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JBN "Just Be Natural" Bicycle Race

Bethlehem, PA

Sunday, July 29, 2007

JBN "Just Be Natural" Bicycle Race Presented by Gotham Cyclists and LWA Racing Bethlehem, PA Sunday, July 29, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

weather: rain, wind, thunder, lightning, dogs and cats living together

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CAT 1-2-3
PLACE     FIRST      LAST           TEAM
1         Mark       Light          Liberty
2         Jackie     Simes          PA Lightning
3         Jason      Snow           Cycle Science
4         Rich       Uliana         Gotham Cyclists/ Hensley Racing
5         Karl       Woitas         Team Alliance Environmental presented by Bianchi/Hincapie
6         Jared      Babik          Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale
7         Andrew     Walters        CL Noonan/ Coast to Coast
8         Dan        Larson         Cycle Science
9         John       Durso          Liberty
10        Kyle       Eckley         Dynaflow Racing
11        Michael    Hebe           Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale
12        Joe        Whitman        Team Alliance Environmental presented by Bianchi/Hincapie Sports
13        Saysana    Inthavongsa    Swashbuckler Brewing Company/
14        Alonzo     Graves         Liberty
15        Huy        Tran           Lehigh University
16        Cameron    Reider         Gotham Cyclists/ Hensley Racing
17        Chip       Berezny        Bike Line / LWA
18        Timothy    Gresh          Team Alliance Environmental presented by Bianchi/Hincapie
19        Ryan       Pomajevich     Gotham Cyclists/ Hensley Racing
20        Rick       Ball           Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear
21        Taylor     Brown          PA Lightning
22        Tucker     Brown          PA Lightning
23        Duncan     McGovern       Housatonic Wheel Club
24        Michael    Miller         Team Alliance Environmental presented by Bianchi/Hincapie

CAT 3-4
PLACE     FIRST      LAST           TEAM
1         Brian      Ursu           Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
2         Pete       Muto           Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
3         Richard    Orner          Team Independence p/b Keswick Racing
4         Ryan       Pomajevich     Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
5         Joe        Transue        Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
6         Stephan    Slotten        Liberty Cycles
7         Joey       Piscitello     philadelphia ciclismo
8         Timothy    Klotz          Monstr Health Cycling
9         Brian      Crosby         U. of Minnesota
10        Ed         Zalenski       Team Independence/Keswick Cycle
11        Bryan      Dougherty      Kissena
12        John       Eorio          Doylestown Wheelman
13        Jonathan   Chambers       Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
14        Scott      Steele         Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
15        Matt       Switek         Dynaflow
16        Tynan      Farley         Young Medalists
17        Cameron    Reider         Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
18        Brian      Paugh          Watchung Wheelman
19        Timothy    Hancock        On Track Cycling
20        George     Sherman        Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
21        Zach       Semian         Young Medalists
22        Joe        Murphy         bikeline/lwa
23        Michael    Karr           Unattached
24        Dan        Lavelle        Team Independence

PLACE     FIRST      LAST           TEAM
1         Andrew     Buchanan       Skylands Cycling
2         Mark       Kline          Chester County Velo-Iron Hill
3         Aaron      Trumbore       Bike Works
4         Paul       Aemisegeo      Unattached
5         Albert     Anderson       LehighValley Wheelmen
6         Raymond    Dewire         Unattached
7         Taylor     Cohen          Tri State Velo
8         Brooks     Kranich        Team Independence/Keswick Cycle
9         David      Brodmann       Antietam Velo Club
10        Paul       Acomb          Liberty Cycle
11        Robert     Miller         Unattached
12        Rich       Adams          Unattached
13        Gregory    Ratzell        LWA
14        Gary       Riddell        LWA
15        Shawn      Klitsch        Unattached
16        Milton     Smith Jr.      LWA
17        Andrew     Shrawder       Team Vortex
18        Anthony    Skorochod      Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
19        Scott      Daniels        LWA
20        Tom        Howe           Unattached

PLACE     FIRST      LAST           TEAM
1         David      Bonser         Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
2         Joe        Manacchio      MLC Bikyle
3         Aubrey     Gordon         Liberty Cycles
4         Jesse      Gydosh         upstate velo/sicklers
5         Ryan       Mitchell       Elite Bicycles
6         Patrick    Kelly          Guy's Racing
7         Nao        Yamashita      Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
8         Michael    Holub          Dreamscapes cycling team
9         Thomas     Lyons          watchung wheelmen
10        William    Jones          Bucks County Racing Club
11        Ivan       Solero         MLC
12        Michael    Tacci          Main Line Cycling
13        Timothy    Doherty        watchung wheelmen
14        Dave       Baumgardner    Tri-State Velo

PLACE     FIRST      LAST           TEAM
1         Bob        Kehl           Guy's Racing
2         Jay        Gaunt          Main Line Cycling Club
3         Rich       Cordero        Guys Racing
4         Bob        Hachadoorian   Main Line Cycling
5         Paul       Kornet         Chester County Velo
6         William    Jones          Bucks County Racing Club
7         Kevin      Tuttle         Main Line/BiKyle
8         Chip       Berezny        Bike Line / LWA
9         Tom        Kellogg        Tri-State Velo
10        Joseph     Kenas          Guy's Racing
11        Andrew     Buchanan       Skylands Cycling
12        Tom        Wallace        Bike Line / LWA
13        George     Harriott       Bike Line / LWA
14        Robert     Wellmon        Quaker City Wheelmen/Breakaway
15        Jay        Hoffman        Amoroso
16        Michael    Karr           Unattached
17        Ron        Livingston     MLC

PLACE     FIRST      LAST           TEAM
1         John       Auer           Team Somerset
2         Phil       Stanley        Morgan Stanley
3         Barry      Free           ERA Cycling
4         Eddie      Loewenstein    Unattached
5         Rich       Adams          Unattached
6         Bill       Kalman         Bike Line / LWA

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