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Total Event Registration Limit: 70

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Pre-Event Tasks
Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
Sold Out Packet Pickup: Friday Bohemia Park $0 2:30 PM 4 hours 4 $0
  • Hand out packets, plates, and swag as riders check in! Meet Andi and Maria at Bohemia Park
Day of Event Tasks Saturday
Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
Venue set up $0 6:15 AM 2 hours 5 $0
  • Place Barricades and other finish line equipment for event. Must be able to lift 40-50 lbs.
Only 5 spots available!
Packet Pickup Registration Table $0 6:30 AM 3 hours 6 $0
  • Hand out packets, plates, and swag as riders check in! Check-in at Bohemia Park
Only 5 spots available!
Lead Vehicle: Adventure Route $0 6:30 AM 9 hours 2 $0
  • Lead the riders that leave two hrs prior to the other categories on an adventure to remember for 134 miles and 9000 ft. Can be Truck/Car or Moto (See Event Notes)
Sold Out Mechanic Aid 1 Shift Cycles $0 8:40 AM 4 hours 1 $0
  • Wrench for Aid Station 1, 32 miles on the Medio,Gran Route, and Adventure Route  Bring repair stand and parts. Leave CG by 8:15 am
Lead Vehicle: Gran Route $0 6:30 AM 9 hours 2 $0
  • Lead the riders around the course alerting aid stations that the group is coming. Can be Truck/Car or Moto (See Event Notes)
Sag Support: Adventure Route $0 7:45 AM 6 hours 1 $0
  • Must have bike rack and follow Adventure route from Cottage Grove. This route is 137 miles long and you will be reimbursed for mileage. (SEE EVENT NOTES)
Only 1 spot available!
Mechanic: Base $0 6:30 AM 2 hours 1 $0
  • Please have a repair stand and tools. Location: 6TH AND WASHINGTON, BY COTTAGE GROVE ARMORY
SLARA - Hamm radio crew $0 7:00 AM 10 hours 17 $0
  • Hamm radio crew. You must be part of this organization to sign up.
Only 10 spots available!
Mechanic: Aid Alpha $0 8:00 AM 4 hours 1 $0
  • Wrench at the Top of Upper Smith River and the course split for the Adventure Route. When Done travel to Aid 4 over the Medio and sag those riders still on course. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES BELOW)
Bike Sweeps: Gran $0 8:00 AM 9 hours 5 $0
  • Ride the 117 mile route behind the final rider. Must be able to ride for 10 hrs! This will be a fat burning exercise. AM check-in with Mike at 6th and Washington
Only 2 spots available!
Sold Out Bike Sweeps Adventure from Start $0 8:00 AM 5 hours 3 $0
  • Sweep the Adventure Route from Cottage Grove at the back of the 8:30 am start
Bike Sweeps: Medio $0 8:00 AM 6 hours 5 $0
  • Follow the last rider and report in at both aid stations along the 71 mile route. AM check-in with Mike at 6th and Washington
Only 1 spot available!
Bike Sweeps: Mini Gravel $0 9:00 AM 3 hours 3 $0
  • Follow the last Mini-Gravel riders from downtown Cottage Grove heading west to Gowdyville Rd at mile 1 for gravel and a 30 mile loop
Only 1 spot available!
Lead Vehicle: Medio $0 8:00 AM 5 hours 2 $0
  • Drive at the front of the peloton and split off on Elk Creek Rd to lead the first Medio rider after turning off of Upper Smith Creek Rd. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES BELOW) Can be Truck/Car or Moto
Only 1 spot available!
Sag Support: Gran $0 8:00 AM 8 hours 1 $0
  • During event sag for the riders in need of assistance.
Sag Support: Medio $0 8:00 AM 10 hours 1 $0
  • Follow last rider on course turning on Elk Creek and Medio loop. Must have bike rack and good knowledge of course or GPS. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES BELOW)
Sag Support: Mini-Gravel $0 8:00 AM 6 hours 1 $0
  • Shorter route for the Oregon Gran Fondo. Must have a bike rack or pickup and be able to safely drive and identify riders along the route. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES BELOW)
Aid Station 1 Rolf Prima Wheels $0 8:30 AM 4 hours 5 $0
  • Support Rolf Prima Wheels at Aid station 1 for all riders for water and various treats for both the Gran And Medio and Adventure Routes. Dress for the weather and Carpool!
Only 3 spots available!
Aid Station 2 Gran Only $0 9:00 AM 5 hours 3 $0
  • Mile 52 of the Gran Route Only. This is 10 Miles on the Gran Route passing by the Elk Creek turn-off
Only 3 spots available!
Aid Station 3 Gran only $0 9:00 AM 7 hours 4 $0
  • Assist our aid Captain on the Gran route mile 70.3. This will be the final cut off at 2 pm. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES BELOW)
Only 4 spots available!
Sold Out Medio Cutoff Marshal $0 9:00 AM 4 hours 1 $0
  • Bring a Chair for Elk Creek Mile 41 of the Medio as riders take a Right Turn off of Upper Smith River to do the 71 Mile version. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES BELOW)
Mechanic Aid 3 (Charlie) Gran/Adventure Route $0 9:30 AM 6 hours 1 $0
  • Wrench for Aid Station Charlie or aid 3 Gran Route and Adventure Route. Bring repair stand and parts. Make sure to write Bib number down to charge participant post-event for any new part used.
Aid Station (Last stop) (Peacehealth): Aid 2/4 $0 10:00 AM 6 hours 7 $0
  • Aid Station Delta sponsored by Peacehealth Medical Cottage Grove. This is Aid 2 for the Medio and Aid 4 for the Gran Fondo. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES BELOW)
Only 3 spots available!
Sold Out Mechanic Aid 4 Delta Landspeed's Fix $0 10:00 AM 7 hours 1 $0
  • 10 am start time, bring work stand and tools for bike repair. 23 Miles from the finish off of Siuslaw River Rd.
Timing Chip Collection/Water Stop $0 10:00 AM 8 hours 6 $0
  • Assist riders at the top of Cottage Grove Lorane past the timing point by taking the timing chip, plus offering a needed drink. Collect supplies from Bohemia Park
Aqua Lions Bike Vallet and Post event venue $0 10:30 AM 6 hours 6 $0
  • Help set up post-event tables and chairs and assist any riders needing to park their bikes in the bike corral Riders willrelax after the event in Bohemia Park. Position can be split into shifts.
Only 2 spots available!
Venue Tear Down $0 5:00 PM 2 hours 4 $0
  • Put equipment away after final rider finishes. Must be able to lift 40-50 lbs. 6th and Washington
Only 3 spots available!

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S 10th St, Cottage Grove, OR  97424
Event Phone Number:
(541) 225-7946
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