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How to Contact Event Director

If you are looking for event-specific information, such as start-times, packet pickup, etc. you will want to contact the event director for the event. Event director contact information is listed on every event on athleteReg. Underneath the event title and date there should be a box with Location & Contact. Clicking on Location & Contact will bring you to a form that you can use to contact the event director, and usually a phone number and a website address. does not authorize refunds on the behalf of an event; only event directors can authorize refunds. athleteReg staff can answer questions about the registration process, but event specific questions must be directed to the event directors.

To contact an event director, perform the following steps: 


1. Go to the registration page for the event, and just below the event header click the 'Location & Contact' link.

2. At the bottom of the registration page, click the 'Contact Us' link.

3. From the 'Contact Event' page, you can send an e-mail to the event director, and find the event phone number and website at the bottom of the page.