BikeReg Payment Procedures and Policy

Full Payments

All of our disbursements are for 100% of the funds collected to date. We never hold back any portion of your entry fees unless requested.

Timely Payments

Our standard disbursement schedule includes two payments before your event and one immediately following. This way you will have most if not all of your entry fees funds disbursed before the event weekend. Large payments are sent via USPS Priority Mail to ensure your funds arrive quickly.

We can set your event up on a monthly or weekly disbursement schedule and also have options for direct deposit. At any time if you need a disbursement not on a regular schedule, you can just contact us and we can send a payment out that same day or set up a customized payment schedule. All of this is free of charge.

Standard Disbursement Schedule

Our standard payment schedule is to issue four entry fee disbursements.

  • TWO Mondays BEFORE Event
  • ONE Monday BEFORE Event
  • Thursday BEFORE Event
  • Monday AFTER your event's online registration closes for remaining entries fees received since the initial disbursements.

All these payments are for 100% of the funds collected to date.

NOTE - Monday disbursements are calculated at 12:15 AM ET on Sunday. So your event registration must close by that time to be included in the Monday disbursement.

Monthly Disbursement Schedule

Disbursements are sent on the first Monday of each month. This schedule works well for events which receive the bulk of their entries over a span of several months rather than during the few weeks leading up to the event. Good examples of events which would benefit from this schedule are club memberships and popular events where participants sign up many months in advance. To have your event setup for monthly disbursements, please contact

Minimum pre-event or monthly disbursement amount is $250. If less than minimum, the balance will be rolled into your next disbursement.

Direct Deposit

If you would like your funds deposited directly to a bank account, you can set this up in the 'Payment Center' of your event.

Additional Disbursements

If needed, additional pre-event disbursements can be made for free. To request a disbursement, contact This ensures that YOU have access to YOUR event funds at any time you may need them.

Additional Questions or Concerns?

Rest assured we have never had any delay in payments to promoters. Additionally, transactions on are secured by industry standard SSL encryption and we do not store participant credit card information on our servers. Pioneer Registration Services, LLC also has a $1,000,000 Errors and Omissions insurance policy in place. has been working closely with promoters and participants for over a decade. We pride ourselves on the level of customer service we provide and our stable, streamlined registration platform that makes signing up for races easy and safe for both the event director and participant.

If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us.