Baltic, CT

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Presented by
Sprague Park and Recreation Committee
Baltic, CT
Saturday, October 07, 2006

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Pro 1 2 3 1.Jeffery Craddocky 2.Matthew Jamison 3.Amos Brumble 4.Ciaran Mangan 5.Skip Foley 6.Gabriel Chandler 7.Brendan Hanrahan 8.Hunter Pionovost Masters 35+ 1.Rolf Geiben 2.Adam Sternfield 3.Michael Cauros 4.Martin Losch 5.James Conopasse 6.Willaim Holmes 7.Brian Spacyalski 8.Derek Zisk 9.Mike Maloney Masters 45+ 1.Mark Lozio 2.William Thompson 3.Steve Alger 4.Mark Dutka 5.David Burnell Masters 55+ 1.Richard Martin 2.Patrick Gellaneau 3.Bob Johnson 4.Mark Mccarthy 5.Jim Thomas 6.Bruce Mccowan 7.David Burnett 8.Wilfred Blanchette Category 4 1.Ernest Tautkus 2.Ethan Bernstein 3.Chris Butler 4.Peter Shapiro 5.Randal Senigin 6.David Fierro 7.Christopher Hong 8.Tom luther 9.Jorg Polster 10.Robert Kerry 11.Jonathan Packer 12.Kerry Need 13.Matthew Jorgensen 14.Christopher Page 15.Drew Procyk 16.Kenneth Hamel 17.Juan DeJesus 18.Michael Vagnone 19.Bernhard Andreas 20.Herman Storms 21.Steven Levine 22.Les Bethel 23.David Rioux Women 1.Silke Wunderwald 2.Elizibeth Tyrell 3.Maryann Martinez 4.Paula Brunette 5.Stacey Mosley Catergory 5/Novice 1.Joe Drivere 2.Kyle Stockford 3.Erick Klem 4.Nick Pignatello 5.F. Martin Streb 6.Gary Sacon 7.Todd Brown 8.Tim Ahern 9.Eric Merrill 10.Peter Muessig 11.David Jamison 12.George Pawle 13.Duane Melton 14.Jeff Morin 15.Bradley Browne 16.Gary Bolduc 17.David Flagg 18.Tim Delehaunty 19.Rick Frederick 20.Greg Rossolimo 20.Tracy Montoya 22.Adam Jones 23.Christopher Kriss 24.Todd Linder 25.Jim Lynch 26.Timothy Donahue 27.Raniel Babala 28.Tom McDonald 29.Matt Jakan 30.Kevin Pisacich 31.Dan Kildea 32.Keith Haskell 33.Bill Provost 34.Jerome Sanders 35.Daniel Opoku 36.Kevin Perron 37.Eugene Brustolan 38.Matthew Shafer 39.H. Tucker Braddock 39.Dennis Zajenowski 41.Matthew Exley 42.Alec Babala 43.Gerald Exley 44.Norman Justin 44.Keith Ferguson 46.Wilfred Blanchette

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