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3rd Annual Downtown Claremont Crit (DTCC)

Claremont, NH

Sunday, May 23, 2004

3rd Annual Downtown Claremont Crit (DTCC)
Presented by
Claremont Cyclesport Bike Club & Arrowhead Ski area
Claremont, NH
Sunday, May 23, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Masters 35+
Finished   FIRST NAME   LAST NAME    TEAM                                      Time      Distance
1          Charlie      Bedard       Sunapee/Banagans                          46:12:00  25Miles
2          Jonny        Bold         CCCC/Corner Cycle
3          John         Corriveau    BOB/Nault's Cyclery
4          john         Mc Kone      CCB/Volkswagen                            46:38:00
5          Patrick      Ruane        Sunapee Banagans
6          Duane        Skofield     BOB/Nault's Cyclery
7          Peter        Vollers      Galaxy
8          Chris        Naimie       Sunapee / Banagans
9          Mike         Norton       Cyclonauts
10         Mike         Spangenberg  bca/tosk
11         Craig        Harrison     CCB/Volkswagen
12         Carl         Hitchcock    Portland Velo Club (PVC)
13         Brian        Blondin      BOB/NAULT'S CYCLERY
16         Michael      Zocchi       Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
17         Gregor       Bernard      Gearworks
18         Eric         Marro        BOB/Nault's Cyclery
19         David        Foley        Team BOB - Nault's Cyclery
20         James        Walsh        Cox Communications
21         Brad         Buckley      NEBC/Cycle Loft
22         David        Rusnak       Gearworks

Cat 3/4
Finished   FIRST NAME   LAST NAME    TEAM                                      Time      Distance
1          Luke         Krisch       Louis Garneau Racing                      45:15:00  27Miles
2          Mike         Norton       Cyclonauts
3          Christopher  Green
4          Stan         Jurga        Essex County Velo
5          Damien       Colfer       NHCC/Team NH
6          Ryan         Fleming      Peerless Insurance/HNECC-Popawheelies
7          Duane        Skofield     BOB/Nault's Cyclery
8          Adam         Carr Rover Cycling Team
9          Joseph       Moody        Boston Road Club
12         James        Walsh        Cox Communications
13         Nathaniel    Koeppel International Ltd.
14         Christopher  Mina         NECSA / Lehigh University
15         Chris        Kueter       North Atlantic Velo
16         Nicholas     Smith
17         Jason        Eley International Ltd.
18         Matt         Rossman      Dartmouth College
19         Gregor       Benard       Gearworks
20         Zachary      Kramer       Louis Garneau Racing
22         Bill         Haslett      Dartmouth College Cycling
24         Pete         Smith        Essex County Velo
26         Mike         Spangenberg  bca/tosk
27         Brian        Blondin      BOB/NAULT'S CYCLERY
28         Chris        Brown

Cat 1/2/3
Finish     FIRST NAME   LAST NAME    TEAM                                      Time      Distance
1          Eugene       Ruiter       Trek/VW/Doriti Gelati                               40miles
2          Peter        Brennan      Trek/Doriti Gelati
3          johannes     Huseby       Fiardifuha
4          Nate         Rogers       Colavita-Bolla / Team Toast
5          Francis      Kelsey       PEV Geneve
6          Jake         Hollenbach   Ski
7          Brian        King landrover
8          Tom          Gosselin     Maine Cycling Club/ Rainbow Bike
9          Patrick      Ruane        Sunapee/Banagans
10         Charlie      Bedard       Sunapee/Banagans
11         Justin       Lillie       Trek/VW/Doriti Gelati
12         Bret         Williamson Rover
13         John         Corriveau    BOB
14         Lincoln      Brown - LandRover
15         David        Rusnak       Gearworks
16         Craig        Harrison     CCB/Volkswagen
17         Mark         Nathe        Ibex / FitWerx
18         Patrick      Walsh
19         Christopher  Naimie       Sunapee/Banagans
20         Art          Trapatsis
21         Ryan         Fleming      Peerless Insurance/HNECC-Popawheelies
22         Jason        Eley         Ski

Women Cat 1-4
Finish     FIRST NAME   LAST NAME    TEAM                                      Time      Distance
1          Cassie       White        NEBC/Cycleloft                            27:05:00  23Miles
2          Sarah        Foulkes      Gearworks/Spinarts                        27:40:00
3          Sara         Cushman      Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team
4          Sinead       Fitzgibbon   Aquafina / CRCA
5          Erin         Diehm        NEBC/Cycle Loft
6          Michelle     Hurley       Dansko Wheelworks
DNS        Martha       Wilson       Dansko Wheelworks
1          Laura        Herrin       Sunapee / Banagans                        27:40:00
2          Aeme         Hanel                                                  28:00:00

Cat 5
Finished   First Name   Last Name    TEAM                                      Time      Distance
1          Matt         Williams     Rio Grande                                32:46:00  17Miles
2          John         Buser        putney/westhill
3          Brad         Kelley       NHCC/Team NH
4          John         Genovese     Boston University Cycling
5          Nick         Laws         Boston University
6          Joseph       Mardeusz     Putney/WestHill
7          Jeff         Ferraro
8          Dan          Vignault     Claremont Cyclesport
9          Damien       Callahan
10         Scott        Glenney      Team Berlin Bike
11         Michael      Rovezzi      Minuteman Road Club
12         Robert       Herrin       Claremont Cyclesport
13         James        Stumpf       Alternative Bike Shop
14         Robert       Rennie       NEBC/Cycleloft
15         Mark         Schubring
16         Jeff         Bousfield    Mystic Velo Club
17         Harrison     Harb         New Hampshire Cycling Club
18         Tom          Mccoy        Dartmouth College Cycling
19         Ross         Kennedy      Northeast Bicycle Club
20         Brad         Roberts      putney/westhill

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