These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

JR 14 & Under

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mikey Waine Fulton Flyers
2 Nick Oestreich Fulton Flyers
3 Blake Johnson Harbin Foundation Cycling
4 Corey Bryant
5 Parker Haney Fulton Flyers
6 Maggie Phelan ACC
7 Cole Sieverson
8 Sophia Broadwell Fulton Flyers
9 Annalise Oestreich Fulton Flyers
10 Casey Delonghy
DNF Renee Lapointe

JR 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brody Hartley Fulton Flyers
2 Luke Broadwell Jittery Joe's Juniors
3 Haegan Altizer Fulton Flyers
4 Ben Rothschild Fraizer Cycling
DNF Dominique Shore Fraizer Cycling
DNF Fletcher Lydick Fraizer Cycling
DNF Channel Lapointe

Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Shey Lindner C-Town Bikes
2 Christopher Wyatt Peachtree Bikes
3 David Gearhart NGCA
4 Brian Deloughy
5 John Phelan ACC
6 Chris Chetas Litespeed BMW
7 Jay Wansley Peachtree Bikes
8 Brady Rogers ATLX
9 Dwane Toombs Tristar/Moontoast
10 Eric Jaskewicz ACDC
11 David Marbut Fulton Flyers
12 Kurt Page MOAB
13 Perry Thomas New Leaf Adventures
14 David Hicks Aaron's p/b New England Financial
15 Travis Fowler Cycle South
16 Stephen Wiley Lifetime Bikes
17 Tony Blansit Harbin Foundation Cycling
18 Clay Parks Litespeed BMW
19 Travis Neumuller NGCA
20 Sam Thompson Cartecay Bike Shop
21 Jamie Ingalls Hub Endurance
22 John Brusk
23 Brian Murphy
24 Bert Hull Krystal/Warp 9 Bikes
DNF Charles Rossignol Litespeed BMW
DNF Tres Courdin Litespeed BMW

Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Vankooten Motor Mile/SCV
2 Robert Kuhn HUP United
3 Joey Stanley C-Town Bikes
4 Richard Mauney Fulton Flyers
5 Gregory Schisla GTC
6 Alan Burton Fulton Flyers
7 Greg Casteel Harper Auto
8 Bobby Thrash Fulton Flyers
9 Brad Harper NGCA
10 Jeff Armstrong Quantum Mechanics
11 James Behning C-Town Bikes
12 Cole Haward C-Town Bikes
13 Andy Bailie Aaron's p/b New England Financial
14 Mark Fasczewski Krystal/SCV
15 Eric Broadwell Fulton Flyers
16 Tom Knopp SCV Global Mini BMW
17 Patrick Clark Cycle Therapy
18 Robert Womach Womack Carbon Technology
19 Wayne Nix Cartecay Bike Shop
20 William (dub Smith Fulton Flyers
DNF Eric Broadwell Fulton Flyers
DNF Michael Johnson ATL Roof

Mens A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Turner Jamis Factory Team
2 Douglas Ollernshaw Litespeed BMW
3 Brandon Pruett Harbin Foundation Cycling
4 Jafer Beizer Locos
5 Nathan Sibly Aaron's p/b New England Financial
6 Jamie Saye Peachtree Bikes
7 Tim Barrett Roswell Bicycles
8 Eric Nicoletti Faster Mustache
9 Mark Cockrell Fulton Flyers
10 Edward Owen Topeak-Ergon
11 Nate Zukas ACC
12 Tiago Depaula DePauk Racing
13 Alex Clifford Faster Mustache
14 Eric Anderson Nouveau Velo
15 Mark Babcock Nouveau Velo
16 Bradley Davis Peachtree Bikes
17 Jon Cheaves C-Town Bikes
DNF David Sagat Reality Bikes
DNF Tim Bell Krystal/Warp 9 Bikes

Mens B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Garey Gomez Aaron's p/b New England Financial
2 Austin Hilliard Hub Bicycles
3 Eric Carlson Quantum Mechanics
4 Mclean Harris Smyrna Bicycles
5 Philip O'donnell Team Specialized Racing
6 Elliott Caldwell Raw Talent Ranch/Cyclelife
7 Christopher Wyatt Peachtree Bikes
8 James Tudor Peachtree Bikes
9 Andrew Hodges Frazier Cycling
10 Freddy Edgemon Suck Creek Cycles
11 Todd Palmer Nouveau Velo
12 Mike James Dhlonega Wheelworks
13 David Hicks Aaron's p/b New England Financial
14 Patrick Jones
15 Muse Davis ATLX
16 Greg Casteel Harper Auto
17 Corey Bebo Outspoken Bikes
18 Chris Mcgee Harbin Foundation Cycling
19 Yoni Pollak Bikeways of Tucker
20 Kurt Page MOAB
21 Robby Bryant Aaron's p/b New England Financial
22 Aaron Chamberlain Faster Mustache
23 Richard Mauney Fulton Flyers
24 Kyle Schultz ATLX
25 Jamie Ingalls Hub Endurance
26 Jim Bilotto Aaron's p/b New England Financial
27 Tom Knopp SCV
28 Joey Schoenfeld Fulton Flyers
29 Christopher Rampton Faster Mustache
DNF Eric Burke Faster Mustache
DNF Matt Kogel ACC
DNF Richard Tillotson Sfatto

