Cycle For Life Criterium

Charlestown, RI

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cycle For Life Criterium
Presented by Cycle for Life Foundation
Ninigret Park, Charlestown, RI
Saturday, September 30, 2006

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Men Cat 4/5 Place Bib # FIRST NAME LAST NAME TEAM 1 351 Ernest Tautkus Exodus Racing 2 325 Chris Adams Epic Velo/Cheshire Cycle 3 339 Ron Larose 3 none 4 332 David Fierro Mystic Velo Club 5 326 Gary Aspnes Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp. 6 362 Anthony Inzero Mystic Velo Club 7 340 Tom Luther NorEast Cycling 8 375 Jonathan Packer Bikeworks 9 328 Clayton Dennis Scottee's Westport Bicycle 10 353 Guy Zerega Cafeteros 11 365 Joseph Barroso Providence Velo Club 12 345 Nick Pignatello Pack 329 Timothy Donahue Mystic Velo Club Pack 330 Christian Eager QuadCycles/Arlington Bicycle Club Pack 333 Kenneth Hamel AFD/OSVC Pack 334 Christopher Hong C3/ADG/Joe's Pack 335 David Hudyma Pack 336 Jeremy Jo Tufts University Pack 337 Jason Jong Tufts University Cycling Pack 338 Walter Lane Cox Communications Cycling Team Pack 341 Bruce Mcclintock NEBC/Cycleloft Pack 342 Spike Mclaughlin Cox Communications Cycling Team Pack 343 Eric Merrill Pack 346 Joseph Reagan NorEast Cycling Pack 347 Greg Rossolimo Pack 348 Peter Shapiro NEBC/Cylce Loft Pack 349 Eric Silva QuadCycles/Arlington Bicycle Club Pack 350 Robert Swanson Pack 352 Sean Trinque Portland Vello Pack 354 Steve Post Cox Communications Cycling Team Pack 355 Steven Lehmann NorEast Cycling Pack 356 Joshua Lehmann NorEast Cycling Pack 357 Chris Crosby Pack 358 Aaron Davis ArcEnCiel Pack 359 David Rioux Boston Road Club Pack 360 John Bache Pack 361 Peter Muessig HUCA Pack 363 Michael Samartano Providence Velo Club Pack 364 William Palm Cox Communications Cycling Team Pack 366 Gregory Rossolimo Pack 367 Antonio Silva Providence Velo Club Pack 368 Steve Alger Mystic Velo Club Pack 369 Silke Wunderland Mystic Velo Club Pack 370 James Vogel AmGen Pack 371 Douglas DeLapp Mystic Velo Club Pack 372 Matthew Knight NorEast Cycling Pack 373 Michael Keough Corner Cycle Pack 374 Michael Harney Team Casterama Pack 376 Timothy Pitzer Ocean State Velo DNS 327 Thomas Blass laurel cycle club DNS 331 Glenn Ferreira QuadCycles/Arlington Bicycle Club Men Pro-1-2-3 place Bib. # FIRST NAME LAST NAME TEAM 1 157 Jonny Bold Corner Cycle 2 156 Jeffrey Craddock CCB/Volkswagen 3 170 Todd Buckley ArcEnCiel 4 136 Joshua Bartlett NorEast Cycling 5 175 Amos Brumble CCB/Volkswagen 6 148 Ciaran Mangan CCB/Volkswagen 7 143 Paul Curley Gear Works / Spinarts 8 142 John Corriveau B.O.B. / SKOFIELD BUILDERS - MCRA 9 158 Rick Kotch Union Velo 10 153 Christopher Dale Casters / Majik Coffee 11 173 Bill Kmark Gearworks/Spinarts Pack 135 Murat Altinbasak Union Velo Pack 138 Jay Busse Union Velo Pack 139 Gabriel Chandler Organic Athlete Pack 141 Conor Coffey CCB/Volswagen Pack 144 Mark Czarnecki Laurel Bicycle Club Pack 146 Brendan Hanrahan Providence Velo Club Pack 149 Tom Mannion CCB/Volkswagen Pack 151 Gary Dalton Cox Communications Cycling Team Pack 152 Matt Bodziony Casters / Majik Coffee Pack 154 Skip Kuzel Cox Communications Cycling Team Pack 155 Jonathan LOWENSTEIN ArcEnCiel Pack 159 Jim Peters Team Casterama Pack 161 Andrew Grabarek Clinton Cycling Club Pack 162 Michael Bernard Gear Works / Spinarts Pack 163 Randy Rusk ArcEnCiel Pack 164 Christopher Burke Providence Velo Pack 165 Robert Bisson Gear Works / Spinarts Pack 167 Miro Koulnis Northampton Cycling Pack 168 Ralf Geiben Boston Bicycle Club Pack 169 Ian Gordon ArcEnCiel Pack 171 Ted Shanstrom ArcEnCiel Pack 172 Jayson Hurd ArcEnCiel Pack 174 Christopher Coutu Minuteman Road Club Pack 176 Matthew Jamieson Exodus Road Racing Pack 177 Steven Hobson Velo Europa DNS 140 Vincent Chavanon Tufts University Cycling DNS 145 Mark Dutka Mystic Velo DNS 150 Jay Mongillo CCC / Keltic Construction

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