Presented by Minneapolis Cider Company & Friends of the Boundary Waters


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Category Distance Fee
Minne Portage Family Ride $35 10 miles $35
  • Enjoy a relaxing 10-mile (3,000 rod) ride along the Mississippi River. Perfect for families or casual riders.
Demi Portage $35 35 miles $35
  • Ride the Demi Portage, a solid 35 miles (12,000 rods) up the Mississippi River, through northern St. Paul parks and lakes to Minneapolis Cider Co.
Gran Portage $35 60 miles $35
  • Ride the Gran Portage, 60 miles (19,000 rods) around the lakes of Minneapolis, across the river into St. Paul and then back along the river to Minneapolis Cider Co

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Gran Portage Bike Jersey - $75