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Commerce Bank Lehigh Valley Classic - Women

PCT Pennsylvania, LL

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Commerce Bank Lehigh Valley Classic - Women Presented by PCT Pennsylvania, LLC Allentown, PA Tuesday, June 03, 2008

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Place  Bib  First Name    Last Name         Team                                 Hometown           State  Nation
1      601  Ina-Yoko      TEUTENBERG        Team High Road - Women               San Luis Obispo    CA     USA
2      625  Laura         VAN GILDER        Cheerwine Cycling                    Cresco             PA     USA
3      630  Alison        POWERS            Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki       Boulder            CO     USA
4      616  Sarah         DUSTER            Cervelo-Lifeforce
5      629  Tina          PIC               Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki       Buford             GA     USA
6      621  Kelly         BENJAMIN          Cheerwine Cycling                    Overland Park      KS     USA
7      673  Martina       PATELLA           ValueAct Capital Cycling Team        Oakland            CA     USA
8      602  Erica         ALLAR             Aaron's Professional Women's C       Fogelsville        PA     USA
9      622  Catherine     CHEATLEY          Cheerwine Cycling                    Wanganui           UN
10     652  Laura         MCCAUGHEY         Juice Plus/NC cycling                Kutztown           PA     USA
11     614  Kristin       ARMSTRONG         Cervelo-Lifeforce
12     604  Rebecca       LARSON            Aaron's Professional Women's C       Gainesville        FL     USA
13     678  Melissa       SANBORN           Vanderkitten Racing                  Portland           OR     USA
14     674  Christina     RUITER            ValueAct Capital Cycling Team        Bend               OR     USA
15     623  Robin         FARINA            Cheerwine Cycling                    Blowing Rock       NC     USA
16     676  Liz           HATCH             Vanderkitten Racing                  Delray Beach       FL     USA
17     615  Priska        DOPPMANN          Cervelo-Lifeforce
18     650  Susy          PRYDE             Jazz Apple
19     653  Holli         STEELMAN          Juice Plus/NC cycling                Winston Salem      NC     USA
20     665  Steph         ROORDA            Juice Plus+ Cycling Team             Aldergrove         BC     CAN
21     670  Sharon        ALLPRESS          ValueAct Capital Cycling Team        Denver             CO     USA
22     657  Kate          VERONNEAU         Kutztown Cutters                     Kutztown           PA     USA
23     624  Marple        STACY             Cheerwine Cycling                    Oakland            CA     USA
24     671  Marni         HAMBLETON         ValueAct Capital Cycling Team        Vancouver          BC     CAN
25     605  Catherine     POWERS            Aaron's Professional Women's C       Boulder            CO     USA
26     607  Laura         WEISLO            BMW-Bianchi p/b Hendrick BMW         Raleigh            NC     USA
27     617  Emma          RICKARDS          Cervelo-Lifeforce
28     662  Jacquelyn     CROWELL           Team Kenda Tire                      Gainesville        FL     USA
29     635  Kate          FLORE             HPC powered by Altarum               Washington         DC     USA
30     684  Jessie        MACLEAN           Verducci/Breakaway Racing            King Of Prussia    PA     USA
31     645  Dale          TYE               Hub Racing                           Brightwater        UN
32     620  Sarah         BAMBERGER         Cheerwine Cycling                    San Francisco      CA     USA
33     618  Pascale       SCHNIDER          Cervelo-Lifeforce
DNS    603  Anna          LANG              Aaron's Professional Women's C       La Jolla, Ca       CA     USA
DNS    627  Andrea        DVORAK            Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki       Crozet             VA     USA
DNS    631  Nichole       WANGSGARD         Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki       Cedar City         UT     USA
DNS    642  Liz           LEYDEN            Hub Racing                           Scarborough        UN
DNS    647  Lauren        ELLIS             Jazz Apple                                                     USA
DNS    648  Belinda       GOSS              Jazz Apple
DNS    661  Sarah         TILLOTSON         Team Advil-ChapStick                 Boise              ID     USA
DNS    668  Amber         RAIS              Team TIBCO                           Pescadero          CA     USA
