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Habitat for Humanity Circuit Race

Norristown, PA

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Habitat for Humanity Circuit Race
Presented by
Main Line Cycling
Norristown, PA
Sunday, June 04, 2006

The 2.5 mile technically challenging circuit, complete with a 1k 10+% climb pushed the riders' climbing and riding skills. The weather was mixed cloudy/sunny and in the mid 70s. Spectators were treated to exciting racing action all morning long with a tight run organization by promoter Keith Gerber, Main Line Cycling and the officials.

Sponsors of the day's events were: Main Line Cycling (, Cycles Bi Kyle (, Torreli, Campagnolo, Cycling, Dr. Bruce Apfelbaum, DMD, and Wisshahickon Mountain Spring Water (

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. 4/5 Race Results Place Name Club / Team 1 Kyle Cantrela PSU 2 Jason Schultz Iron Hill 3 Rashad Guerra Metro/CRCA 4 Mike Csuy Ciclismo 5 Ryan Bloom John Hopkins 6 Craig LeBair Ciclismo 7 Mark Fluchel Guys Bicycles 8 Kevin Frybergen Unattached 9 Emerson Loustan Unattached 10 Matt Gultanoff GWU 11 Rich Schueizer Unattached 12 Rider with no # Rider with no # 13 Jon Chodroff Cadence 14 Chris Candy WCCC 15 Ted Koutronkides Guys Bicycles 16 Martin Mrugal WCCC 17 Joel Speakman FSVS 18 Adam Shake WCCC 19 Andy Copleman Ciclismo 20 Carey Youce Unattached 40 + Race Results Place Name Club / Team 1 Ted Inoue Atlantic Racing Club K2/Shirks 2 Tim Yost Monster Health Cycling 3 Joe Hamilton Unattached 4 Joe Manachio Main Line Cycling 5 Tom Ratzell Bikeline/LWA 6 John Spittle GS Lancaster 7 John Paproski Atlantic Racing Club K2/Shirks 8 Brad Ober GS Lancaster 9 Paul Berg Upstate Velo 10 Desmond Slattery QCW 123 11 Walter Risse Main Line Cycling 12 Keith Cramer QCW 13 Ryan Mitchell Elite Bicycles 14 William Jones Tri State Velo 15 James Small Pro Pedals Bike Shop 16 Dean Smith LWA 17 Mike Tacci Main Line Cycling 18 Kevin Kolodleski Tri State Velo 19 Jesse Gydosh Upstate Velo 20 Bob Reutla Iron Hill 3/4 Race Results Place Name Club / Team 1 Patrick Gellineau Squiggle 2 Bill Malone Nature Path 3 Truner Johnson Meredith Group GPOA 4 Austin Frey Annapolis Bicycling Racing 5 Jesse Gydosh Upstate Velo 6 Brett Jacoby Gotham Cyclists 7 Scott Farmer LWA 8 Rich Uliana Gotham Cyclists 9 Matt Schechtman Unattached 10 Matt Spohn White Rose Racing 11 Eric Federicks Main Line Cycling 12 Todd Dowing WBI 13 Richared Scheneizer Unattached 14 Matt Harrington Main Line Cycling 15 Andy Munas Techno Cycles 16 William Cukierski Cornell U. Cycling Team 17 Chad Young Annapolis Bicycling Racing 18 Andrew Monroe Lost Boys Racing 19 Douglas Schiel Monster Health Cycling 20 Jeff Dolan Main Line Cycling 50/60+ Race Results Place Name Club / Team 1 Bob Kehl Guys Bicycles 2 Jay Gaunt Main Line Cycling 3 Art McHugh Morgan Stanley 4 Brain Saylor Techno Cycle 5 John Paproski Atlantic Racing Club K2/Shirks 6 Thomas Kellogg Tri State Velo 7 Andrew Buck LWA 8 Todd Kapeghian Main Line Cycling 9 Thomas Licorish Cadence 10 Dave Nesler Main Line Cycling
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