Steve               Ballinger                 Colavita NM p/b JNF Enterprises Inc.             Santa Fe             NM      st
20    2     Jesse               Anthony                   Team Type 1                                      Beverly              MA      st
21    101   Justin              Spinelli                  KBS Medifast                                     Nashua               NH      st
22    87    Miles               Watson                    Rite Aid Pro Cycling presented by Shebell & ShebeSandy Hook           VA      st
23    119   Diego Javier        Garavito Barragan         Latino Cycling                                                        COL     st
24    102   Josh                Austin                    Noreast                                                                       st
25    59    Tyler               Munroe                    CCB/Volkswagen                                   No. Andover          MA      st
26    66    Sean                O'Rourke                  Kenda/Raleigh Cycling Team                       Arlington            VA      st
27    89    Garrett             White                     Colavita NM p/b JNF Enterprises Inc.             Orlando              FL      st
28    106   Jerome              Townsend                  IF                                                                    MA      st
29    9     Damien              Colfer                    Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania                  Newmarket            NH      st
30    36    Emiliano            Jordan                    Colavita NM p/b JNF Enterprises                  Tucson               AZ      st
31    75    Patrick             Ruane                     Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving                   Webster              NH      st
32    108   Simon               Lambert                   HotTubes                                                              CA      st
33    38    Ryan                Kelly                     NorEast Cycling                                  Dover                NH      st
34    20    Ryan                Fleming                   MetLife p/b                            Portsmouth           NH      st
35    16    McNicholas          Dylan                     NorEast Cycling                                  Stratham             NH      st
36    117   Harrison            Harb                      NHCC                                                                  NH      st
37    74    Matt                Rossman                   NorEast                                          Morrisville          VT      st
38    55    Duncan              McGovern                  NorEast Cycling                                  Peterborough         NH      st
39    45    Brian               Lavigne                   Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving                   Bow                  NH      st
40    35    William             Jacobus                   US Armed Forces                                  Cedar Crest Nm       NM      st
41    82    Brant               Speed                     Austin Flyers                                    Austin               TX      st
42    93    Scott               Zwizanski                 Bissell                                          Sausalito            CA      st
43    14    Bruce               Diehl                     Sunapee S&W Racing                               Jackson              NH      st
44    109   Ryan                Kelly                     Sunapee                                                               NH      st
45    113   Jonathan            Auerbach                                                                                        NH      at :17
46    83    Isaac               St. Martin                Noreast Cycling                                  Candia               NH      st
47    58    Todd                Mion                      RIDECLEAN                                        Tucson               AZ      :19
48    37    Chris               Keane                     Colavita NM p/b JNF Enterprises Inc.             Southwest Ranches    FL      st
49    92    Benjamin            Zawacki                   TARGETTRAINING U-25/Elite Development Racing TeamWeare                NH      st
50    8     Whit                Clifford                  Locos Grill & Pub                                Athens               GA      st
51    32    Matthew             Hansley                   Locos Grill & Pub                                Athens               GA      st
52    110   Jonathan            Bruno                     IF                                                                    MA      :45
53    18    William             Elliston                  Rite Aid Pro Cycling presented by Shebell & ShebeEaston               PA      1:06
54    22    Christopher         Fore                      Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving Racing            Concord              NH      1:10
55    64    Ryan                O'Hara                    Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames             Somerville           MA      st
56    29    Tom                 Gosselin                  Fitness Together/IF powered by Lionette's        Lewiston             ME      1:29
57    50    Morgan              Macleod                   Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania                  Orr'S Island         ME      1:55
58    7     Aidan               Charles                   Nerac                                            Middletown           CT      at one lap
DNF   5     Tim                 Buckley                   Sunapee / S&W                                    Henniker             NH
DNF   6     Ryan                Carney                    NorEast Cycling                                  Enfield              NH
DNF   11    Chris               Curven                    North Atlantic Velo / ClassBook.Com / Giant / PedWalpole              NH
DNF   13    Johny               Deshaies                  Club Cycliste Amos                               Amos                 PQ
DNF   15    John                Dieli                     BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's Bike Shops Newton               NH
DNF   17    Mark                Edwards                   CCNS U-25 Development                            Virginia Beach       VA
DNF   19    Scott               Fader                     CCB                                              Hanover              MA
DNF   21    Keith               Ford                      Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                          Enfield              NH
DNF   23    Luke                Fortini                   corner cycle bike club                           Kingston             MA
DNF   24    John                Freisen                   Colavita NM p/b JNF Enterprises                  El Paso              TX
DNF   26    Bob                 German                    CCNS/pedal power cycling team                    Higganum             CT
DNF   28    Patrick             Goguen                    cl noonan/coast to coast/kam                     Hopedale             MA
DNF   30    John                Grenier                   BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farms-Goodale's Bike ShopsLewiston             ME