DNF    606  Christy       BLAKELY           BMW-Bianchi                          Charlotte          NC     USA
DNF    608  Sonja         EVERS                           Washington         DC     USA
DNF    609  Diane         GRIM                            Boyertown          PA     USA
DNF    610  Lorraine      LIPFERT                         Harleysville       PA     USA
DNF    611  Beth          MASON                           Ft. Meade          MD     USA
DNF    612  Janet         OLNEY                           Baltimore          MD     USA
DNF    613  Heidi         VON TEITENBERG                        Baltimore          MD     USA
DNF    619  Patricia      SCHWAGER          Cervelo-Lifeforce
DNF    626  Lenore        IMHOF             Colavita Racing, Inc.                Bloomfield         NJ     USA
DNF    628  Shontell      GAUTHIER          Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki       Austin             TX     USA
DNF    632  PARKS, Iona   WYNTER            Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki       Seattle            WA     USA
DNF    633  Kristy        SWOPE             EPS/CSS/Riptide Cycling              Bethlehem          PA     USA
DNF    634  Lorena        CANDRIAN          HPC powered by Altarum               McLean             VA     USA
DNF    636  Lesley        GOLENOR           HPC powered by Altarum               Alexandria         VA     USA
DNF    637  Jennifer      RASMUSSON         HPC powered by Altarum               Ashburn            VA     USA
DNF    638  Kristy        SCHEFFENACKER     HPC powered by Altarum               Reston             VA     USA
DNF    639  Jenette       WILLIAMS          HPC/LIST                             Proctorville       OH     USA
DNF    640  Alison        FISCHER           Hub Racing                           Harleysville       PA     USA
DNF    641  Emma          GIDDENS           Hub Racing                           Invercargill       UN     USA
DNF    643  Leeanne       MANDERSON         Hub Racing                           Newington Nsw      UN
DNF    644  Brooke        O'CONNOR          Hub Racing                           Billerica          MA     USA
DNF    646  Nonnie        HOWARD            Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon         Phoenixville       PA     USA
DNF    649  Malindi       MACLEAN           Jazz Apple
DNF    651  Amity         ELLIOT            Juice Plus                           Mt Crawford        VA     USA
DNF    654  Rachel        WARNER            Juice Plus/NC cycling                Luray              VA     USA
DNF    655  Yukie         NAKAMURA          Team Kenda Tire                      Los Altos          CA     USA
DNF    656  Veronica      MARTINEZ          JVR Sports                           Lomas De Zamora    UN
DNF    658  Colleen       HAYDUK            Kutztown Inn / Bicycling World       Kutztown           PA     USA
DNF    659  Kimberly      GEIST             Metro Volkswagen                     Emmaus             PA     USA
DNF    660  Natalie       KLEMKO            Team Advil-ChapStick
DNF    663  Marjan        HUIZING           Team Kenda Tire                      Kensington         MD     USA
DNF    664  Jennifer      MAXWELL           Team Kenda Tire                      Washington         DC     USA
DNF    666  Rushlee       BUCHANAN          Team TIBCO                           San Francisco      CA     USA
DNF    667  Sarah         CARAVELLA         Team TIBCO                           Richmond           VA     USA
DNF    669  Sinead        MILLER            UPMC Cycling Performance             Pittsburgh         PA     USA
DNF    672  Lara          KROEPSCH          ValueAct Capital Cycling Team        Boulder            CO     USA
DNF    677  Flavia        OLIVEIRA          Vanderkitten Racing
DNF    679  Jennifer      WILSON            Vanderkitten Racing                  West Hills         CA     USA
DNF    680  Theresa       CLIFF-RYAN        Verducci Breakaway Racing            Cedar Springs      MI     USA
DNF    681  Kacey         MANDERFIELD       Verducci Breakaway Racing            Davisburg          MI     USA
DNF    682  Tricia        CARNILA           Verducci/Breakaway Racing            Philadelphia       PA     USA
DNF    683  Lisa          JELLETT           Verducci/Breakaway Racing            Springfield        NJ     USA
DNF    685  Kele          MURDIN            Verducci/Breakaway Racing            Kenmore            WA     USA
DNF    686  Jacqueline    PAULL             Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cy       Hackettstown       NJ     USA

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