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Same day registration will be at a higher fee. 100 & 62 mile = $100, 31 mile = $75, towpath $50

Online Registration Deadline: Sunday, Sep 17, 2023 at 5:00 PM ET

Total Event Registration Limit: 300

Select Your Category

Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
Kids 2 Mile Towpath Ride (With Adult) $30 12:00 PM 2 miles 25 $30
  • Ride from Bull's Island to the boat launch area; turn around and join us at the winery for lunch!
Family Friendly Towpath Ride (with one child under 6 in a carrier or tow) up to 20 miles $55 11:00 AM 20 miles 100 $55
  • Riding with the family? A child under the age of 6 can ride without a registration fee if they are riding in a carrier, trailer or tag a long.
Scenic Towpath Ride along Delaware River $50 11:00 AM 20 miles 100 $50
  • Enjoy a beautiful 20 mile round trip ride along the Delaware River. Hybrid, mountain or cross bikes are appropriate.
Century Ride $100 7:30 AM 100 miles 100 $100
  • Looking for your first century? This is the one. Fully supported with plenty of rest stops, food before and after and great swag.
Metric Century $100 8:30 AM 62 miles 100 $100
  • 62 well supported, beautiful miles through NJ and Pa.
Half Metric $75 9:30 AM 31 miles 100 $75
  • Beautiful 31 miler; fully supported.
Virtual Ride from Anywhere in the World $35 11:59 PM 100 miles 100 $35
  • If you can't make the ride in person, join us virtually. Ride as many miles as you want, when you want up to September 18,2022. Registration fee includes a technical tee mailed or dropped off to you.
Child's Companion Ticket (20 & under) $10 12:00 PM 100 $10
  • Enjoy the music and food!!
Companion Ticket $15 12:00 PM 0 hours 50 $15
  • Not a rider, but have a friend, family member or significant other riding? Join them afterwards for wine-tasting, burgers, music and more.
Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
Sold Out Rest Stop Volunteers for Family Friendly Towpath Ride $0 9:00 AM 2 $0
  • We need two people to head out the Parking Lot along the towpath and Route 29 and set up hydration and snacks to our riders, per CDC guidelines.
Sold Out Event Official $0 6:30 AM 2 $0
  • Oversee set up and registration
closed Rest Stop Volunteers $0 7:00 AM 12 $0
  • You'll set up a table and a tent offering our participants hydration and nutrition, per CDC guidelines.
Sold Out Bike Marshalls $0 7:00 AM 4 $0
  • We will need two bike marshalls able to ride ahead and caution riders at two difficult turns. These turns occur early on during the Sunday rides and you are welcome to continue riding.
Sold Out Sweep Rider for 20 Mile Towpath Ride $0 9:30 AM 15 miles 2 $0
  • Enjoy the towpath from the rear making sure all riders return to the start safely.
Sold Out Sweep Rider for 31 Mile Ride $0 9:30 AM 31 miles 1 $0
  • You'll hang back and make sure everyone comes in at the end.
Sold Out Sweep Rider for 62 Mile Ride $0 8:30 AM 2 $0
  • You'll hang back and make sure that all the riders can stay on course and find their way back.
Sweep Riders for 100 Mile Route $0 7:00 AM 3 $0
  • You will hang back and make sure the last of the riders can find their way back.
Sold Out SAG Driver 31 Mile Route (Tentative, per CDC guidelines) $0 9:30 AM 1 $0
  • If any of the riders need to stop riding, you are there to pick them up and give the a ride back to the start. You'll need a 2 or 3 bike, bike rack for your vehicle.
SAG Driver for 62 Mile Route (tentative, per CDC guidelines) $0 8:30 AM 1 $0
  • With a bike rack on your vehicle, you'll follow the riders and help those who need a ride to another rest stop or back to the start.
SAG Driver for 100 Mile Route (tentative, per CDC guidelines) $0 7:00 AM $0
  • With a bike rack on your vehicle, you'll follow the riders and if any need a ride to the next rest stop or need to head back, you'll pick them up and bring them where they need to be.
Tech Support for 31 Mile Route $0 9:00 AM 1 $0
  • If you are able to change a flat, we could use you along the 31 mile route. We will supply you with all the supplies necessary.
Sold Out Tech Support for 62 Mile Route $0 8:30 AM 1 $0
  • If you have some tech skill beyond changing a flat, we would love to have you join us. We will supply all of the necessary supplies.
Sold Out After Ride Volunteers $0 1:00 PM 0 miles 6 $0
  • Help us with making sure there is food and drink on the table, check in riders as they come in and help with clean up. All or some of the responsibilities.
Tech Support for 100 Mile Route $0 7:00 AM 1 $0
  • If you have some mechanical skill beyond changing a flat, we would love to have you help along the route. All supplies will be provided.
Event Parking $0 6:30 AM 3 $0
  • Help with parking from 6:30 - 9:30 a.m. or 9:30 - noon
Only 2 spots available!
Volunteer Photographers $0 9:00 AM 100 miles 4 $0
  • Take photos during the event that you can share digitally with our organization. Static locations.
Only 3 spots available!
closed Route Marking $0 9:00 AM 9 $0
  • This is a physically demanding volunteer position to mark the roads with route arrows or painted arrows along the courses. Depending on weather, this position requires availability any day from 9/15.
Sold Out Registration Volunteers $0 6:00 AM 3 $0
  • Per CDC guidelines, we will have staggered starts beginning at 7 a.m.

Event Items

Add donations and merchandise to your registration below. You can also donate or purchase items without registering.


Men's & Women's Short Sleeve Jerseys - $75

These are quality jerseys from Vie13.


Commemorative T-Shirt - $15

Design is still in progress, but can bepreordered prior to the event. We cannot guarantee [+more]


Avery's Hope

Avery's Hope raises money and awareness for rare, ultra rare and pediatric GI patient [+more]


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8 Federal Twist Rd, Stockton, NJ  08559
Event Phone Number:
(267) 714-6106
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