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Michael Schott Memorial Circuit Race

Marblehead, MA

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Michael Schott Memorial Circuit Race
Presented by CCB International
Marblehead, Massachusetts
Sunday April 2, 2006

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These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Pro 1,2,3 100 Starters 34.7 Miles 1 Mark McCormack Colavita/Sutter Home 1:32:29 2 Adam Hodges Myerson Team Nerac/ Pro Cyclinst 3 Ryan O'Connor SPORTS CYCLING TEAM st 4 Aliaksandr Bialiauski CCB/Volkswagen st 5 Matthew Jamieson exodus st 6 Brad Sheehan SPORTS CYCLING TEAM st 7 Eric Pearson Kenda/Raleigh Racing st 8 Justin Spinelli Team Nerac/ Pro Cyclinst 9 Brendan Cornett Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania st 10 chris worden Watchung Wheelmen st 11 Chris Green Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania st 12 Yahor Buben CCB st 13 Sean O'Rourke st 14 Matt White Fiordifrutta st 15 Luke Krisch Independent Fabrications st 16 Jean Daigle Galaxy Sports Marketing st 17 Mark Nicholson st 18 Matt Moon Mechanical Services/ Cycle Mania @0:10 19 aaron molloy 1K2GO/S&W SPORTS CYCLING TEAM @0:14 20 ChristopherPeck Fiordifrutta @0:18 21 Jake Hollenbach CCB/Volkswagen @0:22 22 John Hanson Team Nerac/ Pro Cyclin@0:28 23 Chris Karam Portland Velo Club @0:50 24 Jeffrey Craddock CCB/Volkswagon @1:00 25 ChristopherBurke Providence Velo @1:08 26 Wes Ullrich NorEast Cycling @1:10 27 William Dugan 1K2GO.COM/S&W SPORTS CYCLING TEAM 28 Rhys Gibson Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club 29 Ted Shanstrom Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team 30 Andrew Boone 31 Jonathan Lowenstein Arc En Ceil Racing Team 32 Benjamin Zawacki Fiordifrutta 33 Mike Myers Team Bike Alley 34 Ryan Fleming Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania 35 Eric Tremble Kenda/Raleigh 36 Eric Pearce BOB 37 Dan Cassidy CCB/Volkswagon 38 39 mackenzie dickey Aaron's Cycling Team 40 frank mccormack colavita - sutter home 41 Noah Harwood 1k2go 42 Duncan McGovern Team Bike Alley 43 scott brooks NEBC/Cycle Loft 44 scott sullivan casters/majik coffee p/b apex technolog 45 Dave Mitchell NorEast Cycling 46 Isaac St. Martin NOREAST CYCLING 47 Arielle Filiberti Hot Tubes 48 Gene Petrella CCB/Volkswagon 49 David Chiu NEBC/CycleLoft 50 Kyle Smith Essex County Velo 51 Eric Kenney Kenda/Raleigh Racing 52 Stephen Weller Team International Bike/NERAC 53 Steven Hobson VeloEuropa Cycle Sport Category 4.5 75 Starters 19.8 Miles 1 Chris Coutu Minuteman Road Club 55:31 2 Philip Porter CCB/Volkswagen st 3 Tom Luther NorEast Cycling st 4 Andrew Durham CCB/Volkswagon st 5 Giovanni Marzot NEBC/Cycle Loft st 6 Carl Ring NHCC/ Team NH st 7 Lawrence Driscoll NorEast Cycling st 8 Larry Katz Team SD st 9 john broussard NEBC/cycleloft st 10 tony giguere healthquest/northern light st 11 Talbott Ingram ECV/Harboside st 12 Silas Anthony ECV st 13 Nathaniel Smith Linscott Real Estate Racing st 14 Zach Johnson Essex County Velo st 15 Gregory Zysk Essex County Velo st 16 Bob Gagnon NorEast Cycling st 17 Joseph Jussaume NEBC/Cycle Loft st 18 Peter Arnold NorEast Cycling st 19 Oscar Jimenez NEBC/Cycleloft st 20 Steve dowe NHCC/Team NH st 21 Joseph Reagan NorEast Cycling st 22 John Genovese Essex County Velo st 23 Dodd Lyles NEBC/Cycle Loft st 24 Stefan Wawersik NEBC/Cycleloft st 25 David Baxter Casters/Majik Coffee p/b Apex Technologst 26 Jeff Amaro unattached st 27 Cort Cramer Boston Triathlon Team st 28 Matthew Reynolds