Laramie Mountain Bike Series

Laramie, WY, Tue Jun 19 - Tue Jul 17, 2018

Presented by Laramie Racing, LLC
  • Online Registration Deadline: Saturday, Jun 16, 2018 at 11:59 PM MT

Select Your Category

Category Fee
Open Men (Series Entry)
Open Men (Series Entry) $40
Fast dudes.
Open Women (Series Entry)
Open Women (Series Entry) $40
Fast ladies
Advanced Men (Series Entry)
Advanced Men (Series Entry) $40
Sorta fast dudes.
Advanced Women (Series Entry)
Advanced Women (Series Entry) $40
Sorta fast ladies.
Intermediate Men (Series Entry)
Intermediate Men (Series Entry) $40
Dudes just wanna have fun.
Intermediate Women (Series Entry)
Intermediate Women (Series Entry) $40
Girls just wanna have fun.
Beginner Men (Series Entry)
Beginner Men (Series Entry) $40
Beginner Women (Series Entry)
Beginner Women (Series Entry) $40
Juniors $0
Goldilocks category: Too big to race with the little kids, too small to race against adults. Just right. Under 15 only.
Kids $0
A short lap so you don't feel bad about leaving your kids at home while you ride your bike. Under 12 years old.

Event Items

T-Shirts - Teal w/ white logo Ladies' shirts run small, for real. These are the same shirts we've had the last couple year and most women did better when ordering a size up.
Options Quantity Price Each
closed Women's XS x $15.00
closed Women's Small x $15.00
closed Women's Medium x $15.00
closed Women's Large x $15.00
closed Women's XL x $15.00
closed Men's Small x $15.00
closed Men's Medium x $15.00
closed Men's Large x $15.00
closed Men's XL x $15.00
Trail Work Donation Wyoming Pathways oversaw a bunch of maintenance of the Happy Jack trails last summer and they have more on tap this summer. This requires a bit of private funding to match the grant they received. If you enjoy the trails we use and want to see more fixes, consider throwing some cash their way. for more information.
Options Amount
closed Donation

Event Notes