Presented by Pony Shop Juniors for WBR


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This ride features 4 different distances of interesting gravel routes on one of the original gravel courses/venues in the Midwest. Event is designed for whole family with varied routes. These are the same routes as prior events, but please update your GPS files if possible.

For 2022, we hope to have exciting events. Of note, significant warehouses were built in the last year increasing traffic in the first 5 miles of the course where there was previously only farm land. Please be careful.

The longest route includes several degraded roads, and is the most difficult. Conditions can vary year-to-year or even week-to-week as roads are re-graded or re-graveled. All routes have significant gravel. All routes pass through parks as a potential rest stop. Water and bathrooms are only available in parks on the 2 longer routes. See the maps. Wind, rain, heat, and gravel conditions can make ride times significantly slower than expected.

We have Ride With GPS timed leaderboards for all degraded road sections, and for all routes starting at the first gravel section till the I-80 overpass returning to town.

The ride is 100% self supported.

We make the event free to encourage participation. The ride is free so have fun; be safe at stop signs and on any busy roads leaving or returning to town. The course is hard enough you don't have to attack stop signs.

Please be safe and respectful in the parks. With 4-6 hours of riding, you can chill in the parks, or even stop: don't scare a pedestrian by making an attack, for example. Don't ride to fast or dominate the road.

After the ride we typically pass a hat for WBR. The Pony Shop Juniors Cycling Team and the team's families donate money to this charity every year.

Online Registration Deadline: Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 9:00 PM ET

Total Event Registration Limit: 300

Select Your Category

Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
77 Mile $0 10:00 AM 77 miles hand shakes, segment brags 100 $0
  • 77 Miles for all ages, several degraded roads, and one woods section. Segment times via Ride with GPS
63 Mile $0 10:00 AM 63 miles Slaps on the back 100 $0
  • 63 Miles for all, some good sections, no segments on degraded road, but overall time with Ride with GPS account and sign in/sync with Garmin and Wahoo
41 Miler $0 10:00 AM 41 miles Hoots and cheers 100 $0
  • 41 Miles for all ages, Ride with GPS segments start on first gravel section for overall times.
24 Mile Kids and parents for WBR $0 10:00 AM 24 miles if you raise money for WBR I'll buy you a juice 100 $0
  • Easiest ride, less gravel, rest stop; drop a dollar or two in the bucket for WBR and join us at the finish