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York Beach Criterium

York Beach, ME

Friday, September 14, 2007

York Beach Criterium Presented by NorEast Cycling York Beach, ME Friday, September 14, 2007

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Pro/1/2/3 Men                   73             starters
Place     Time    First Name    Last Name      Team                                           City                     State
1         58:43   Josh          Dillon         Fiordifrutta                                   Essex Junction           VT
2         st      Adam          Myerson        Nerac Pro Cycling                              Dorchester               MA
3         st      Robbie        King           Priority Health p/b Bissell                    Brentwood                NH
4         st      Gavin         Mannion        CCB/Volkswagen                                 Dedham                   Ma
5         st      Adam          Branfman       FAST/IF powered by Lionette's                  Newton                   MA
6         st      Skip          Foley          360 racing landrys                             Sudbury                  MA
7         st      Jake          Hollenbach     CCB/Volkswagen                                 Shelburne                VT
8         st      Michael       Cody           Jelly Belly Cycling Team                       Hadley                   MA
9         st      Luke          Keough         CLNoonan Coast to Coast KAM                    Sandwich                 MA
10        st      J Alain       Ferry          Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -          Boston                   MA
11        st      Breeze        Keller         Billys capable racing                          Kennebunk                ME
12        st      Mark          McCormack      Clif Bar                                       Foxboro                  MA
13        st      Joshua        Lipka          Fiordifrutta                                   Cheshire                 MA
14        st      Matt          White          FiordiFrutta Elite Cycling Team                Hadley                   MA
15        st      Erik          Paddleford                                                    Concord                  NH
16        st      Ryan          MacDonald      VanDessel factory team                         Lebanon                  NH
17        st      David         Rusnak         Corner Cycle                                   Claremont                NH
18        st      Thomas        LeBosquet      Boston Scientific Cycling                      Greenland                NH
19        st      Ward          Solar          Nature's Path Cycling                          Milan                    NH
20        st      Leo           Devellian      CCB/Volkswagen                                 Topsfield                MA
21        st      Bill          Mark           Gearworks/Spin Arts                            Providence               RI
22        st      Chris         Green          Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania                North Yarmouth           ME
23        st      Patrick       Ruane          Sunapee/S&W                                    Webster                  NH
24        st      Paul          Richard        CCB/Volkswagen                                 Amesbury                 MA
25        st      Damien        Colfer         Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania                Newmarket                NH
26        st      Sean          Steady         Linscott Real Estate Racing/Peak Performance   S Portland               ME
27        st      Craig         Harrison       Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                        Bartlett                 NH
28        st      Jay           Francis        NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Merrimack                NH
29        st      Kurt          Schmid         SALEM CYCLE/FELT/RUDY PROJECT                  Marblehead               MA
30        st      Thomas        Orsini         Fitchburg Cycling Club                         Leominster               MA
31        st      Josh          Austin         Noreast Cycling                                Durham                   NH
32        st      Christopher   Fore           Sunapee/S&W racing team                        Concord                  NH
33        st      Brad          Sheehan        Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -          Newton center            MA
34        st      Chris         Coutu          Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -          Upton                    MA
35        st      unknown       rider
36        st      Keith         Button         noreast cycling                                Nottingham               NH
37        st      James         Macdonald      Cyclissimo Cycling Team                        Queensville              ON
38        st      Thom          Coupe          Boston Scientific Cycling                      Plymouth                 NH
39        st      Jerome        Townsend       CL Noonan/ Coast to Coast/ KAM                 Princeton                MA
40        st      Matt          Rossman        CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                   Morrisville              VT
41        st      Eric          Laflamme       New Hampshire Cycling Club                     Allenstown               NH
42        st      John          Corriveau      B.O.B. / STONEYFIELD FARM / GOODALE'S BIKE     Bedford                  NH
43        st      Tom           Prugar         NorEast Cycling                                York                     ME
44        st      Jurgen        Nebelung       Linscott Real Estate Racing/Peak Performance   Portland                 ME
45        st      Randy         Ayotte         portland velo/cyclemania                       Gorham                   ME
46        st      Bruce         Diehl          Sunapee S&W Racing                             Jackson                  NH
47        st      Ryan          Carney         NorEast Cycling                                Enfield                  NH
48        st      Christian     Eager          QuadCycles                                     Somerville               MA
49        st      Ralph         Karam          Base36/SMCC                                    Portland                 ME
50        st      Ryan          Kelly          Housatonic Wheel Club U23                      Woodbury                 CT
51        st      Corey         Masson         VeloEuropa-Cyfac                               Concord                  NH
52        st      Drew          Szeliga        Noreast Cycling/Amino Vital                    Newmarket                NH
53        st      Kevin         Hines          MBRC Bicycle Link                              Wareham                  MA
54        st      Morgan        Macleod        Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania                Orr's Island             ME
55        st      Sven          Lohse          VeloEuropa-Cyfac                               Sterling                 MA
56        st      Stephen       Weller         FAST/IF powered by Lionette's                  Hadley                   MA
57        st      Sam           Silver         NOW MS-Society                                 Waban                    MA
58        st      Ryan          Fleming        Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -          Portsmouth               NH
59        st      Jonny         Bold           Corner Cycle                                   Marstons Mills           MA
60        st      Will          Letendre       Boston Scientific Cycling                      Etna                     NH
61        st      Joshua        Bartlett       noreast cycling                                Windham                  NH
62        st      Mike          Barton         Boston Scientific Cycling                      White River Junction     VT
63        st      Mike          Rowell         NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Bedford                  MA
64        st      Brendan       Cornett        Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania                Lewiston                 ME
65        st      Greg          Hillson        BOB/Stonyfield Farms                           Somerville               MA

