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Nine days to ride 6 x 100K! Complete this challenge and you will ready to rock your season and crush your competition.

Blow away your competition this summer by showing up stronger, leaner, and faster! You can spend endless hours on weekends on the trainer trying to build base, but nothing compares to a compact, structured, high mileage training week.

Who Should Do This Event?
Cyclists looking to get a big jump on their base mileage for spring and summer riding need to get some road under their seat, and this multi-day spring training event is an awesome way to get big mileage, and big gains, while minimizing the risk of injury.

Triathletes – One of the biggest mistakes we see triathletes make every season is trying to ride as hard as they can during their weekly training to try to get stronger. Often, this backfires and riders get injured, and they also lack muscular endurance to actually translate interval power on the trainer to outdoor sustained power output. They almost always blow through building their cycling base, and as a result of thin foundation, they crumble under pressure.

Event Description
Two event categories:
Category 1 – Six 100K rides (or a total of 600K) between 4/17/21 and 4/25/21
These rides may be completed each day (ideally) or in the event of rain, spread over the 9 days. Riders may complete a 45’ indoor trainer ride in Zone ½ (under 65% FTP) for any rain days to count as a ride day, in the event more than 2 rain days occur and still qualify for the gift card.
Example 1: Rider A chooses to ride 100K outdoors on 4/17, 4/18, 4/19, 4/20, 4/21 and 4/22. This is the traditional model we use in Spring Training Camp in Arizona in non-Covid times.

Example 2: Rider B chooses to ride 40 miles (64.38KM) on 4/17, 4/18 40 miles, 4/19 OFF, then 4/20 100K, 4/21 100K, 4/22 100K, 4/23 OFF, 4/24 150K, and 4/25 20K.

Category 2 – Six 62’ rides, or a total of 372’ of riding in any combination of indoor trainer and outside between 4/17/21 and 4/25/21. For indoor riding, it is okay to split up rides into AM & PM rides, I.E. 45’ AM, 17’ PM, or whatever combination works for you. The goal is to get the total “Time on Seat” over the 9 day period.

What do Riders Get for Registering?

• All riders completing the full event will receive a prize of a $10 gift card to Pacific Cycling & Triathlon, 984 High Ridge Rd., Stamford, CT. Riders that are not local will receive a $10 gift card to Starbucks to be used anywhere.

• A digital certificate showing “I Survived Spring Training Camp” that can be printed and hung for glory! Friends will be in AWE knowing you rode 600K, or else they’ll think you’re mental.

• Tracking on the Event Site at Bike Reg – See how much your Challenge Competition completed each day! Links with Strava or Manual Upload is available.

• Gear List – Spring Training is a beast unto its own, so having a well-tested gear list is KEY to knowing you have what you need should the world throw you a wrench.

• Pacing Plan! Knowing how to complete each ride successively is so important to successfully completing this Spring Training. Many riders simply try to blow through it quickly, and they blow up. Riders will received a detailed plan of how to approach each day so you can successfully complete every one of the 600 Ks on this Challenge! This will also include tips for dealing with changing weather, saddle discomfort, fueling 911s.

• Riders local to SW Connecticut and the Westchester area will receive six 100K courses, complete with GPX files with instructions on where to park, where the nice bathrooms are, and where to purchase water and fuel along the routes. (Note – ALL Riders may choose to ride their own routes, any route they choose, loops, out and backs, point to points, or whatever they choose.

• Eligibility to win the GRAND PRIZE from Pacific Cycling & Triathlon! (Grand Prize is based on total estimated completion time spread to actual completion time for all 6 x 100K riders and requires upload from Strava).

Online Registration Deadline: Sunday, Apr 25, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET

Total Event Registration Limit: 150

Select Your Category

Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
600K Challenge - 6 x 100K $49 see event details 600 km Grand Prize For Closest Finish to Est. Time & $10 Gift Card 150 $49
  • Six 100K rides (or a total of 600K) between 4/17/21 and 4/25/21

    Eligible to win the GRAND PRIZE from Pacific Cycling!

    These rides may be completed on sequential days or spread over the 9 days.
62 Minutes/ Day - 372 Minute Challenge $35 see event details $10 Gift Card to Pacific (local) Starbucks (not local) 150 $35
  • Six 62’ rides, or a total of 372’ of riding in any combination of indoor trainer and outside between 4/17/21 and 4/25/21. It is okay to split up rides into AM & PM rides, I.E. 45’