These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

B Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Travis Mullen Pedal the Planet
2 Clayton Omer Papa Johns Racing
3 Andrew Llewellyn Papa Johns Racing
4 Andrew Messer Morris Trucking
5 Chris Mayhew Wissahickon
6 Marcus Moran Team Louisville
7 Brandon Jessop BioWheels Racing
8 Brad Nelson MOB Squad
9 Dan Ott Darkhorse-Smitty's
10 Nick Tinsler Darkhorse-Smitty's
11 Jake Zimmerman Ohio Valley Velo
12 Allen Morris Queen City Wheels
13 Dan Tille I Pro
14 Jay Moncel Trek Factory Racing
15 Kieran Sikdar Bikesource
16 Royden Kern CES/Schellers
17 Brian Nieport UC/Reser
18 James Turner I Pro
19 David Emig
20 Jeffrey Kiesel Team Louisville
21 Phil Gardner Ohio Valley Velo-EDT
22 Joe Bellante BioWheels Racing
23 James Rassmussen Bike Line Racing
24 Jakub Toborek Pedal Power Racing
25 Adam Rodkey Team Tortuga
26 Greg Charkoudian Pedal the Planet
27 Andrew Johnson Buckeye Cycling
28 Matthew Fox BioWheels Racing
29 Ryan Lindsay Zephyr Wheel Sports
30 Marty Smith CES/PTP
31 Bob Combs BioWheels Racing
32 Steven Rider
33 Josh Lahmann Queen City Wheels
34 Steven Gers 7 Hills Racing
35 Chip Dobson Darkhorse-Smitty's
36 Keith Morlen Bolla
37 Matt Bell Darkhorse-Smitty's
38 David Groen Team COBC
39 Tj Turner BioWheels Racing
40 J.c. Breslin Schellers
41 Andrew Brown Specialized/Cycletherapy
42 Andys Burns Central Ohio Bicycle
43 Rob Bush Texas Roadhouse
44 Jack Crawford Team COBC
45 Joseph Hall Pista Elite

Elite Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Cody FiordiFrutta Cycling Team
2 Doug Swanson Grandstay Suites
3 Tristan Schouten Trek/VW/Michelin
4 Brent Prenzlow Celo Pacific/Salsa
5 Chris Mcgovern Sonic
6 Ryan Leech Meredith Group/Cannondale/GPOA
7 Jonathan Card Cane Creek/Caboto Velo
8 Nathan Rice Big Shark
9 Kyle Jacobson Team Beans and Barley
10 John Minturn BioWheels Racing
11 Anthony Slowinski Clarkesville A-Team
12 Jeff Weinert Cane Creek/Ride Blue
13 Michael Wissink Specialized
14 James Holmes
15 Phil Noble BioWheels Racing
16 Stephen Cummings Meredith Group/GPOA
17 Shawn Adams Alan Factory
18 John Behrens Celo Pacific/Probikesupport
19 Shawn Harshman Harshman Wealth/Primus Mootry
20 Robert Foshag Cane Creek
21 Mike Hebe GPOA-Cannondale
22 Gunnar Shogren FORT Factory Team
23 Nathan Chown Cyclissimo/KONA Canada
24 Ryan Rish Alan Factory
25 John Degele Inland Construction/BTD
26 Daryl Sawyer Camp Highland/Nouveau
27 Jesse Rients Nature Valley/Penn Cycles
28 Ryan Myers Chiropower
29 Donald Galligher Chiropower
30 Rick Toler Kreitler Rollers
31 Scott Rendall
32 Justin Becker BioWheels Racing
33 Josh Johnson Big Shark Racing
34 Jeremy Walker Cane Creek/Caboto Velo
35 Kevin Atkisson Texas Roadhouse
36 David Howe Neuvou Velo Cycling
37 Ryan Gamm A&F a2coaching
38 Chris Saunders St. Catherines C.C.

Elite Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Betsy Shogren Fort Frames
2 Anne Schwartz Flying Rhino
3 Rachel Steele Saturn of Toledo
4 Kim Sawyer Travelgirl Magazine
5 Marilynn Hartman Pedal Power
6 Amanda Virostko BioWheels Racing
7 Bridget Donovan BioWheels Racing
8 Cara Mccauley Team Cheerwine
9 Anne Conroy Team Revolution
10 Amy Matson-hyland

Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Bobrow Papa Johns Cycling Team
2 John Gatch Montgomery Cyclery/Specialized
3 Tim Beirne Papa Johns Cycling Team
4 Don Cameron Specialized
5 Christian Zauner Papa Johns Cycling Team
6 Mark Strecker Queen City Wheels
7 Steve Roszko
8 Bill Crank Pedal the Planet
9 Morgan Webb Barbasol
10 Jerry Witham Chiropower
11 Joe Collins Team Louisville
12 Ramon Corpuz Team COBC
13 Layne Peters Bikesource
14 Lars Anderson
15 John Riedel Independent Fabrication
16 David Hyland
17 Dave Nissen Queen City Wheels
18 Anthony Hergert Camp Highland Racing
19 Scott Lyle Queen City Wheels

Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brad Wunderlich Team Louisville
2 Roger Wilson Pedal the Planet
3 Joseph Brown Flying Rhino Cycling
4 Mark Wolowiec Flying Rhino Cycling
5 Matthew Baroli Paint Creek
6 Rick Lyons
7 Da Fleischer Pale Ale
8 Harry Wicks BioWheels Racing
9 Mike Otting 7 Hills Racing
10 Dennis Barber Bicycle Station
11 John Schnatter Papa Johns Cycling
12 Doug Hamilton
13 Matthew Koehn Oz
14 Chip Ellison UDF/Queen City Wheels
15 Jeep Barrett Mafic Cycles
16 Robert Zeman Team Louisville
17 Fred Steinbrecher Pedal Power Racing
18 Walter Lay Team Louisville