Mens C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Spencer Whittier Chattanooga Hub Racing
2 Chris Tavel Loose Nuts
3 Justin Mace Motor Mile/SCV
4 Luke Broadwell Jittery Joe's Juniors
5 James Delong Krystal/Warp 9 Bikes
6 Charles Weaving Cycle Youth
7 Delmas Crisp GA Nuero
8 Andrew Rulenski
9 Jim Farmer Krystal/SCV
10 Kurt Schindler
11 Charlie Putnal Doulan Cycling
12 David Goodman Fraizer Cycling
13 Tres Courdin Litespeed BMW
14 Travis Fowler Cycle South
15 David Buntin Hub Endurance
16 Ryan Allen Hub Endurance
17 Patrick Buckley
18 Chris Sieverson
19 Cole Hayward C Town Bikes
20 Christopher Rampton Faster Mustache
21 Baron Lip
22 Trey Hair Atlanta Trek
23 Haegan Altizer Fulton Flyers
24 Wesley Gass Smyrna Bicycles
25 Nolan Wehr
26 Jeff Hopkins
27 Andrew Kimball
28 Channel Rivera
29 Frank Gallo
30 Joey Stanley C-Town Bikes
31 Ricky Park Chattanooga Hub Racing
32 Mike Waine
33 Howard Buckley
34 Chris Williams
35 David Lakly Southside Cycling Club
36 Andy Sweet Chattanooga Hub Racing
37 Sergei Grigorian Bike Raising
38 Robert Dehlan Faster Mustache
39 Ben Beck Aaron's p/b New England Financial
40 Brett Harper
41 Blake Dudley Cycle Therapy
42 Joseph Stokes GA Trek
43 John Wikle Krystal/SCV
44 Brent Scales
45 James Varner Southren Crescent
46 Andy Harper
47 William Bensgue
48 John Toms
49 Jeff Williams
DNF Andrew Macrae Fraizer Cycling
DNF Tony Blansit Harbin Foundation Cycling
DNF James Lane NARC
DNF Dan Henry Krystal/SCV
DNF Obed Ingram C-Town Bikes
DNF David Goodman Fraizer Cycling
DNF Ben Calloway

Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bert Hull Krystal/Warp 9 Bikes
2 Alex Clifford Faster Mustache
3 David Marbut Fulton Flyers
4 Eric Nicoletti Faster Mustache
5 Tony Angevine River City Bicycles
6 Josh Frank ATLX
7 Robert Dills Knox Velo
8 Mike James Dhlonega Wheelworks
9 Kyle Schultz ATLX
10 Jeff Hopkins
11 Bennett Brian
12 Bob Bourne Faster Mustache
13 James Behning C-Town Bikes
14 Muse Davis ATLX
15 Dale Hemme
DNF Tim Bell Krystal/Warp 9 Bikes
DNF Kazz Neal Faster Mustache

Womens A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kimberly Flynn US Stove - Trek P/B Vantaggio
2 Paula Burks US Stove - Trek P/B Vantaggio
3 Lisa Randall
4 Namrita O'dea Womens Cycling Project
5 Shannon Greenhill Peachtree Bikes
6 Elizabeth Lee Fulton Flyers
7 Kimberly Sawyer Womens Cycling Project
8 Loretta Simpson Sorella
9 Leigh Hopkins
10 Holly Barrett
11 Star Affotler US Stove - Trek P/B Vantaggio
12 Kristi Angevine US Stove - Trek P/B Vantaggio
13 Lauren Klein
14 Beth Santoro Scenic City Velo
15 Beth Gearhart Sorella
16 Kimberly Wiley Sorella
17 Trish Albert Sorella
18 Dominique Shore Fraizer Cycling
19 Becca Phelan ACC
20 Amy Frank ATLX
DNF Betty Hodges Team Wooly Mammoth

Womens B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Laura Colbert Loose Nuts
2 Zoe Frazier Fraizer Cycling
3 Rebecca Shirley
4 Kerry Meyers
5 Stephanie Rynas Mystique/SCV
6 Miriam Vos Sorella
7 Laurie Davidson
8 Aimee Henderson
9 Crystal Galloway Mystique/SCV
10 Adrienne Ollernshaw
DNF Abigail Aldridge Fraizer Cycling
DNF Lisa Bongiorno Frazier Cycling
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