HealthQuest/Northern Lights st 29 Stephan Wnendt NEBC st 30 Ryan Davenport Exodus Cycling st 31 Geoff Martin NEBC/Cycle Loft st 32 Julian Gent NEBC / Cycle Loft st 33 Tom Whitehill NEBC/Cycle Loft st 34 Shawn Langford CCB/Volkswagen st 35 Marty Shea st 36 Spike McLaughlin Cox Communications Cycling Team st 37 Pat Convery NEBC/Cycle Loft st 38 Chuck Dopfel NEBC / Cycle Loft st 39 Steven Stanganelli CCB/Volkswagen st 40 Sean Cavanaugh ECV st 41 Brian Palmer MinuteMan Road club st 42 Bill Jacobsen CCB/Volkswagen st 43 david symmes NEBC/CYCLELOFT st 44 Andrew Kennedy Boston Road Club st 45 Rick Sladkey NEBC/CycleLoft st 46 Mike Tomkinson st 47 Michael McKittrick Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club st 48 Anthony Inzero Mystic Velo st 49 Glen Darby Team Fred st 50 Nicholas Lloyd Minuteman Road Club st 51 Jim Butler st 52 Brian Quigley Boston Triathlon Team st 53 Joe Horan MinutemanRoadClub @0:37 54 Bill Doonan NEBC/Cycleloft @0:44 55 Scott Woodward Team Placid Planet st 56 kevin burke craft / burke + design @1:01 67 stephen baybutt NorEast Cycling 67 Doug Browne unattached 67 Seth Davis 67 ChristopherGajeski no 67 David Holmander New Hampshire Cycling Club/Team NH 67 Matt Nufford Exodus Cycling 67 Emily O'Brien 67 David Smith Bicycle Link/MBRC 67 Gary Stewart 67 Matthew Swan Northern Lights 67 Kevin Young Minuteman Road Club Masters 35+ 84 Starters 24.2 Miles 1 Jonny Bold Corner Cycle 1:02:56 2 Joseph Rano Gearworks @0:11 3 Jonathan Babington AFD/OSVC @0:21 4 Tobi Schultze Bicycle Link / MBRC @0:31 5 M. Andrew ruiz CCB/international @0:45 6 John Grenier Arc En Ciel st 7 Matthew Kressy Unattached st 8 TYLER MUNROE CCB/Volkswagen st 9 Gene Petrella CCB/Volkswagon st 10 James Veliskakis CCB/Volkswagen st 11 Joe Tonon Destination Cycling st 12 Rene Fortin Team Biogen Idec st 13 Scott Fader CCB st 14 keith button noreast cycling st 15 John Mosher Bicycle Link/MBRC st 16 zachary wills Alan factory Team st 17 David Connery Corner Cycle st 18 Matthew Domnarski Horst-Benidorm-PRC st 19 James Nash CCB Volkswagen st 20 Steven Gauthier NorEast Cycling st 21 Leo Devellian CCB/Volkswagen st 22 Jack Brumm Minuteman Road Club st 23 John McKone CCB/Volkswagen st 24 Paolo Mion NEBC/Cycleloft st 25 Fred Thomas Portland Velo Club st 26 paul lynch bicyclelink/mbrc st 27 Tom Mannion CCB / Volkswagen st 28 Stephen Humphreys NorEast Cycling st 29 Alec Petro Team Psycho st 30 Jim Burke NEBC/CycleLoft st 31 Thomas Butler CCB/Volkswagen st 32 Mike Troisi Gear Works / Spin Arts st 33 Dale Stephanos MBRC st 34 ChristopherWhite BOB Cycling st 35 Ron Jacobs Bicycle Link/MBRC st 36 Arnold T. Kalmbach Bicycle Link /Mass Bay Road Club st 37 Richard Brown NorEast Cycling st 38 William Holmes Boston Road Club st 39 Tom Stevens Gear Works/Spin Arts st 40 Paul Denis Mathieu's Cycle st 41 Colman O'Connor MBRC/Bicycle Link st 42 Mark Thompson Sunapee/S&W st 43 Steven Degon CCB/Volkswagen st 44 st 45 Gregory Zysk Essex County Velo st 46 Kevin Hetherington-YounNEBC st 47 Michael Zocchi Boston Scientific/Landrys st 48 Shaun Landon Minuteman Road Club st 49 Bruce Diehl Sunapee S&W Racing st 50 chris mckernan essex county velo st 51 Mike Maloney AFD/OSVC st 52 st 53 sam morse Bicycle Link/MBRC st 54 Anderton L.Bentley III Minuteman Road Club st 55 st 56 Paul Boudreau Essex County Velo st 57 David King CCB/Volkswagen st 58 Jerrold Barth CCB/Volkswagen st 59 jorge E Ramirez Minuteman Road Club st 60 DUANE SKOFIELD BOB/SKOFIELD BUILDERS st 61 Karl Hambrecht CCB/Volkswagen st 62 James Fitzgerald CCB/Volkswagen st