Pro/1/2/3 Women                 18             starters
Place     Time    First Name    Last Name      Team                                           City                     State
1         42:03   Megan         Guarnier       Terry
2         @ 0:55  Maryanne      Stover         Independent Fabrication/Kempner
3         st      Kathryne      Carr           CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                   Easthampton              MA
4         st      Sally         Annis          Wachovia/International Bicycle Center          Nashua                   NH
5         st      Marta         Downing        CCB/Volkswagen                                 Portsmouth               NH
6         st      Erin          Duggan         Anthem CCCC
7         st      Rebecca       Wellons        NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Woburn                   MA
8         st      Debony        Diehl          SUNAPEE/S&W                                    Jackson                  NH
9         st      Deidre        VanderSchaff   Linscott Real Estate
10        st      Samantha      Newman         Noreast Cycling
11        st      Ivy           Luhrs          Velo Bella-Kona/MCC                            Minot                    ME
12        st      Susanne       Delaney        NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Portsmouth               NH
13        st      Susan         Maclean        Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team              Plaistow                 NH
14        st      Brooke        O'connor       Hub Racing                                     Billerica                MA
15        st      Cathy         Rowell         NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Bedford                  MA

4 Men                           35             starters
Place     Time    First Name    Last Name      Team                                           City                     State
1         39:32   Tom           Luther         NorEast Cycling                                Durham                   NH
2         st      Michael       Lorion         Minuteman Road Club                            Millbury                 MA
3         st      Steve         Mcgrath        NorEast Cycling                                Portsmouth               NH
4         st      Jim           Breen          BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's Bike ShopByfield                  MA
5         st      Ben           Regan          Travis Cycles
6         st      Sean          Lamontagne     Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                        Webster                  NH
7         st      Rob           O'malley       Sunapee/ S&W Racing Team                       Concord                  NH
8         st      Ben           Forbes         SMCC/Base36                                    Portland                 ME
9         st      Mark          Januskiewicz
10        st      Ari           Shocket        Blue Hills Cycling Club                        Walpole                  MA
11        st      A.j.          Morrill        PVC/CycleMania/661                             Hiram                    ME
12        st      Mike          Hoover                                    Woolwich                 ME
13        st      Ryan          Retelle        NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Milford                  NH
14        st      Lawrence      Driscoll       NorEast Cycling                                Rollinsford              NH
15        st      Joseph        Reagan         NorEast Cycling                                Hooksett                 NH
16        st      Bob           Gagnon         NorEast Cycling                                Epping                   NH
17        st      Steven        Stanganelli    CCB/Volkswagen                                 Amesbury                 MA
18        st      Jonathan      Ruffus         RuffusRipstick                                 Hampton                  NH
19        st      Jireh         Providencia    Base 36/SMCC/Gorham Bike                       Saco                     ME
20        st      Les           Merrill        BOB Cycling/Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's Bikes    N. Chelmsford            MA
21        st      Tom           Carr
22        st      Alfred        Bissel
23        st      Brent         Lowe
24        st      darrell       Morrow
25        st      Nathaniel     Herz           Portland Velo Club                             Brunswick                ME
26        st      Brad          Buckley        NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Medford                  MA
27        st      Bob           Hatfield       Bob Cycling-Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's Bike ShopPlaistow                 NH
28        st      Todd          Savage         Minuteman Road Club                            Westboro                 MA
29        st      Steve         Oconnor
30        st      Paul          Niehoff        Base36/SMCC                                    Westbrook                ME
31        st      Robert        Poole          Bikebarn
32        st      James         Hale