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Jennerstown Speedway Pre-National Criteriums

Jennerstown, PA

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Jennerstown Speedway Pre-National Criteriums
Presented by
Valley Youth Network and Freddie Fu Cycling Team
Jennerstown, PA
Sunday, May 07, 2006

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. SUNNY 62 DEGREES, WINDY 3 TO 16 MPH results powered by The Big Guy Group CAT 1-2-3 MEN PLACE LAST NAME FIRST NAME TEAM 1 Babik Jared Meredith Group-GPOA/Cannondale 2 Kinkaid Stephan Meredith/GPOA 3 Short Bill Alliance Environmental 4 Reinert Nicholas Team FUJI / Salamander Racing 5 Piekielek Nate Meredith/GPOA 6 Stubna Mike Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale 7 Wieczorek Brian Freddie Fu 8 Ruggery Joe Freddie Fu 9 Zimmerman Jason Freddie Fu Cycling Team 10 Hebe Mike Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale 11 Shipe Travis Trizilla 12 Gottlieb Robert SCI-FIT DIRTY HARRY 13 Cummings Stephen Meredith group GPOA 14 Kirk Barton Dynaflo 15 Graff Ryan Meredith/GPOA 16 Reynolds Andrew Agisko-Viner 17 Routledge Bryan ACA-Sette Nove 18 Koelbl Stephen Warrenton 19 Gorski Andy Agisko - Viner p/b DNF Baldassare Fred Freddie Fu Cycling Team DNF McPherson Ted SciFit-Dirty Harry's DNF Miller Richard QCW123/Breakaway Racing DNF Bedilion Steve Trizilla DNF Kirchin Jeremy Trizilla Triathlon Equipment Company DNF Jernigan Michael Rudberg Law Cycling DNF Lifson Jake Freddie Fu DNF Neyer Jack Freddie Fu Cucling Team DNF Kline Shane Team Fuji DNF Downs Jay WVU DNF Wright James Nail City Velo CAT 3/4 MEN PLACE LAST NAME FIRST NAME TEAM 1 Kirchin Jeremy Trizilla 2 Bedilion Steve Trizilla 3 Jernigan Michael Rudberg Law Cycling 4 Pate Ben Meredith/GPOA 5 Riegner Doug Trizilla 6 Greene Dan Trizilla 7 Goldberg Jason Rudberg Law 8 Timperman Aaron WVU 9 Guy Jeffrey R. SCI-FIT 10 DalCanto Albert WVU 11 Larson Nathan Countryside Cycling/PICC 12 Hopkins Brian Indiana Cycling 13 Miller Richard QCW123/Breakaway Racing 14 Krall Ed UPMC 15 Sherman Kevin North Hills Velo 16 Koelbl Justin Warrenton Cycling Race Team 17 Noal Joel Spokes-n-Skis/Altoona Bike Club 18 Prechtl Mike Spokes-n-Skis/Altoona Bike Club 19 Semenko Danny Rudberg Law Cycling 20 Hartley Marshal N H Velo 21 Dolinar Kevin Trizilla 22 Caporuscio Bryan Spokes-n-Skis/Altoona Bicycle Club 23 Whalen Carl Spokes-n-Skis/Altoona Bike Club DNF Grystar Ed Sci-Fit/Dirty Harrys DNF Rudberg Don Rudberg Law DNF Peske Ray Yellow Breeches Racing DNF Graham John Trizilla DNF Kephart Zac Spokes-n-Skis/Altoona bike Club DNF Mann Todd Spokes-n-Skis/Altoona Bike Club DNF Benson Darin GS Lancaster DNF Yoder Kelly Speedgoat DNF Koelbl Stephen Warrenton Cycling Race Team DNF Dziak John Rudberg Law Cycling DNF Muir Jim SciFit-Dirty Harry's DNF Gohh Fred Agisko-Viner DNF Wang Henry ACA/Big Bang Bikes DNF Gorski Andy Agisko - Viner p/b DNF Dugovich Gary Beaver Valley Velo DNF Doughty Edward Allegheny Cycling Association DNF Merritts Craig UPMC DNF Johnson Turner DNF Buser John putney/westhill Cat 5 men PLACE LAST NAME FIRST NAME TEAM 1 Musolino Mark UNATTACHED 2 Roach Michael Fuji/Salamander Racing 3 Oliver Duncan WVWC Cycling 4 Tinkey Roger UNATTACHED 5 Fox Jonathan UNATTACHED 6 Bandemer John UNATTACHED 7 Groshans Keith Monstr Health Cycling 8 Houck Mike American Eagle Screen Printing 9 Dent Mark UNATTACHED 10 Aminov Oleg North Hills Velo 11 Shanefelt Gregg UNATTACHED 12 Becer Thomas UNATTACHED 13 Wieczorek Jude UNATTACHED 14 Grystar Eddie UNATTACHED 15 Lloyd Ken UNATTACHED 16 Martin Charles UNATTACHED 17 Matesca Chris UNATTACHED 18 MARTIN Sally UNATTACHED WOMEN PLACE LAST NAME FIRST NAME TEAM 1 Allar Erica Team Fuji 2 Miller Sinead UPMC Cycling Performance 3 Hayduk Colleen Team Fuji 4 Yoder Kelly Speedgoat 5 Rudberg Signe Rudberg Law 6 Peske Chris Yellow Breeches Racing
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