Blueberry Bicicletta Road Race

Hammonton, NJ

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Blueberry Bicicletta Road Race Presented by Pro Pedals Bike Shop Hammonton, NJ Sunday, September 09, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat 123    48 miles
1-Dave Taylor-Crca Blue Ribbon
2-Eric Wallenburg-Pro Pedals
3.Gef Moy
4-Mark Bertucco-ABD
5.Mark Siega-Remax
6.Mark Pohndorf-Colavita
7.Michael Joseph-Colavita
8.Paul Ziminski=Metra
9.J.P Partland-Watchung
10.Ian Curtis-Northeastern Hardware
11.Carlos Rogers-Axis
12.Brian Gristick-Skylands

cat 3-4   48 miles
1.Ryan Pettit-Pro Pedals
2.Chris Karaboulis-CRCA SIDS
3.Scot  Willingham-crca/sanchez
5.Ryan Hemmenway-Pro Pedals
6.Steve Moore-Pro Pedals
7.Nikolai Masluk-3d
8.Chris Louden-CRCA SIDS
9.Rich Owens-Pro Pedals
10.Mike Aravich-Riptide
11.Tim Borsett-Riptide
13.Chris Fritz-Pro Pedals
15.Craig Goodstein-CRCA SANCHEZ
16.George Burpee-Norwood
17.Chris Labrecque-Norwood
18.Anthony D  Allicandro-Pro Pedals
20.Andrew Haggerty-Pro Pedals

cat  4-5   48 miles
1.Evan Cooper-CRCA
2.John Hunter-Independance
4.Bladdymir Coronel-Westwood
6.John Howe
7.Gary Bell-Kissena
8.Hector Velches-Martys
9.Jerry Trupelli-PSRACING
10.Paulo Barateiro-Norwood
11.Ralph Smith-Norwood
12.Rich Owens-Pro Pedals
13.Andrew Lawrence
14.Dan Hauber-Pro Pedals
15.Bill Moss-South Africa

40 plus    48 miles
1.Dave Hudson-Mambo
2.Marc Frazer-Kelly Benefit
3.Richard Gonzales-Global Locate
4.Steve Cochrane-Mambo
5.Rich Ross-Mambo
6.Darco Lavelic-Breakaway
7.Ryan Mitchell-Elite
8.John Rahel
9.Richard Leibfried-Elite
10.Marc Bechtold-PS racing
11.Steve Sambrano-MLC
12.Mike Sambrano-MLC
13.John Dinofrio-Beacon
14.Ray Campeau-Watchung
15.Lee Mestres-Mambo
16.John Dipalo-Mambo
17.Steve Goodell-Velocity
18.Chris Topherpeterson-Century
19.Tom Shebell-Rocket
20.Klaus Satzke-Rocket

50 plus   48 miles
1.John Paproski-Elite
2.Sliwek Podwojniak
3.Brian Gristick-Skylands
4.Ed Peterson-Pro Pedals
5.Thomas Simpson-Summit
6.Robert Kowal-Somerset
7.Ken Hochman-Peno
8.Philip Suliani-Summit
9.Donald Hard-Hudson