DNF   31    Travis              Hagner                    Locos Grill & Pub                                Athens               GA
DNF   33    Craig               Harrison                  Sunapee/S&W/Continental Paving Racing Team       Bartlett             NH
DNF   34    Stephen             Humphreys                 NorEast Cycling                                  Exeter               NH
DNF   39    Jesse               Keough                    CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast                      Sandwich             MA
DNF   43    Chris               Laflamme                  Base 36/SMCC/Gorham Bike                         Westbrook            ME
DNF   44    Martin              Lasak                     Unattached                                       Cobalt               CT
DNF   46    Thomas              Lebosquet                 Fitness Together/Independant Fabrication p/b LionGreenland            NH
DNF   47    Joshua              Lehmann                   NorEast Cycling                                  Weare                NH
DNF   49    Sven                Lohse                     Everactiveonline/Workerscompsolutions            Sterling             MA
DNF   52    Ian                 Marcuse                   CCNS Pedal Power U23                             Richmond             VA
DNF   54    Eric                Marro                     BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goodales         Nashua               NH
DNF   56    Andrew              Mills                     New England Masters Elite                        Sturbridge           MA
DNF   61    Christopher         Naimie                    Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                          Sunapee              NH
DNF   62    James               Nash                      CCB Volkswagen                                   North Hampton        NH
DNF   63    Jurgen              Nebelung                  Base36/SMCC/Gorham Bike                          Portland             ME
DNF   65    Rob                 O'Malley                  Sunapee S&W Racing team                          Minneola             FL
DNF   67    Guido               Palma                     Rite Aid Pro Cycling presented by Shebell & ShebeCapital Federal      UNK
DNF   68    Garrett             Peltonen                  Bissell Pro Cycling Team                         Boulder              CO
DNF   69    Corey               Piscopo                   Moots/NorEast Cycling                            Steamboat Springs    CO
DNF   71    Tom                 Prugar                    NorEast Cycling                                  York                 ME
DNF   72    David               Rendon                    Colavita NM p/b JNF Enterprises                  Lubbock              TX
DNF   73    Paul                Richard                   CCB/Volkswagen                                   Amesbury             MA
DNF   78    Timothy             Shea                      BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goodales         Amherst              NH
DNF   79    Duane               Skofield                  BOB/shift-stonyfieldfarms-Ariza-goodales         Plaistow             NH
DNF   84    Drew                Szeliga                   Noreast Cycling                                  Newmarket            NH
DNF   86    Landen              Wark-Acebo                Inside-Out Sports P/B Zaytoun & Miller           Greensboro           NC
DNF   94    Thom                Coupe                     Met Life                                         Plymouth             NH
DNF   96    Todd                Yezefski                  IF                                               Allentown            PA
DNF   99    Ben                 Forbes
DNF   103   Isaac               Howe
DNF   104   James               Omara                     BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farms-Goodale's Bike Shops                     NH
DNF   105   Skip                Foley                     360 Racing/Landry's                                                   MA
DNF   107   John                Peterson                  BikeBarn                                                              MA
DNF   111   Aaron               Malloy                    Psyclone                                                              NH
DNF   114   Brian               Linskott                                                                                        ME
DNF   115   Leo                 Devellian                 CCB                                                                   MA

Women Open                                                20 Starters                                                                   16 Miles
1     214   Brooke              O'Connor                  Hub Racing                                       Billerica            MA      35:49
2     202   Kathryne            Carr                      Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                          Easthampton          MA      st
3     201   Sally               Annis                     NEBC/CycleLoft/Devonshire Dental                 Nashua               NH      st
4     205   Debony              Diehl                     Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                          Jackson              NH      st
5     220   Sara                Schreib                   Unattacehd                                                            VT      st
6     212   Eve                 McNeill                   Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                          Hanover              NH      st
7     209   Arley               Kemmerer                  Hub Racing                                       Palmerton            PA      st
8     219   Kristie             Reynolds                  NorEast                                          Exeter               NH      st
9     203   Stephanie           Chase                     INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS/GLOBAL             Portland             ME      st
10    221   Cody                Harris                    NVC                                                                   ME      st
11    204   Susanne             Delaney                   NEBC/CycleLoft/Devonshire Dental                 Portsmouth           NH      st
12    210   Liz                 Leyden                    Hub Racing                                       Scarborough                  at :08
13    215   Dale                Tye                       Hub Racing                                       Brightwater                  st
14    211   Ivy                 Luhrs                     Velo Bella-Kona/MCC                              Minot                ME      at one lap
DNF   206   Sheba               Farrin                    Hub Racing                                       Washington           DC
DNF   208   Michelle            Hurley                    Incline Training                                 Northfield           MA
DNF   213   Samantha            Newman                    Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                          Raymond              NH
DNF   216   Sara                Schreib
DNF   217   Martha              Downing                   CCB                                                                   NH
DNF   218   Carla               Berger                    Alto Velo                                                             NH      st