These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

B-Men (Cat 2/3)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cory Stange Cyclefit Multisport
2 Mark Parmelee Cycletherapy
3 Zachary Edwards Drt Racing
4 Rodger Bowser Two Wheel Tango
5 Aspen Gorry Pony Shop
6 Matt Willing Wheels In Motion
7 Brian Hancock Team Giant - Michigan
8 Travis Neumuller Team Cycleworks P/B Hdr
9 Anthony Ponton Macom, Mi
10 Justin Todd Wheels In Motion
11 Patrick Russell Wolverine/American C&F
12 Teodoro Ramos Get A Grip Off Road Racing
13 Thomas Barrett Ride Boutique/Aavc
14 Brian Jankowski Racing Greyhounds
15 Mark Caffyn Flying Rhino Cycling Club
16 Pete Thompson Flying Rhino Cycling Club
17 Thomas Elias Essex Brass
18 Terry Palmer Essex Brass
19 Jonathan Evans
20 Rafael Kronenberg Hammer Nutrition/Cannondale
21 Keith Feldt Flying Rhino Cc
22 Jeff Zimmerman Cycle-Fit
23 Scott Fabijanski Wolverine Sports Club
24 Jan Gatowski Flying Rhino Cc
25 Jason Woods Maple Leaf Cycling
26 Ben Christian Team Giant Michigan
27 Mike Birkett Team Mango
28 Steve Balogh Canton, Mi
29 Jason Boynton Bare Knuckle Brigade
DNF Anthony Marut Lake Effect Racing
DNF Scott Chapin Hup United
DNF Tony Wieczorek Mesa Cycles Racing Team

C-Men (Cat 4)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Younkins Racing Greyhounds
2 Scott Harrington Ann Arbor, Mi
3 Shawn Mcdonald Ferndale, Mi
4 Jonathan Marymor Crca
5 Kirt Kostich Flying Rhino Cycling Club
6 Paul Mazurek My Wife Inc
7 Mark Dolin Rbs Cycling Team
8 Kyle Thomas Drt Racing
9 Christopher Matthews Flying Rhino Cc
10 John Osgood Team Sandbag
11 Matthew Bjurman
12 Jason Melecosky Rbs Cycling Team
13 Randy Arellano Trails Edge Cyclery
14 Derek Hill Cycletherapy
15 Gary Burkholder Snakebite Racing
16 Danny Gerow Team Gerow
17 Casey Barnes Paint Creek Bicycles
18 Brian Love Flying Rhino Cycling Club
19 Bruce Leblanc Frcc
20 Greg Johnson Flying Rhino Cycling Club
21 David Chapman Dexter Bike And Sport
22 Mike Benedek
23 Robert Shank Ann Arbor Velo Club
24 Martin Burk
25 Dominick Wieczorek South Lyon Cycle Race Team
26 John Ellis
27 Gerald Heath Signoutfitters.Com
28 Ryan Mckinnie
29 Chris Burnett Wheels In Motion
30 James Irelan Team Giant-Michigan
31 Dan Caterina
32 Douglas Jacobsen University Of Michigan
33 James Young Planet Bike
34 Ed Barker Cycletherapy Racing
35 Jeff Hencher Independent
36 Scott Jankowski Racing Greyhounds
37 Mark Hughes Flying Rhino
38 Michael Schultz Unattached
39 Joseph Duplanty
40 Erik Schuett Paint Creek Bikes
DNF John Romain

C-Women (Cat 3/4)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Julie Sroka Lake Effect Racing
2 Sandie Domagalski Frcc
3 Heather Patterson Signoutfitters.Com
4 Monica Tory
5 Megan Anderson Ann Arbr, Mi
6 Adrienne Oday Ypsilanti, Mi
7 Leila Kissel Team Signoutfitters.Com
DNF Lisa Meils

