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17th Annual Jason Gundel Wilmington Classic

Wilmington, DE

Sunday, June 15, 2008

17th Annual Jason Gundel Wilmington Classic Presented by Team DRT/Deep Blue Wilmington, DE Sunday, June 15, 2008

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Junior 10-14
Place            Name                      Team
1                Dag Anderson              Team Somerset
2                Justin Mauch              NCVC- Inova Heatlh
3                Issac Kaplan              Artemis
4                Avery Wilson              NCVC- Inova Heatlh
5                Van Claire                Artemis
6                Zoe Loversky              Artemis
7                Andrew Mount              National Capitol Velo
8                Spencer Campbell          Cape Atlantic- Beacon
9                Dan Zieing                unattached

Junior 15-18
Place            Name                      Team
1                Steven Kendall            NCVC- Inova Health
2                Avi Kurlantzick           Artemis
3                Tom Kehl                  Guy's
4                Desean Perkins            Freedom wheels

Cat 4/5
Place            Name                      Team
1                Thomas MacKay             ADRT
2                Alex Siegel               Liquid Fitness
3                Jose Nunez                Route 1 Velo
4                William Kanteres          Route 1 Velo
5                James Drane               Artemis
6                Bradley Kendall           NCVC- Inova Health
7                Gregoire Faber            NCVC- Inova Health
8                David Krause              Bikelane
9                Cameron Patch             NCVC- Inova Health
10               Jonathan Goulet           unattached
11               Ryan Burke                Pro Pedals
12               Chris Redmond             Rutgers
13               Trevor Shaltuck           Hunt Valley
14               Scott Hendrickson         Phila Cyclisimo
15               Rob Brown                 Team DRT/ Deep Blue
16               Nathan Miller             Squadra Coppi
17               Steven Kendall            NCVC- Inova Health
18               Jeff Garvey               Team DRT/ Deep Blue
19               Chris Chapman             Team DRT/ Deep Blue

Place            Name                      Team
1                Nima Ebrahimnegad         Bikelane
2                Bo Lee                    Artemis
3                Chris Schmidt             Bikelane
4                Ramon Benitez             Artemis
5                Jason Merdhot             DC Velo
6                Rick Norton               LSV/ Kelly
7                Chip Hoover               ABRT
8                Espen Kateras             Westwood velo
9                George Opria              Evolution
10               Bob Reuther               Chester County
11               Lance Lacy                ABRT
12               Michael Stearns           ABRT
13               Keith Reeker              ABRT
14               Dan Underwood             Team Hall Nissan

Place            Name                      Team
1                Ramon Benitez             Artemis
2                Rick Norton               Kelly Benefits
3                Keith Reeder              ABRT
4                Andy Shaw                 NCVC- Inova Health
5                Bill Breslin              Artemis
6                Keith Davies              Mambo Kings
7                Michael King              Team Hall Nissan
8                Eric Jacobsen             ABRT
9                David Osborne             Artemis
10               Shawn Fenty               Clean Currrents

Place            Name                      Team
1                Mark Sommers              DC Velo
2                Arthur Brown              ABRT
3                Charles Carnila
4                Alexander Meller          ABRT
5                Randall Post              Evolution
6                Schultze
7                Tom Meyna                 LSV Race Pace
8                Paul Mittelstadt
9                Marshall Laurislon
10               David Nesler              Mainline/Bikyle
11               Ivan Solero               Mainline/Bikyle
12               James McTernan            Kelly Benefits
13               Bobby Phillips            ABRT
14               James Wagner              Clean Currents
15               Elizabeth Harlowe
16               Linh Tran                 Artemis
17               Evelyn Egizi              Artemis
18               John Cohen

Women Overall
Place            Name                      Team
1                Leslie Jennings           Cycle Life
2                Marjan Huizing            Team Kenda
3                Christine Wehlburg        NCVC- Inova Health
4                Tricia Carnila
5                Janelle Hubbard
6                Wendy Ullmer              Cycle Life
7                Deborah Leedale-Brown     Team DRT/Deep Blue
8                Cheryl Osborne            Artemis
9                Elizabeth Harlowe
10               Michelle Suplick          TSV
11               Sally Poliwoda            Sturdy Girl
12               Linh Tran                 Artemis
13               Jill Lewis                Team DRT/Deep Blue
14               Linda Maldonado
15               Jody Twer                 Sturdy Girl
16               Mimi Newcastle            Artemis
17               Lara Gabanski
18               Evelyn Egizi              Artemis
19               Jennifer Kraut            Team DRT/Deep Blue
20               Dana Deutsch              HPC List
21               Anne Rock                 Sturdy Girl

Women 30+
Place            Name                      Team
1                Leslie Jennings           Cyclelife
2                Tricia Carnila
3                Wendy Ulmer               Cyclelife
4                Deborah Leedale-Brown     Team DRT/ Deep Blue
5                Linda Maldonado

Women 40+
Place            Name                      Team
1                Marjan Huizing            Team Kenda
2                Christine Wehlberg        NCVC- Inova Health
3                Janelle Hubbard
4                Cheryl Osborne            Artemis
5                Elizabeth Harlowe
6                Michelle Suplick          TSV
7                Sally Poliwoda            Sturdy Girl
8                Linh Tran                 Artemis
9                Jill Lewis                Team DRT/ Deep Blue
10               Mimi Newcastle            Artemis
11               Jennifer Kraut            Team DRT/ Deep Blue
12               Anne Rock                 Sturdy Girl

Women 50+
Place            Name                      Team
1                Jody Twer                 Sturdy Girl
2                Lara Gabanski
3                Evelyn Egizi              Artemis
4                Dana Deutsch              HPC List
5                Diane Harris              Artemis
6                Marianne Cutler           Sturdy Girl

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