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Tour of Connecticut

Torrington, CT

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Tour of Connecticut
Stage 1, Litchfield Hills Road Race
Torrington, CT
May 16, 2004

Results Courtesy of PEP Results
These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.
Pro Men 99 Starters 137 Miles 1 Mark McCormack Colavita Olive Oil 5:38:16 2 Shawn Milne Fior di Frutta at :28 3 Mark Walters Navigators Insurance :35 4 Alexandre Nadeau Volkswagen TREK 5 Jon Erdeyli Team Ofoto :42 6 Melito Heredia Toga Bikes :44 7 Stu Gillespie TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine 8 Bruno Langlois Volkswagen TREK 1:02 9 Scott Swizanski Team Ofoto 10 Tyler Wren Colavita Olive Oil 11 Gustavo Artacho Colavita Olive Oil 12 Peter Baker Team Snow Valley 13 Craig Upton Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties 14 Eneas Freyre Team Holland 1:06 15 Burke Swindlehurst Navigators Insurance 1:47 16 Wim Botman Team Holland 1:49 17 Alec Donahue Louis Garneau Racing 2:09 18 Joe Papp Team Holland 19 Chris Rozdilsky CRCA/Sakonnet Technology 20 Waclaw Godycki Team Ideal Tile/Briell Cyclery 21 Pete Lopinto Team Ofoto 22 Todd Herriott Colavita Olive Oil 23 Joshua Dillon Louis Garneau Racing 24 Ian MacGregor TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine 25 Dominique Perras Team Ofoto 26 Josh Gewirtz Fior di Frutta Pulled & Placed 27 Michael Henson Stelvio TEAMWEAR-Orbis Properties 28 Marty Nothstein Navigators Insurance 29 Jason Bremer GS Mengoni 30 Greg Montello Essex County Velo 31 Sebastian Alexandre Colavita Olive Oil 32 John Loehner CRCA/Sakonnet Technology 33 Rob Gianni CRCA/Sakonnet Technology 34 Jeremy Powers Sharper Image - Jelly Belly 35 Sheldon Deeny TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine 36 Andrew Manart TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine 37 Colin Sandberg ESSM/GPOA 38 Matt Sadauckas Team Seasilver 39 Ang Sheldrake TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine 40 Nate Kokinda Essex County Velo 41 Robbie King Louis Garneau Racing 42 Eugene Boronow GS Mengoni 43 Zak Grabowski TIAA-Cref/5280 Magazine 44 Mike Dietrich Fior di Frutta 45 Bjorn Cornelissen Team Holland 46 John Funk Team Snow Valley 47 Jason Baer Louis Garneau Racing 48 Andrew Knight Louis Garneau Racing 49 Ian Beilby Louis Garneau Racing Sprint #1 Marty Nothstein Navigators Insurance Sprint #2 Marty Nothstein Navigators Insurance Sprint #3 Todd Herriott Colavita Olive Oil KOM #1 1 Dominique Perras Team Ofoto 2 Todd Herriott Colavita Olive Oil 3 Mike Jones Health Net presented by Maxxis KOM #2 1 Dominique Perras Team Ofoto 2 Todd Herriott Colavita Olive Oil 3 Mike Jones Health Net presented by Maxxis Men 2/3 29 Starters 32.3 Miles 1 Daniel Greenfield Quad Cycles/Arlington BC 1:16:17 2 Matt White NCC/ at :07 3 Edward Angeli Gruppo Sportivo Europeo :13 4 Stephen Gray Bethel Cycle :42 5 John Legere Benidorm/Createx 6 Ryan Leech ESSM/GPOA 7 Nate Rogers Colavita-Bolla/Team Toast 8 Edward Torres Chavarria Northeast Bicycle Road Club 9 Brian Girard Stage 1/Mercury/fusion THINK 10 Elliot Holland Mt Airy Bicycles 11 Alvin Nordell NCC/ 12 Leigh Sorrells Fior di Frutta/Ridgefield 13 Matthew Baldwin Fior di Frutta/Ridgefield 14 David Smith 1:00 15 Jonathan Lowenstein Arc en Ceil Racing Team 1:07 16 Steve Roszko NCC/ 17 Wade Summers Benidorm/Eastern Bloc 18 Rich Hollenbeck NECSA/ACT dnf Laura Summers Hudson Valley Velo Club dnf Ted D'onofrio Benidorm/Createx dnf Richard Foley dnf Robert Lattanzi dnf Scott Willingham dnf Greg Hall Laurel dnf Darius Filipiak NCC/ dnf David Hartman Stage 1 Cycling dnf Christopher Chapleau Stage One/Cannondale dnf Matt Inconiglios Stage 1/Mercury/fusion THINK dnf Joe Rodrigues Cyclonauts/Bicycle Alley Ryan Leech ESSM/GPOA $20 Prime Winner Master Men 35+ 38 Starters 30.4 Miles 1 Scott Bodin 1:07:39 2 Colman O'Connor NEBC/Cycle Loft 3 Bryan Atwood Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank 4 Ted D'onofrio Benidorm/Createx at 1:40 5 Morgan Stebbins Westwood Velo 6 Leigh Sorrells Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank 7 Brian Wirtz Bethel Cycle 2:25 8 Pandal Henderson 2:30 9 Eric Streckfuss 2:53 10 Kevin Fitzmaurice Zephyr Cycling 11 Wade Summers Benidorm/Eastern Bloc 12 Claudio Mucci Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank 13 Paul Marchese CBRC 2:55 14 David Smith CRCA 15 Michael Norton Cyclonauts Racers 16 Brian Wolf Bethel Cycle 17 John Interlandi Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank 18 Richard Foley 19 Jeff Papineau Cyclonauts Racers 20 Thomas Butler SAAB of Halfmoon/New Salem 21 Brian Polhemus CBRC 22 Paul Nyberg Eastern Bloc Cycling 23 Tom Officer CYBC/Richard Sachs 24 David Whitney Somerset Wheelmen 25 Monte Frank Zephyr Cycling 26 Mike Taxter Bethel Cycle 27 James Conopask Tokeneke Road Club 28 Paul Siebert BCA/Tosk 29 Tom Toal Bethel Cycle 30 Bruce Townend BCA/Tosk dnf Anthony Cipolla Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank dnf Robert Lattanzi dnf Miguel Pagan Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank dnf Edward Angeli Gruppo Sportivo Europeo dnf Scott Willingham CRCA dnf Greg Hall Laurel dnf Joseph Korzenecki Competitive Edge dnf Jeff McKay Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank
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