These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Junior Boys 1012

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alex Walentynowicz Revel Rad Racing
2 Gideon Bender Motofish Racing
3 Alastair Magun Revel Rad
4 Travis Luther Revel Rad
5 Titus Bender Motofish Racing
6 Ethan Casebolt Revel Rad
7 Alexander Brady(156) Old Town
8 Kyle Dickinson Revel/ Rad Racing
9 Croix Cameron
10 Logan Brady Old Town
11 Zachary Marien Old Town
12 Nathan Morrisson Revel/Rad Racing NW
13 Jack Spranger Motofish Racing
14 Ryan Lewis
15 Alexander Bennett NA
16 Taylor Bailey
17 Colbypedeferry
18 Riley Pluth
19 Holden Berg Cycle University
20 Taylor Bailey

Junior Boys 1314

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jarrett Aregger JL Velo Racing Team
2 Scott Funston Old Town bicycle
3 Tanner Choudhry 10-12 racing 1314's
4 Forrest Golic Compass Outdoors
5 Mitchell Thornton JL Velo
6 Lewis Whiley Revel Rad Racing
7 Henry Geary JL Velo Racing
8 Carson Jones 20/20 Fuel
9 Mavrik Weimer Rad Racing
10 Steven Raymond Old Town Bicycle p/b State Farm
11 Sky Schroeder Revel Rad
12 Lewis Whiley Rad Racing
13 Keland Yip JL Velo
14 Derrick Howlett Old Town Bicycles
15 Ryan Engledow
16 Jack Arildson JL Velo
17 Casey Brine
18 Alexander West
19 Arildson Jack JL Velo
20 Ben King Revel Rad
21 Brayden Buchanan
22 Caden Tongue Tongue
23 Colton Schnabel BD racing
24 Connor Farrell 2020 Fuel
25 Cooper Rombold Shuksan Velo
26 Davis Canfield-cole
27 George Jackson iv Old Town Bicycles
28 Ian O'connell JL Velo Racing Team
29 Justin King JL Velo Racing Team
30 Liam Hood
31 Max Hannah

Junior Boys 1516

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Miles Frank Hammer Nutrition
2 Blake Rollins BD Racing
3 Ayden Young RAD RACING NW
4 Kody Raymond Old Town Bicycle p/b State Farm
5 Erik Pitkanen Revel Rad Racing
6 Matt Wilkinson RAD RACING NW
7 Tyler Daniel JL Velo
8 Colton Schnable BD Racing
9 Andrew Wittwer Old Town Bicycle
10 Billy Peterson RAD RACING NW
11 Alec Bluhm Tounge Racing
12 Luke Grant JL Velo
24 Nathan Morrisson Revel/Rad Racing NW
25 Clayton Weichbrodt Corpore Sano/Viking sport
26 Addison Leckrone BD Racing
27 Taylor Bailey

Junior Girls 1012

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gizinski Hayden
2 Addison Leckrone
3 Camryn T ngue
4 Jillian Felker
5 Girl - u known
6 Darby Sc ueler

Junior Girls 1314

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Shannon Mallory Fanatik
2 Madison Luther Revel Rad
3 Ella James JL Velo
4 Emma Doherty JL Velo
5 Zara Mcgrath FareStart
6 Nicky Doherty JL Velo

