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Bethel Spring Series - Criterium de Bethel

Bethel, CT

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Bethel Spring Series - Criterium de Bethel
Presented by
Carpe Diem Promotions & Bethel Cycle Sport Club
Bethel, CT
Sunday, April 02, 2006

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Cat 5 Race 1 Name Team 1 Jonathon Warchol Miya 2 Chad Dalles Unattached 3 Jay Vincent Cycle Center Racing 4 Bruce McGalliard Unattached 5 Todd Gay Bethel Cycle club 6 Mario Smith Unattached 7 Kurt Weber Bethel Cycle Sport Club 8 Joe Parker Bethel Cycle Sport Club 9 Neil Ross Kissena 10 Bruce Schwartz Unattached 11 Andreas Runggatscher Skylands Cycling 12 Andreas Bernhard Unattached 13 Jim Reid Bethel Cycle 14 alex salazar Unattached 15 Peter Frenzilli Unattached 16 Roger Billharz Hudson Valley Velo 17 JOHN AIZARANI Connecticut Coast Cycling 18 Todd Mickel Connecticut Coast Cycling 19 Matt Pascale Miya 20 John Ercolani Unattached Cat 5 Race 2 Name Team 1 Shaun Berard Unattached 2 Simon Bennett Unattached 3 Gabrielle Gentile Cafeteros 4 Steven Felix Yale University Bulldog Cycling 5 Glen Babikian Skylands Cycling 6 Christopher Connelly yale cycling club 7 Lawson Kurtz Unattached 8 Sam Dodge Stage 1/Fusion Think 9 Jeremy Linder Epic Velo/Cheshire Cycle 10 James Conley Tokeneke 11 Erik Eagleman Stage 1/Fusion Think 12 Steven Harlacker Westview 13 Joe Solomon Stage 1/Fusion Think 14 Brad Paquin Stage 1/Fusion Think 15 Larry Watson Unattached 16 Robert Perless Unattached 17 David Barzetti Cycle Center Racing 18 James Brockway Pawling Cycle & Sport 19 Patrick Murray Unattached 20 Andrew Merrill Tokeneke Cat 4 Name Team 1 John-Paul Kaminski 2 Douglas Schwartz Targetraining 3 Christopher Uglietta CRCA / Jonathan Adler Racing 4 Jay Dailey Connecticut Coast Cycling 5 Don Catlin Tokeneke Road Club 6 Brian Wood Fastar/Targetraining 7 timothy collins CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing 8 Richard Raymond Carpe Diem Racing 9 Andrew Hackel Bethel Cycle Sport Club 10 Scott Struve Stage 1/Fusion Think 11 Bryan Zieroff Stage 1/Fusion Think 12 Frank Bottino team ranchos 13 Douglas Allen Jersey Rock n Road 14 tom siano Miya Shoji 15 Brian Kelley Pawling Cycle & Sport 16 Todd Nicotra Unattached 17 Charles Litty Bethel Cycle Sport Club 18 Sung Pak UNIONE SPORTIVA ITALIANA 19 Will Vallar USI 20 Donald Rosaforte Ct. Coast Cycling Juniors Name Team 1 Filip Capala Unattached 2 Ryan Barlow Cuevas 3 Kyle Foley Cuevas 4 Alexander Cropley Cuevas 5 Tommy Bibliowitz Unattached Women Name Team 1 Heather Labance Team Advil-Chapstick 2 Mimi Boyle Fastar/Target Training 3 Cheryl Wolf Bethel Cycle Sport Club 4 Mara Miller Team Advil-Chapstick 5 Christy McArdle Unattached 6 caitlin mcvarish connecticut coastal cycling 7 Gloria Deucher USI 8 Heather Peck Independent Fabrication 9 Erin Duggan Velo Bella - Kona(mtb) Anthem Rewards - CCCC (road) 10 Reem Jishi Team