These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 1/2 Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Bradford-parish
2 Jt Fountain Raleigh/Shimano
3 Michael Gaertner Coeur d 'Alene Velo Racers (CDAVR)/Vertical Earth
4 Gabe Varele Coeur d 'Alene Velo Racers (CDAVR)/Vertical Earth
5 Owen Gue The Bicycle House
6 John Curry Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture
7 Robert Presta
8 Jesse Doll
9 Frank Gonzalez Montana Velo
10 Toby Meierbachtol Hellgate Cyclery
11 Kiefer Hahn MBW Racing
12 Scott Herzig Montana Velo
13 Douglas Shryock Kent Bros.
14 Phil Grove Sportsman & Ski Haus
15 Alex Gallego MBW Racing
16 Douglas Krumpelman Coeur d 'Alene Velo Racers (CDAVR)/Vertical Earth
17 Alexandre Lussier Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture
18 Travis Monroe Hammer/CMG
19 Dustin Phillips Team Hammer Nutrition
20 Elliot Bassett Northern Rockies Orthopaedics
21 Ben Parsons Sportsman & Ski Haus
22 Brad Morgan Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture
23 William Martin Team Muleterro
DNF Jeff Seaton Hellgate Cyclery

Cat 1/2/3 Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anna Dingman Cycleution
2 Lisa Curry Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture
3 Jayne Mclaughlin Zuster Cycling
4 Lindsy Campbell
5 Julianne Zickovich Team Muleterro
6 Lizzy English Northstar Tahoe-Giant
7 Ingrid Lovitt Hellgate Cyclery
8 Amy Frykman Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture
9 Megan Lawson Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture
10 Patricia Dowd Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture
11 Margie Dennison Five Valley Velo
12 Jennifer Bardsley Bike Doctor

Cat 3 Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Landen Beckner Montana Velo
2 Justin Doll Porcupine Cycling
3 Ben Lovelace University of Montana
4 Mark Brooke Team Great Divide
5 Chris Connelly Great Northern Cycling
6 Ben Horan
7 Christopher Wingfield Hagens-Berman
8 Ben Ruffatto
9 Dylan Johnson
10 Jason Mills Great Northern Cycling
11 Scott Lenaburg
12 Sean Mclaughlin EMDE Sports
13 Justin Cloute
14 Jens Macaller Muddy Rudder
15 Jess Douglas
16 Wes Furlong University of Montana
17 Theodore Chauvin Audi
18 Dan Pierce MBW Racing
19 Kristian Miller Montana State University-Bozeman
23 Brendan Halpin The Bicycle House
DNF Pete Young University of Montana
DNF Michael Stearns Montana State University-Bozeman
DNF Matthew Weintraub Lake Washington Velo

Cat 4 Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sam Forsyth Montana State University-Bozeman
2 John Bardsley
3 Ian Foster
4 Will Bradley
5 Jesse Carnes MBW Racing
6 Erik Horn Team Muleterro
7 Greg Gervais
8 Andrew Loaiza
9 Jack Mahler Montana State University-Bozeman
10 David Hoffman Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture
11 Eddie Joy Kent Bros Racing
12 Lucas Wilkinson MBW Racing
13 Benjamin Ferencz Le Petit Outre
14 Brent Ryckman
15 Cody Stekly Five Valley Velo
16 Matthew Thomsen Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture
17 Selden Duame
18 Ed Hirsch University of Montana
19 Jeremy Lurgio
20 Scott Urban Team Rockford/Clif
21 Cory Hardy
22 Nicholas Fry
23 Russell Griggs Montana State University-Bozeman
24 Matthew Handwerk University of Montana
25 Jason Hardy
26 Brock Wicker
27 Ryan Payne
28 Mark Schoenfeld Big Sky Cyclery - Helena
29 Kyle Johnson
30 Devon Lawler University of Montana
31 Edward Warner Team Great Divide
32 Taylor Dudley
33 Bridger Fiore
34 Forrest Vogel Hamson St House
35 Pierce Postma
36 Peter Krebs
37 Griffin Smuts Team Rockford/Clif
38 Peter Letnz
39 Michael Nueman
40 Andrew Wicker
41 Evan Smith
42 Jesus Salazar Big Sky Cyclery - Helena
43 Brett Penner Team Great Divide
44 Brett Penner Muddy Rudder
45 Fred Kellner
46 Kurt Barber
47 Guido Baiocchi
DNF Grant Zimmerman Montana State University-Bozeman
DNF Winslow Lewis

Cat 4 Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Angela Watschke Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture
2 Cerdine Lurgio
3 Ivy Audrain Keller Rohrback
4 Cady Simpson University of Montana
5 Jamie Terry Northern Rockies Orthopaedics
6 Stephanie Zamora Zuster Cycling
7 Jennifer Griggs Team Great Divide
8 Elie Meierbachtol Kent Bros Racing
9 Ivy Pedersen
10 Alisa Wade
11 Kristine Akland Northern Rockies Orthopaedics
12 Kellie Carim Northern Rockies Orthopaedics
13 Mo Mislivets
14 Jacquie Spoon Montana State University-Bozeman
15 Petra Davis Montana State University-Bozeman
16 Melinda Barnes Big Sky Cyclery - Helena
17 Jessica Culver
18 Rachel Steven

Junior Men 10-12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bridger Fiore Montana Junior Cycling Foundation

Junior Men 13-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bridger Fiore
2 Zebulon Ruby
3 Silas Rea Helena Dynamos

Junior Women 10-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mariah Morgan Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture

Master A Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Martin Team Muleterro
2 Mark Knokey Coeur d 'Alene Velo Racers (CDAVR)/Vertical Earth
3 Chance Cooke Great Northern Cycling
4 John Fiore
5 Troy Kindred Kent Bros Racing
6 Travis Howard Northern Rockies Orthopaedics
7 Rob Sayler
8 Tim Noonan Flathead Cycling
9 Tim Gaertner Great Northern Cycling
10 Peter Smuts Team Rockford/Clif
11 Pat Scharfe MBW Racing
12 John Weyhrich MBW Racing
13 Peter Lambro MBW Racing

Master B Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Monroe Two Wheeler/Specialized
2 Trent Baker
3 Ray Rasker Team Muleterro
4 Blair Fisher Northern Rockies Orthopaedics
5 Bill Schultz
6 Ben Suttlemyre Coeur d 'Alene Velo Racers (CDAVR)/Vertical Earth
7 Randy Beckner Montana Velo
8 Tom Hungerford The Bike Hub
9 Donald Bauder
10 Karl Westenfelder
11 Mike Beltz
12 Jeff Twohig MBW Racing
13 David Schoening
14 John Coulthard
15 Tom Owen Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Architecture
16 Byron Deford Team Great Divide
17 Andrew Wilcox
18 Joe Myers 2 Wheeler Dealer
19 Chad Yurko
20 Timothy Bechtold Five Valley Velo
21 Jim Clapp MBW Racing
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