4th Annual Corner Cycle Coonamessett Eco-Cross

East Falmouth, MA

Sunday, October 1, 2006

4th Annual Corner Cycle Coonamessett Eco-Cross
Presented by Corner Cycle & Tradewind Sports
East Falmouth, MA
Sunday, October 01, 2006

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Beginner Men Place First Last TEAM Time 1 Giovanni Marzot 28:56 2 Kenneth SPELLMAN SCOTTEE'S WESTPORT BICYCLE 3 Kevin CUMMISFORD Boston Road Club 4 Skip Salo 5 John BACHE 6 Cory JOHANNESSEN Essex County Velo/Harvard University Cycling 7 Christopher BAILEY Boston Road Club 8 zachary WILLS Alan factory Team 9 Art BARIL Minuteman Road Club 10 John PLUMP Quad Cycles 11 Chris Brown Corner Cycle 12 Garett BURKE 13 James SCOTT Blue Hills Cycling Club 14 john WILDE Harvard U Cycling 15 Manny GOGUEN Union Velo 16 Nicholas LLOYD Minuteman Road Club 17 Michael Meuse Harborside Cycles 18 Paul Debitetto 19 David BRODSKY Corner Cycle 20 eli LEVINE Boston Road Club 21 Gary MUSGROVE bikebarnracing.com 22 thomas HURLEY colavita racing 23 Tim SNOW Fast Splits/Vortex/Bike Barn 24 Michael LOWRY Minuteman Road Club 25 Jeffrey OAKES Scottee's Westport Bicycles 26 Joe Jackson 27 Sammy Densmore Corner Cycle 28 Jesus VAZQUEZ Bikebarnracing.com 29 Barton CRAIG Providence Bicycle 30 Patrick MCCUE 31 Julian Hjortshoj NEBC 32 Daniel Russell MBRC Beginner Women Place First Last TEAM 1 Alexandra JOSPE Colby cycling 2 Carrie LEMIEUX NEBC/CycleLoft 3 Cathy ROWELL NEBC/Cycleloft 4 Rozanne PULEO Team LUNA Chix 5 Julie LOCKHART NEBC/Cycle Loft Cub Juniors Place First Last TEAM 1 Tommy GOGUEN Union Velo 2 Ryan PACKARD Quad Cycles / Arlington Bicycle Club 3 Peter GOGUEN Union Velo 4 Nate MORSE MBRC 5 Abigail CALLAHAN BicycleLink/MBRC 6 Ian Keough CL Noonan/KAM/Coast to Coast 7 William RYAN 8 Walter RYAN Masters 35+ Place First Last TEAM Time 1 Kevin Hines Mid-State Cycling 43:20 2 Chris BORRELLO Gearworks/Spinarts 3 Mark GUNSALUS BikeBarnRacing.com 4 Christopher BURKE Providence Velo 5 Gray ELDRIDGE Corner Cycle 6 Bob BISSON Gear Works/Spin Arts 7 Todd Watters Union velo 8 David BELKNAP Bicycle Link/MBRC 9 Michael Cole MRC 10 Alec Petro MBRC/Bicycle Link 11 Curtis Boivin Providence Velo 12 Paul Lynch MBRC/Bicycle Link 13 Bo FULLER Caster's/Majik Coffee p/b Apex Tech Group 14 Mike ROWELL NEBC/CycleLoft 15 William SHATTUCK Bikebarn Racing Whitman, MA 16 Peter Collins 17 Coley Bryan Harborside Cycle 18 Harry STOVER bikebarn racing 19 eric MARRO BOB/Skofield Builders 20 David FREDRICKSON 21 kevin CALLAHAN Bicycle Link/MBRC 22 michael KEOUGH Corner Cycle 23 Nathan Simms MBRC/Bicycle Link 24 Tom THOMSON Union velo 25 theo KINDERMANS cyclocrossworld.com 26 Kevin CHICHLOWSKI bikebarnracing.com 27 Jim BURKE NEBC/CycleLoft 28 Rob Kramer MBRC/Bicycle Link 29 Barry Doubleday MBRC/Bicycle Link 30 Wayne CUNNINGHAM NEBC/Cycle Loft 31 Don SEIB NEBC 32 Rick Desmarais Union velo 33 jonathan JOHNSON bike works /swansea velo 34 David LEEDBERG GearWorks / Spin Arts 35 Kevin YOUNG Minuteman Road Club 36 Bill DOONAN NEBC/Cycleloft 37 George SYKES Corner Cycle 38 Geoff WILLIAMS Providence Velo 39 Richard Wolfe NEBC 40 michael Hamlet MRC 41 Paul Crowley Missing Link 42 Arnold T. KALMBACH Bicycle Link /Mass Bay Road Club 43 Daniel JOAKIM Bicycle Link/MBRC 44 Gary Miller DQ Chris Jordan Union Velo Junior Men (15-18) Place First Last TEAM Time 1 Nicholas KEOUGH CL Noonan/ Coast to Coast/ KAM 41:48 2 Gavin Mannion CCB 3 Dan FISHKIN TEAM HARBORSIDE CYCLE 4 Joshua Lehmann NorEast Cycling 5 Jesse KEOUGH CL Noonan/ Coast to Coast/ KAM 6 Ryan PACKARD Quad Cycles / Arlington Bicycle Club Open Women Place First Last TEAM Time 1 jessica INGRAM ECV 2 Arielle Filiberti Hot Tubes 3 Perri MERTENS Harris Cyclery/Igleheart 4 Zoe Owers 1k2go/S&W Sports 5 Susan MacClean Mid-State Cycling 6 Erin Canniff Harborside Cycles 7 Callie MCDOWELL Velo Bella-Kona 8 Kathryne CARR 9 Katrina DAVIS Richard Sachs 10 Cynthia Joiner 11 Jennifer STEBBINS Dartmouth College Cycling 12 Heidi WAKEMAN Team Harborside Cycle Open Men Place First Last TEAM Time 1 Anthony COLBY TargeTraining 57:45 2 Toby MARZOT CL Noonan/ Coast to Coast/ KAM 3 Jonny BOLD Corner Cycle 4 Kevin WOLFSON CL Noonan/ Coast to Coast/ KAM 5 Aaron Molloy 1K2GO.com/S&W SPORTS CYCLING TEAM 6 Paul CURLEY Gearworks/Spinarts 7 Matt DEMEIS bikeman.com 8 Daniel Estevez Hot Tubes 9 John BURNS Bikeman.com 10 Aaron OAKES Iron Horse New England 11 Justin LINDINE Windham Mountain Outfitters 12 Brad SHEEHAN 1K2GO.com/S&W SPORTS CYCLING TEAM 13 PETE SMITH Essex County Velo 14 Peter RUBIJONO HarrisCycleryRacing.com 15 Jerome Townsend Alan Factory Team 16 Dylan O'SULLIVAN Team Bicycle Alley 17 Talbott INGRAM ECV 18 Jeremy DUNN Harris Cyclery/Igleheart 19 Chris HARNISH ESPAnswers.com-Tradewind Sports 20 Jerry HUGHES BIKEMAN.COM 21 Marc Bavineau Essex County Velo 22 James Wirtanen Harris Cyclery/Igleheart 23 Sean CAPIZZO Caster's/Majik Coffee p/b Apex Tech Group 24 Adam SULLIVAN Caster's Majik Coffee p/b Apex Tech Group 25 Eric WEMHOFF 26 Steven MORSE BIKEMAN.COM 27 Kyle SMITH Alan Factory Team 28 Mark Schow Bike Barn Racing 29 Justin FINN Iron Horse New England 30 Chuck NGUYEN Bikeman.com

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