Master 4Men45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Hubbard Audi
2 Ken Harmon
3 Mark Portin Cucina Fresca
4 Tobin Copley Escape Velocity
5 Adam Leahy Bonney Lake Bike Shop
6 Dwight Snodgrass Old Town Bicycle
7 Earl Zimmermann ESNW
8 Alex Votry Blue Rooster
9 Scott Monett The Natural Way Racing Team
10 Anthony Whiley Olympia Orthopedics
11 Randy Bostrom Phils Southside Cyclery
12 Davo Queen 20/20 Fuel
13 John Bissell Blue Rooster
14 David Farrell 20/20 Fuel
15 Sean Cissell Mr. Crampy's
16 Peter Barlow Old Town Bicycle
17 Quinn Dusenberry BLUE ROOSTER
18 Michael Mallory Fanatik
19 Mike Doherty cucina fresca
20 Dan Von seggern
21 Thomas Capell Phil's South Side Cyclery
22 Steve Jones 20/20 Fuel
23 Dan Arildson JL Velo
24 Chris Stevens
25 Bob Cartwright Old Town Bicycles
26 Ken Dong Fisher Plumbing / Byrne Invent
27 Matt Muehlhausen unattached
28 Paul Weymiller Team Bonney Lake Bike
29 Dave Bailey
30 Steve Ellis Blue Rooster
31 Rob Bradley Olympia Orthopedics
32 Marty Oconner Cucina Fresca
33 Greg Cox Soft Like Kitten
34 Christopher Johns Blue Rooster
35 Stephen Bolt Old Town Bicycle
36 Randy Barkhurst unattached
37 Derin Bluhm Tongue Racing
38 Michael Payne Old Town Bicycle
39 John Greer Double Check
40 Tom Petersen Upriver Racing
41 Darol Tuttle SCCA / Starbucks
42 Bill Koonce Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
43 Dennis Fedore Old Town Bicycles/State Farm
44 Perry Felker raleigh

Master 4Men55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Martin Rand Audi
2 Greg Heitman Double Check 1831
3 Don Lewis 3
4 Michael Weaver Blue Rooster Racing Team
5 Dennis Stumpp BD racing
6 Paul Gissing Crossniacs
7 Rick Ceccanti BD racing
8 Tim Purcell Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
9 Charlie Vanzandt Doublecheck
10 Joe Myers 2 Wheeler Dealer
11 Richard Daifuku Branford
12 Bradley Scott Phil Sound Cyclery
13 Michael Kopp Cycle Therapy 4 Corners Cycling
14 Scott Moore Team Double Check
15 Leonard Throp Eatonville Outdoor
16 Robert Milligan Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
17 Jim Ahrens tacoma bike
18 Roland Goeckel Double Check
19 Christ Soelling Cucina Fresca
20 Mike Nelson Double Check
21 Ben Holman upriver

Master Men1/2 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sean Kelsey Cycle U-PopCap
2 Richard Mcclung Hagens Berman
3 Todd Davis Audi
4 Jeff Beltramini Mafia Racing/Felt/PBR
5 Gentry Mcgrath Mr. Campy
6 Chad Berg Cycle U-PopCap
7 Rainer Leuschke Blue Rooster/SMC
8 Michael Dicenso Mafia Racing/Felt/PBR
9 Damon Pettinger Hagens Berman
10 Tim Ellis
11 Calvin Spranger
12 Ryan Perlman Kirkland Bikes
13 LeRoi Smith Ragnarok Racing
14 David Karman Hagens Berman
15 Travis Nease Audi
16 Jason Jablonski

Master Men1/2 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Doug Graver Ragnarok Racing
2 Matthew Lynch bryne invent
3 Michael Brazel Old Town Bicycles P/B State Farm
4 Keith Rollins BD Racing
5 Steve Jensen Bicycle Centers
6 Dan Norton (74)
7 Rick Heckenlaible AUDI
8 John Alving Apex Racing Team
9 Bob Ludeman Audi
10 Peter Krumins Old Town Bicycle
11 Paul Werner Old Town Bicycle
12 Kurt Brown CogNatives
13 Kenton Berg

Master Men3 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bryan Urakawa Fisher Plumbing/ByrneInvent
2 James Weigand Ragnorok Racing/ Second Ascent
3 Mike Trowbridge Jack's Bicycle Center
4 Parker Lund Mafia / Felt / PBR
5 Aaron Turner Second Ascent
6 Dave Pearson Collision 1
7 Greg Sweney Motofish Racing
8 Matt Morrisson RTB
9 Keith Heinzelman 20/20Fuel
10 Tim Spence Mafia Racing/Felt/PBR
11 Aaron Vanderwaal Mafia/Felt/PBR
12 Jason Dudek Second Ascent
13 Dmitri Keating Old Town Bicycle
14 Matt Nuffort Second Ascent
15 Jose Alfredo ramirez audi
16 Mick Adkisson
17 Nathan Webster Blue Rooster / Sports Medicine
18 Christian Schmalz Bonney Lake Bike
19 Michael Thornton JL Velo Racing Team
20 Dominic D'angelo Collision 1
21 Paul Faestel old town
22 Mike Osier Old Town Bicycle
23 Christopher Cumming Motofish Racing
24 Jason Sobottka Old Town Bicycle pb State Farm
25 Joseph Ecker J L Velo
26 Chris Liebsch Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
27 Jeff Woerner FareStart p/b Cobalt Mortgage
28 Tim Lewis Audi

