These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

B Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Darrell Edwards Team Louisville
2 Dane Hassett Unattached
3 Scott Lyle Queen City Wheels
4 Michael Carroll Ohio Ortho
5 Brian Bishop
6 Frank Troiano
7 Jerry Hayes Queen City Wheels
8 Ronald Bush Team Louisville
9 Mark Luking Team louisville
10 Norman Young St. Catherines
11 Deil Williamson QCW UDF Reser
12 Edson Madis Pista
13 Dave Nissen QCW UDF Reser
14 Randy Morris
DNF Mark Mckenney 7 Hills Racing
DNF John Rademacher

B Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Llewellyn Papa Johns Racing Team
2 Clayton Omer Papa Johns Racing Team
3 Matthew Ashley Flying Rhino Cycling Club
4 Stewart Scovil Papa John's Cycling Team
5 Mitchell Kersting Team Louisville / University fo Kentucky
6 Travis Mullen CES
7 Brian Hancock Team GIANT - Michigan
8 Andrew Hague Echelon Cycling Team
9 David Emig Fulcrum Coaching
10 Royden Kern Commonwealth Eye Surgery
11 Mike Kennedy Barbasol
12 Zachary Edwards DRT Consulting
13 Brandon Groff Ohio Orthopedic
14 Kyle Wingler alan north america
16 Dan Tille Fulcrum Coaching
17 Matthew Bell
18 Chad Salla Kc Velo
19 Joseph Hall BikeSource
20 Ryan Lindsay ZWS
21 Nick Tinsler Darkhorse - Smitty's Cyclery
22 Matthew Johnson Aldefer
23 Andrew Johnson Echelon Cycling Team
24 Mitchell Beckner OneCall Now / Troy Chiropractic
25 Andrew Millard ZWS
26 David Groen
27 Kerry Nordstrom
28 Bryan Bell
29 John Markstein Olympus Luxury Homes
30 Mark Kimmerle Echelon Cycling Team
31 Ross Stambaugh
DNF Rob Bush Texas Roadhouse
DNF Craig Smith Echelon Cycling Team
DNF Rodney Sauser Dayton

B Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Holly Longley Allegiance Strategist/Sorella Cycling
2 Michelle Morris OneCall Now / Troy Chiropractic
3 Sherry Downing Team Kenda Tire
4 Christine Mccarthy Team Awesome/Jeni's Ice Cream
5 Christine Blakey
6 checking
7 Trish Albert OTR Cycling/Strenflex
8 Jamie Clifton
9 Jillian Kellbach
10 Lindsay Hall-stec Velo Bella-Kona
DNF April Beckner OneCall Now / Troy Chiropractic

C Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Farmer Ohio Orthopedic/BikeSource
2 Christopher Slone Team Dayton Cycling
3 Brandt Athey Lake Effect
4 Brogan Bahler Purdue University
5 Scott Wesseler Jeni's Ice Cream/Team Awesome
6 Stephen Farrens
DNF Daniel Bush Red Zone Cycling

Elite Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Barry Wicks Kona 1:03:22
2 Joachim Parbo CCV Cyclo-Cross 1:03:45
3 Brent Prenzlow Alan North America Cycling 1:03:47
4 Brandon Dwight Boulder Cycle Sport 1:04:10
5 Molly Cameron Vanilla bicycles-Stumptown coffee 1:04:30
6 Michael Gallagher U S Armed Forces 1:04
7 Ryan Leech 1:04:55
8 Steve Tilford HRRC/The Trek Stores/ 1:04:58
9 Tristan Schouten Planet Bike 1:04:58
10 Adam Mcgrath Team Maxxis 1:05:37
11 Nathan Chown handlebars CC/kona Canada 1:05:37
12 Taylor Carrington Turin - Powerbar 1:05:37
13 Charles Pendry Inland Construction - BTD 1:05:58
14 Mark Lalonde Bob Brown Cycles/Bareknuckle Brigade 1:06:25
15 Jeff Weinert Team Giant 1:06:27
16 Mark Legg compton Spike Shooter 1:06:43
17 Michael Wissink SPECIALIZED 1:06:48
18 John Stevens Barbasol 1:06:50
19 Mike Sherer Metlife/Pony Shop 1:07:30
20 Oscar Clark Land Rover/The Briar Rose 1:07:32
21 Kyle Douglas 3 Rox Racing-Scott 1:07:34
22 John Behrens Bailey/Black Mountain Bicycles 1:07:47
23 Ryan Gamm Abercrombie & Fitch 1:07:50
24 Tim Barrett Team Myogenesis 1:07:55
25 Paul Martin Texas Roadhouse Cycling 1:08:00
26 Travis Livermon Cycling Spoken Here 1:08:05
27 Josh Johnson Big Shark Racing 1:08:13
28 Kyle Jacobson ISCorp 1:08:15
29 Robert Foshag Saturn Of Toledo 1:08:37
30 Mark Batty 1:08:45
31 Derek Laan Turin Bicycling Society 1:09:09
32 Lucas Livermon BTD/Inland Construction 1:09:18
33 John Minturn Meredith Group - GPOA 1:09:27
34 Chris Saunders Coach / Ted Velikonja 1:09:46
35 Justin Hines Rapid City Cycle 1:09:54
36 Matt Ratroff 1:10:08
37 Brandon Jessop BioWheels Racing 1:10:23
38 Brent Evans color me safe racing 1:10:27
39 Donald Galligher DRT Consulting 1:10:46
40 Ryan Myers
DNF Ryan Williams SPIN Bike Shop
DNF Brian Nieport Anthem
DNF Kevin Attkisson Texas Roadhouse Cycling
DNF Ryan Rish A&F
DNF Gordon Daniell Barbasol/Rapid Transit Racing
DNF Isaac Neff Alderfer Bergen Cycling Team
DNF Andrew Messer Ridley
DNF Kieran Sikdar BikeSource/Ohio Orthopedic
DNF Scott Ogilvie Mesa Cycles
DNF Ian Manning 3 Rox Racing- Scott
DNF Ryan Knapp Ridley Factory Team
DNF Nathanael Wyatt Sram/Santa Cruz/Caroina Fatz
DNF Rob Selle Team O2 / Cadieux BC
DNF Rick Toler Team Kreitler Rollers
DNF Skiles Keith Texas Roadhouse Cycling