Elite Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonathan Page Planet Bike 1.05.59
2 Michael Mueller 1.29
3 Michael Garrigan La Bicicletta/Jet Power 1.37
4 Mark Lalonde Planet Bike 1.50
5 Derrick St john Stevens Cross 2.03
6 Steve Tilford Hrrc/Trek Stores 2.24
7 Michael Wissink Specialized
8 Brian Matter Gear Grinder 2.29
9 Christopher Pietrzak Porcupine/Specialized Racing 2.34
10 Yves Corminboeuf Scott-Sram-Pro Cycles 3.46
11 Jonathan Card Saturn Of Toledo 4.16
12 Jeff Weinert Giant 4.21
13 Travis Woodruff Momentumendurance.Com 4.51
14 Mike Sherer Pony Shop 5.19
15 Justin Hines Handlebarscc 6.13
16 Andrew Messer Drt Racing 6.26
17 Benjamin Popper Hrs / Rock Lobster 6.37
18 Guillaume Dessibourg Team Bmc-Teker 6.48
19 Vince Roberge Lathrup Industries 7.09
20 Timothy Saari Essex Brass
21 Robert Foshag Saturn Of Toledo
22 Kyle Jacobson Iscorp
23 Andrew Weir Priority Health
24 Todd Frerichs Flying Rhino Cycling Club
25 Eric Muehl Cyclefit Multisport
26 Bill Street Gear Grinder
27 Nathan Chown Handlebars Cc
28 Aaron Hawkins Chrysalis Ventures Cycling
DNF Matthew Ashley Flying Rhino Cc/Tailwind
DNF Shawn Harshman Harshman Wealth/Primus Mootry
DNF Charles Pendry Inland Construction
DNF Isaac Neff Alderfer Bergen
DNF Robert Downs Planet Bike
DNF Ryan Knapp Bikereg.Com

Elite Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Natasha Elliott Emd Serono/Stevens
2 Anne Schwartz Flying Rhino Cycling Club
3 Catherine Walberg Team Kenda Tire
4 Devon Gorry The Pony Shop
5 Marne Smiley
6 Erin Vicary Bells Brewery/Quiring Cycles
7 Karey Collins Team Giant Mpi
8 Rachel Steele Team Awesome
9 Whitney Kroll Cane Creek
DNF Anna Young Planet Bike

Junior 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Sroka Lake Effect Racing
2 Brandon Goocher Jacks Bicycle
3 Zoe Kissel Team Signoutfitters.Com

Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Steve Proulx Emd Serono Stevens
2 Don Cameron Specialized Bicycles
3 Rich Stark Aavc
4 Brian Rosewarne Two Wheel Tango/Morgan & York
5 Rob Selle Team O2 / Cadieux Bc
6 Kevin Mcgrew Aavc
7 Raymond Auger Maple Leaf Cycling
8 Jim Hilditch Treefort Bikes
9 Ron Stack Cycle Fit Sports Club
10 Brian Mitchell Two Wheel Tango/Morgan+York
11 Mike Heenan My Wife Inc
12 Thomas Clark Specialized/Tailwind
13 Adam Slough Saturn/Shell Of Toledo
14 Scott Goocher Jacks Bicycle
DNF Simon Bailey Wolverine Sports Club
DNF Matthew Baroli Team Giant Michigan

Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Wolowiec Flying Rhino Cycling Club
2 Rudy Sroka Lake Effect Racing
3 Joseph Brown Flying Rhino Cycling Club
4 Jeff Haney Cisco Cycling
5 Rob Pulcipher Priority Health
6 Michael Seaman Specialized
7 Andrew Klumb Bicilibre
8 Jeffrey Craft Lake Effect Racing
9 Keith Riege Paint Creek Bicycles
10 Lewis Tripp Flying Rhino Cycling Club
11 Paul Warloski Beans And Barley
12 Ken Oday Specialized/ Twt
13 Paul Eddleston Saturn
14 William Marut Lake Effect Racing
15 Charles Renolds Ann Arbor, Mi
16 Marc Dettman Bissell Cycling Club
17 Doug Hamilton Biowheels Racing
18 Mark Lovejoy Ann Arbor Velo Club
19 Russell Kissel Team Signoutfitters.Com
DNF Dj Jurvelin Cyclefit Multisport

Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Wayne Cook Mysinglespeed.Com
2 Shawn Mcdonald
3 Jared Smerecki Cycletherapy Racing