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Runners and Cyclists pitted together, party together.
Gibraltar Climb is 6.13 miles long and up a significant mountain.
Make it what you want.
Race. Event. Fashion Show. Or just an excuse to ride bkes.
Anyways, it will be fun.

Time will be announced closer to the event due to unpredictable weather.
Rain will not cancel.
It will not dampen our spirits
our pits would be damp anyways, so why not.

Online Registration Deadline: Saturday, Nov 21, 2020 at 8:00 AM PT

Select Your Category

Category Distance Prizes Fee
Runners $0 oh yeah, baby! $0
  • Someone who decides to run up Gibraltar
Road Bike $0 oh yeah, baby! $0
  • Anyone who rides a road bike up Gibraltar
Mountain Bike $0 oh yeah, baby! $0
  • It ends really close to Tunnel Trail and passes Westfork on the way down. A quick right will take ya to Cold Springs.
Unicycle $0 oh yeah, baby! $0
  • I know you're out there. let's be friends!
Hiker $0 oh yeah, baby! $0
  • besides the expansive calm, a great thing about walking up a mountain is that you can call it a hike
Tandem $0 oh yeah, baby! $0
  • you got shocks, pegs, lucky.
BMX $0 oh yeah, baby! $0
  • well, if the crew of nuttshells from Arts Cyclerly in SLO could do a century on BMX bikes, then they can climb Gibraltar on them too. Join the fun!
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