Presented by The TURTLE Effect Foundation


Online Registration Deadline: Sunday, Oct 16, 2022 at 1:00 PM MT

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Category Start Time Distance Fee
EASY Meandering Single Track TURTLE $25 10:17 AM 10 miles $25
  • Easy Spruce Meadows loop with views of Front Range and options to get spunky! Mtb, gravel or CX bikes
MODERATELY Fast Moving Gravely TURTLE $25 10:00 AM 32 miles $25
  • Ride East on roads of Monument, gravel as far as the eye can see. Gravel or CX bikes encouraged.
IT'S ALL GOOD Ubiquitous TURTLE $25 10:17 AM $25
  • Do your own ride anywhere, anytime, any distance... and yell, "LIVE OUT LOUD" at some point during your journey.
SLOW & LETHARGIC walking TURTLE $25 10:17 AM 3 miles $25
  • Easy Spruce Meadows hike with views of Front Range with good conversation amongst fellow Turtles

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1532 E Noe Rd, Larkspur, CO  80118
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