Master Men3 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Todd Anderson colision one
2 Brian Glass Stanley
3 Art Weichbrodt Corpore Sano/Viking Sport
4 Matthew Cazier 20/20Fuel
5 Paul Lastayo Cycle Therapy/4 corners
6 Don Wright JL Velo Racing Team
7 Steven Brady Old Town Bicycles
8 Chris Jackson Audi Cycling Team
9 Sean Phillips Garage Racing
10 Christopher Mendoza Olympia Orthopedic Associates
11 David Miller Mafia Racing
12 Jim Knapik
13 Bruce Roberts Collision 1
14 Andrew Malakoff Recycled Cycles Racing
15 Mark Monroe Two Wheeler Dealer
16 Phil Meyer Phil's South Side
17 Joe Martin Ragnarok Racing
18 Patrick Tongue Tongue Racing
19 Dave Ryan SCCA/Starbucks
20 Rob Schueler Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
21 Grey Arden Apex Racing Team
22 Dave Stanton Cucina Fresca
23 Chris Mahan Second Ascent
24 Francisco Pons Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
25 David Baker Phil's South Side Cyclery
26 David Mcintosh Giant Northwest
27 Paul Marquart B D Racing
28 Reeve Geary Blue Rooster
29 George Jackson iii Old Town Bicycles
30 Dave Haugen Old Town Bicycle

Master Men3 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Roberts Team Double Check
2 Glen Conley
3 Cosmic Miller Team Double Check P/B Samurai Noodle
4 Erik Brooks Blue Roosters
5 Kevin Raymond Blue Rooster / Sports Medicine Clinic
6 James Wagner
7 Rodd Wagner Branford Bike
8 Tim Petrick BB Racing
9 Brian Volkert Team Double Check

Master Men4 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Scott Barr Jacks Bicycle Center
2 Martin Dubek NWCC-Dimensional
3 Martin Turek AUDI
4 Peter Eby
5 Mark Bender Motofish Racing
6 Nick Leggett Team Wedgie
7 John Drenning Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
8 David Lasartemeeks
9 James Bowes
10 Todd Allen Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
11 Randy Manion Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
12 Chris Mcnulty Team Wedgie
13 Dean Sabol McLeod Construction
14 Robert King Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
15 George Mount
16 Christopher Gay Soft like Kitten
17 Rob Mcgarty Recycled Cycles Racing
18 Todd Ritchie
20 Jason Weekes Tacoma Cyclocross
21 Brian Carlson Motofish
22 Marc Schnabel BD Racing
23 Travis Kubicek COGnatives
24 Andy Rosser Olympia Orthopaedic Assoc:
25 Kennith Ramirez CycleU
26 Matt Molzan Old Town Bicycle
27 Chris Blanton Lakemont Cycling Club
28 Vince Partridge RTB/NWTS
29 Terry Davis Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
30 John Bennitt Swift Industries
31 Geoffrey Grosenback
32 Mike Hanney
33 Scott Tongue Tongue Racing
34 Alex Gentile Endurance Sports NW
35 Chuck Kralovich soft like kitten
36 Tory Grant Old Town Bicycle
37 Mike Reed Old Town Bicycle
38 Casey Cramer
39 Greg Shay
40 Mike Nelson Double Check
41 Tariq Salam Cardiac Cyclists
42 Jamie Pugeda Cardiac Cyclists
43 Alex

Master Wm

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Bender Motofish Racing
2 Lori King Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
3 Andrea Weymiller Team Bonney Lake Bike
4 Carol Johnson Greggs
5 Jitka Cole SCCA/Starbucks
6 Rachel Mclain-rollins Old Town
7 Michelle Kautzmann Olympia Ortho
8 Stefanie Werts Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
9 Karen Metcalfe Olympia Orthopaedic Assoc:
10 Kristen Crupi Ragnarok Racing

