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Blueberry Bicicletta Road Race

Mullica Township, NJ

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Blueberry Bicicletta Road Race
Presented by
Pro Pedals Bike Shop
Elwood,Mullica Township, NJ
Sunday, May 21, 2006

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Men Pro 123--63 miles 1.Sergey Lagutin- Navigators Insurance 2.Scott Jackson -Watchung Wheelmen 3.Soonka Thiel--Ideal Tile 4.Chris Gottwald-Colavita 5.Gui Nelessen-Hunderton Velo 6.Daniel Zmolik-ACT Cuevas 7.Ray Ignosh-Gotham Cyclists 8.Shawn Teske-Peddlers 9.Richard Bull-Watchung 10.Bruce Donaghy-Morgan Stanley 11.Trevor Matulys-Gotham 12.Ted Inoue-K2 Shirks 13.Jon Clifton Moore-Clifton INC 14.Taylor Brown-Tri State Velo 15.Theresa Cliff Ryan-Verducci 16.Jared Strowbridge-Liberty Cycle 17.Ryan Bodge-Colavita 18.Karl Rahn-Axis 19.Dave Martin-CJCT 20.Gary LASALA-Liberty Cycle Cat 3-4 men 48 miles 1.Colin Jaslewicz-colavita 2.Will Riffelmacher-CRCA 3.Craig Lebair-Philly Ciclismo 4.Zeb Nelessen-Hunterton Velo 5.Steve Sombrano-Mainline 6.Rich Schweizer- 7.Tom Shebell-Bikery 8.Eliott Mcallister-Team HURR 9.Adam Szczepans-Serfs 10.Tom Kruse-Cyclecraft 11.Vincent Cintron-Target 12.Ed Fisher-Shore Velo 13.Jason Gallagher-Gotham 14.191 15.Rich Montminy-bikery 16.316 17.Francisco Leij-usma 18.Kelly Cline-Wissahickon 19 20.Robert Singer-Montclair Men 35 plus 48 miles - 1.Chuck Carnila-Mambo 2.Tony Settel-Denos 3.Jim Bernstein-Mambo 4.Austin Armstrong-Hunterton 5.Paul Gowan -3d 6.Kevin Doner-CC Evesham 7.Chris Foster-Peddlers 8.Rich Ross-Mambo 9.Marc Bechtold-Peddlers 10.Anthony Maisto-Denos 11.Eric Neise-somerset 12.Tim Orr-3d 13.Joe Yacono-Peddlers 14.John Nyman-Peddlers 4-5 men 32 miles 1.David Costa-Cranford 2.Steve Moore -Pro Pedals Bike Shop 3.Rasheed Guerra-Metro 4.Steve Brownlie 5.John Lockburner-Pro Pedals Bike Shop 6.Carl Maslag-Shebell 7.Marcus Dahloff-QCW 8.Angel Martinez-3d 9.Todd Lippin-3d 10.Stephen Chladnicek 11.Jason Desalvo 12.Dave Beaudry-Pro Pedals Bike shop 13.297 14.Kris Bonilla-3d 15.Rich Owens-Pro Pedals 16.Ed Peterson-Pro Pedals 17.David Romberger-Human zoom 18.Chad Totaro-Team Harr 19.Jeff Murray--QCW 20.Myles Fennell -Premeire 55 plus 32 miles 1.Chip Berezny-Bike Line 2.Jerry Weiner-Guys 3.Kevin Tuttle-Mainline 4.Jim Wagner-DC VELO 5.Mike Bode -Bike Line 6.Martin Lorenz-Guys 7.Joe Urzedowski-Watchung 8.Rich Koppel- 9.Ron Ruggerio-Tri State 10-246 Women 32 miles 1.Ashley Kimmet-colavita 2.Cody.Harris-ncvc 3.Brooke Wilson-somerset 4.Kirsten Meyer-deep blue 5.Laura Carlson-wendys 6.Audrey Wendoloski-wendys 7.Jennifer Kraut-deep blue 8.Sue Huelster 9.Anne Racioppi-wendys 10.Teresa Disessa-wendys 11.Madeleine Cozine-Somerset 12.Jill Waggett-watchung 45 plus 47 miles 1.Jan Faltyn 2.Joel Brazy 3.Ken Hochman 4.Bob Janssen 5.Larry Towner 6.Brian Gristick 7.Joe Zuppa

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