Advil-Chapstick 11 Maria Oliveira Westwood Velo 12 tania ayoub Connecticut Coast Cycling 13 Diana Panchyk Team Advil-Chapstick 14 Bridget Nester Anthem - CCCC Masters 40+ Name Team 1 Joe Straub Skylands 2 Tom Officer RGM Watches- RICHARD SACHS - HUDSON VALLEY VELODROME 3 William Thompson Bethel Cycle Sport Club 4 Curtis Eastin TARGETRAINING 5 Joseph Regan Bethel Cycle Sport Club 6 Scott Bodin Target Training 7 Matthew Murphy Westwood Velo 8 Todd Hamel Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank 9 Brian Wolf Bethel Cycle Sport Club 10 Charles Litty Bethel Cycle Sport Club 11 Michael Taxter Bethel Cycle Sport Club 12 Rich Foley Bethel Cycle Sport 13 Douglas Crane Fastar/Targetraining 14 #N/A #N/A #N/A 15 Horacio Ahumada cafeteros cycling club 16 Paul Hayes Unattached 17 #N/A #N/A #N/A 18 Kevin Haley Skylands 19 Wesley Beeman Laurel Bicycle Club 20 Douglas Allen Jersey Rock n Road Cat 3/4 Name Team 1 Bryan Hass Bethel Cycle Sport Club 2 Peter Morgan Anthem Rewards - CCCC 3 Francisco Liuzzi CRCA 4 Akira Sato Carpe Diem Racing 5 Jairo Ballesteros Cafeteros 6 John Mattio FASTAR/TARGETRAINING 7 Christopher Kohnle Park City Cycling Academy 8 Steven Gray Bethel Cycle Sport Club 9 Ian Strever Bethel Cycle Club Sport 10 Jeff Ferraro Anthem Rewards - CCCC 11 John Morales Cafeteros 12 victor jerez Connecticut Coast Cycling 13 Brian Hayes International Bike/ 14 Robert Marcinko Connecticut Coast Cycling 15 Scott Glenney Anthem Rewards - CCCC 16 Chris Crowell Unattached 17 #N/A #N/A #N/A 18 #N/A #N/A #N/A 19 Jusitn Inglis CRCA 20 Connor Sallee Pawling Cycle and Sport Masters 30+ Name Team 1 Fernando Ferreira Fastar/Targetraining 2 Zane Wenzel Benidorm - Horst 3 Kyle Wolfe Unattached 4 Scott Bodin Target Training 5 Edward Angeli Benidorm - Horst 6 Brian Girard Stage One Cycling 7 John Hirsch Cycle Center Racing 8 Marc Risigo Stage One Cycling 9 Trent Sullivan Stage One Cycling 10 Christopher Chapleau Stage One Cycling 11 Scott Livingston Benidorm - Horst 12 Wade Summers Benidorm - Host 13 Tim Neil Cycle Center Racing 14 Ian McLeran Stage One Cycling 15 Jonathan Baxendale FASTAR/TARGETRAINING 16 Curtis Eastin TARGETRAINING Pro/1/2/3 Name Team 1 Christopher Jones Champion System Racing 2 Robert Giannini CRCA/Sakonnet Technology 3 Peter Horn Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team 4 Phil Riggio Tokeneke 5 Bryan Hass Bethel Cycle Sport Club 6 Barry Miller ACT 7 Steven Gray Bethel Cycle Sport Club 8 Timothy Unkert Unnattached 9 Edward Angeli Benidorm - Horst 10 Marc Risigo Stage One Cycling 11 Kurt Sheerer Verge 12 Matthew Inconiglios Stage One Cycling 13 Alan Toorean Tokeneke Road Club 14 Bryan Borgia Tokeneke Road Club 15 Zane Wenzel Benidorm - Horst 16 Thomas Hinnershitz Cycle Center Racing 17 Matthew Baldwin Fastar/Targetraining 18 Peter Morgan Anthem Rewards - CCCC 19 Jeff Ferraro Anthem Rewards - CCCC 20 peter petrillo Anthem Rewards - CCCC
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