Master Wm4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jane Matera Alki Rubicon
2 Sabrina Hendrick Fisher Plumbing / Byrne Invent
3 Lori Brazel Old Town Bicycle p/b State Farm
4 Sandrine Mcfadden Team Group Health
5 Alyson Indrunas Jacks Bicycle Center
6 Nicole Weiss Cycle U
7 Christie Fix Blue Rooster / Sports Medicine Clinic
8 Jill Langley
9 Erin Alving
10 Karissa Weeks unattached
11 Peggy Lee
12 Margaret Walter Old Town Bicycle presented by State Farm
13 Anna Peterson Phil's South Sound
14 Lois Marquart BD Racing
15 Frances Marquart BD Racing

Men 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Steve Fisher Revel Consulting / Rad Racing NW
2 Gian Dalle angelini Rio Blanco
3 John-Christian Flack Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
4 Morgan Schmitt United HealthCare
5 Ben Storrar Old Town Bicycle
6 Randy Bott HSP
7 Alex Wilson Recycled Cycles
8 Nolan Brady
9 Travis Monroe Vertical Earth
10 Aaron Mickels Cycling NW
11 Kyle Mcgilvray Old Town Bicycle
12 Cole Cutright
13 Chris Ellis
14 Evan Renwick CycleU-Pop Cap
15 Matthew Weintraub Hagens Berman
16 Logan Wetzel Second Ascent

Men 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bill Booth TBA Racing
2 Jason Cemanski Apex Racing
3 Tyson Lashbrook MAFIA/FELT/PBR
4 David O'Brien Revel Consulting-Rad Racing NW
5 Paul Young Breakaway Cycling
6 Alex Walker old town
7 Kari Studley Redline
8 Barney Gill Old Town Bicycling
9 Evan Schmitt Lake Washington Velo
10 Matt Beers Baron Cycles
11 Noah Trescott Soft Like Kitten
12 Justin Berndt Classic/Zoefit
13 Jared Vigil Cucina Fresca
14 Kurt Litsinger Apex Racing
15 Nicholas Adsero Recycled Cycles Racing
16 Harrison Devine JL Velo
17 Patrick Leonard Carbon Neutral Cycles
18 Theo Arden (was 155) JL Velo
19 David Yamamoto JL Velo Racing Team
20 Nick Brown Recycled Cycles Racing
21 Avi Mahan rad racing
22 Tony Pletcher
23 Jeff Nettles Recycled Cycles Racing
24 Carl Anton Recycled Cycles Racing
25 Andrew Mcnett JL Velo
26 David Volkert Doublecheck

Men 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Leif Olson unattached
2 Francis Stanbury Mr Crampy
3 Ryan Casebolt BD Racing
4 Nicholas Moroz-koops Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
5 Ryan Reisbick Chinook Cycling of Yakima
6 Evan Geary JL Velo Racing
7 Aaron Griffith JL velo
8 Eric Malmassari Chinook Cycling Club of Yakima
9 Cody Young ESNW
10 Mike Clark
11 Martin Simonich Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
12 Miles Frank Hammer Nutrition
13 Jeff Evans Olympia Orthopedic Associates
14 Jeff Cota Old Town Bicycle
15 Dyame Lemming Step Down
16 Tanner Patnode Revel Rad Racing NW
17 Parker Newman JL Velo Racing Team
18 Bryan Torian Olympia Orthopedic Associates
19 Brian Howard Dirt
20 Justin Calvo scca/starbucks
21 Bob Bautista TBA Racing
22 Jeff Rasor TBA Racing
23 Anthony Mallory
24 Brandon Schumacher JL Velo Racing Team
25 Jason Hansen Tacoma Bike
26 Jarrett Aregger JL Velo Racing Team
27 Tyler Tangen RAD Racing NW
28 Ryan Miller Broadmark
29 Mark Villegas BikeHugger
30 Micah Middleton Collision 1
31 Scott Funston Old Town Bicycle
32 Andrew Eisen Farestart p/b Cobalt Mortgage
33 Andrew Austin Old Town Bicycle
34 Tyler Miller
35 Kyle Howlett
36 Eric Delacorte Old Town Bicycle
37 Chris Foertsch
38 Matthew Wilkinson REvel/Rad Racing
39 John Greer Double Check
40 Daniel Jaffe Recycled Cycles
41 Michael Correa Viking Sport/Corpore Sano
42 Will Muehlhausen JL Velo
43 Dieter Laskowski Fischer Plumbing Cycling/ByrneInvent
44 Robert Schwartz Borsch
45 Mitchell Davis The Broken Spoke


