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Email Tools

athleteReg sites several email features to assist you in reaching past, current and potential participants.

To Contact participants already registered:

Use “Email all participants” in the Marketing Tools task list to contact all participants or a particular category with pre-event instructions or post-event appreciation, photos, etc. Choose specific categories from your event, and send a plain text or html formatted email.

To contact past participants:

Go to “Multi Event Email” under Event Director Tasks. Choose the events or the categories within the events to start. You can then further narrow your search with the advanced filters. Expanding advanced filters allows you to narrow your search by gender, age, location, event distance completed or number of events completed. Clicking 'load recipients' will return all participants that match the filters applied. Underneath the returned participant number you will also see the number of 'unique email addresses' returned. Our system filters out duplicate emails so for example if you wish to notify past participants of your road race series about a new gran fondo event you are promoting, the multi-event email tool ensures riders who did all three events, all three years, will receive just one email.

To see sent emails:

Go to the “Email Management” tab. This will show all emails that are sent, pending or draft, whether to a single participant or a group. You can also see in this view the amount of opened, clicked, and completed checkouts from each email.


*Participants are able to unsubscribe from future emails from event directors via the athleteReg sites. The unsubscribe link is included on each email from event directors.

**Participants are added to the contact list for each new event they register for. 


Merge tags allow you to include personalized content in your emails to participants such as name or bib number. Each time you send an email using one of these tags, we'll pull the most recent data from your entrants list to replace the merge tag.

How to Use Merge Tags

To insert one of the merge tags, simply click in the drop down next to 'Merge Tags' where you want it inserted, then click the appropriate merge tag button. The tag you selected will appear in brackets.

After you send the email, we replace that merge tag with the correct content it refers to (i.e. the participant’s name or bib number as it appears in your registration data).

Note: If you plan to use “Bib” be sure to first assign bib numbers in the “Generate Bib Numbers” area. Using this tag does not automatically assign numbers.