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Rahway River Park Criterium

Rahway, NJ

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rahway River Park Criterium Presented by Cranford Bike Team / CTS - supporting Matheny Medical & Educational Center Rahway, NJ Sunday, April 20, 2008

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat 5
Place   Name                     Team
1       Patrik Dyberg            Liberty Cycle
2       Alex Rassano             Rocket Racing
3       Scott Sherrer            Liberty Cycle
4       Kenneth Zorovich         Propeller Racing
5       Jeff Lam                 Liberty Cycle
6       Eric Vollmuth            Liberty Cycle
7       David Hussey             YSG
8       Anastacio Perez          Stevens
9       Jared Mazur              Monmouth U.
10      Frank O'Reilly           Unattached

Cat 4
Place   Name                     Team
1       C. Redmond               Rutgers
2       Alex Ursurov             Propeller Racing
3       R. Kassan                Rutgers
4       T. Lippin                3D Racing
5       J. Forgatch              Liberty Cycle
6       J. Roger                 Watchung Wheelmen
7       K. Schild                Liberty Cycle
8       A. Colin                 Atlantic
9       D. Kim                   Rutgers
10      ?                        ?

Jr Boys 10-12
Place   Name                     Team
1       Ted Kozlowski            Vortex
2       Noah Granigan            Somerset
3       Brian Suto               Bethel Cycle
4       Justin Cruz              Colavita

Jr Girls 10-14
Place   Name                     Team
1       Isabella Wilson          Colavita
2       Ariana Cruz              Colavita

Jr Boys 13-14
Place   Name                     Team
1       Dag Anderson             Somerset
2       Zach Bender              GS Park Ridge
3       James Geddis             3D Racing
4       Michael Glasser          Colavita
5       Josh Kozlowski           Colavita

Cat 3/4
Place   Name                     Team
1       Marcus Dahllof           CRCA
2       Ryan Storm               Target Training
3       Deverell Smith 
4       Angel Martinez           3D Racing
5       Luiz Funez               Van Dessel
6       Andreas Ranggatsher      DKNY
7       Stephen Tvedt            Colavita
8       John Kuhn                CBT/CTS
9       Doug D.                  Bennetts Bikes
10      Josh Soboti              Metro

Masters 35+
Place   Name                     Team
1       Greg Cordasco            Liberty Cycle
2       Eric Wallenburg          Pro Pedals
3       Vladimir Borovkov        Somerset
4       Jamie Troy               Liberty Cycle
5       Curtis Brin              Liberty Cycle
6       Tom Mains                Van Dessel
7       Douglas Dicks            Bennetts Bikes
8       Robert Kowal             Somerset
9       Mark Fontanilla          Liberty Cycle
10      Kevin Schild             Liberty Cycle

Masters 45+
Place   Name                     Team
1       Ray Gonzalez             Global
2       Andy Muldoon             CBT/CTS
3       Brian Wolf               Bethel Cycle
4       Michael MacLaga          Colavita
5       Jose Hernandez           Colavita
6       Joe Saling               Somerset
7       Scott S.                 High Gear
8       Dusan Strika             Kissena
9       Robert Kowal             Somerset
10      Jozef Urzedowski         Watchung Wheelmen

Cat 1/2/3
Place   Name                     Team
1       Jonathan Erdylei         Rite Aid
2       David Wells              Van Dessel
3       Filip Capalia            Capola Bros
4       Dave Martin              Northeastern Hardware
5       Austin D.                Van Dessel
6       Vladimir Borovkov        Somerset
7       Christian Young          Metro-Wendy's
8       Mat Nelessen             Van Dessel
9       Christian ?              Colavita
10      Juan Castro              3rd Nature
11      Eric Wallenburg          Pro Pedals
12      Tom Mains                Van Dessel
13      Rob Way                  3D Racing

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