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Craig Etheridge Raleigh Bicycles Hodala
2 Brendan Connolly
3 Phillip Buffington Avanti/Blue Rooster
4 Travis Keen Audi
5 Brian Myers Hodala
6 Aaron Huebner HODALA
7 Anthony Dickson Second Ascent
8 John Whitenack Soft Like Kitten
9 Dylan Carney Soft Like Kitten
10 Adam Van dyke McCleoud Construction
11 Daniel Studley Mafia Racing
12 James Bowes
13 Derik Archibald Olympia Orthopaedic Assoc:
14 Cole Meckle Stanley
15 David Loetterle Recycled Cycles Racing
16 Daniel Milner Blue Rooster / Sports Medicine Clinic
17 Dan Becraft Moots Grass Moots
18 Jason Wennstrom Old Town Bicycle
19 Cody Young ESNW
20 Reese Lindlad Phils
21 Derek Leckrone BD Racing
22 David Mathews
23 Heiko Stopsack Corpore Sano/Viking Sport
24 Marty Sparks Second Ascent
25 Brian Mitchell Olympia Orthopaedic Assoc:
26 Josha Simpson Recycled Cycles Racing
27 Harrison Magun
28 Kenton Berg Second Ascent


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jodi Connolly Blue Rooster
2 Hidi Cramer Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Clinic
3 Tricia Sandstrom Group Health
4 Susan Berg
5 Linda Maza-sparks DoubleCheck

Women 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Courtenay Mcfadden Cycling Northwest
2 Jessica Cutler Cucina Fresca
3 Melanie Lewis Cycle U-PopCap
4 Natasha Hernday MAFIA
5 Emily Eggers Blue Rooster
6 Kristi Berg Cycle U-PopCap
7 Jadine Riley Group Health
8 Lea Stralka Second Ascent
9 Corrie Middleton Collision 1

Women 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Naomi Haverlick Cognatives
2 Naoko Forderer
3 Tamara Donnelly Gregg's
4 Ann Mitchell Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
5 Andrea Casebolt Revel Rad
6 Molly Martin Ragnarok Racing
7 Catherine Maier Revel Consulting -
8 Robin Sheedy Team Group Health
9 Lisa Coyne Team Group Health
10 Carolne Bennette Group Health
11 Whitney Anderson Cycling Northwest
12 Karen Wilkinson TEam Group Health
13 Jamie Schoenborn Recycled Cycles Racing
14 Suzie Hodges Cycling Northwest
15 Carlie Spence Mafia Racing
16 Larisa Wade CBC Racing/Olympia Orthopedics
17 Alexie Montaland Farestart
18 Kathryn Meckle Olympia Orthopaedic Associates


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andi Zolton Kirkland Bicycle/JL Velo
2 Ivy Audrain NRO
3 Lisa Toner cucina fresca
4 Brianne Kwasny SCCA / Starbucks
5 Sandra Apling Mafia/FELT/PBR
6 Eva Wong Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Clinic
7 Erin Danielson Team Group Health
8 Katie Ellis
9 Sara Rades rhodes Group Health
10 Alicia Mccann cucina fresca
11 Carla Brock
12 Krysia Pohl Ragnarok
13 Shannon Elliott Rad Racing NW
14 Anne-marije Rook Group Health
15 Andrea Leuschke Blue Rooster SMC
16 Meghan Pinch Starbucks
17 Eileen Kutscha Cucina Fresca
18 Kelly Purnell Team Group Health
19 Beth Steen unattached
20 Abby Calvo SCCA / Starbucks
21 Kiara Christianson unattached