Elite Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katie Compton Spike Shooter 0:39:17
2 Melissa Thomas Team Maxxis 0:39:51
3 Wendy Williams River City Bicycles 0:39:52
4 Sue Butler River City Bicycles 0:40:26
5 Annajean Dallaire Barbasol / Rapid Transit 0:41:57
6 Anne Schwartz Flying Rhino Cycling Club 0:42:01
7 Catherine Walberg Team Kenda Tires 0:42:26
8 Amanda Sin 3 Rox Racing 0:43:01
9 Debbie Dust Team Kenda Tire 0:43:26
10 Kim Sawyer BMW-Bianchi 0:44:01
11 Rachel Steele Bicilibre 0:44:14
12 Kathryn Roszko 0:44:33
13 Anne Conroy Revolution Racing 0:44:44
14 Heidi Von teitenberg 0:45:06

Juniors 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luke Haley Redzone
2 Samuel Dobrozsi Queen City Wheels
3 Erik Madis Pista
4 Ian Mcshane Redzone
5 Hannah Mossman One call now 1s
6 Sam Crecelius
7 Michael Gruenwald Queen City Wheels
8 Andrew Rademacher Queen City Wheels
9 Cooper Simon Redzone
10 Gavin Haley Redzone
11 Andrew Mcallister One call now
12 Derek Schappacher Queen City Wheels
13 Samantha Nissen Queen City Wheels 2n
14 William Birchwell Queen City Wheels

Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Phil Noble Bio Wheels
2 Michael Mcshane Papa John's Racing Team
3 Daryl Sawyer Van Dessel
4 Don Cameron specialized bicycles
5 Frederick Rose Bicycle Garage Inc.
6 William Eisner Papa John's Racing Team
7 Steve Roszko
8 Christian Zauner Papa John's Racing Team
9 Tim Beirne Papa John's Racing Team
10 Morgan Webb Barbisol
11 Robert Kendall Barbasol / Rapid Transit
12 Mark Strecker Queen City Wheels
13 Blaine Heppner Team Louisville
14 Ramon Corpuz
15 Layne Peters Bikesource
16 James Turner Team IPRO

Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Bobrow Papa John's Racing Team
2 John Mandrola Papa John's Racing Team
3 Brad Wunderlich Team Louisville
4 Bob Bieterman chipolte
5 Keith Hutton Team Bolla
6 Matthew Baroli Giant
7 Joseph Brown Flying Rhino Cycling Club
8 Dennis Barber Bicycle Station
9 Mike Otting Mercyhealthplex/7Hills Racing
10 Scott Young Tri Tech
11 Scott Nichols QCW/UDF
12 Doug Hamilton
13 Charles Ellison Queen City Wheels
14 Douglas Dobrozsi Queen City Wheels
15 Bill Kennedy Clarksville Schwinn
16 Harry Wicks Bio Wheels
17 Gary Dugovich Beaver Valley Velo
18 John Riedel Independent Fabrication/Challenge
DNF Lou Beckmeyer Mercy HealyhPlex/7 Hills
DNF Michael Carroll Ohio Ortho

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