These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.
Junior 11-12
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Jack Hawkins
2 Gabriella Duva Austin Nationals
Junior 13-14
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Autumn Hawkins
2 Nikolai Nadein
3 Brody Owens
4 Markus Mccord
5 Angelica Valarde
6 Freddy Hansom
7 Michelangelo Duva Austin Nationals
8 Marcus Morris
Junior 15-16
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Justus Morris
Men Cat 4
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Grady Fowler Echelon Racing
2 Jason Church
3 Ben Welch
4 Frederick Wild
5 Michael Abdalla Echelon Racing
6 Reed Colfax Bike n Sport
7 Charles Pluto
8 Todd Pilger
9 Paul Duva Austin Nationals
10 Joel Richards
11 Tracy Johnson
DNF Joe Kozlowicz Tender Belly Oskar Blues Cyclocross
Men Cat 5
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 David Ortiz
2 Matthew Tinney
3 Javier Pedroza
4 Daniel Gum
5 Noah Vigil Bikeworks/Elevate
6 Karsten Giesen
7 Patrick Roddy New Mexico Touring Society
8 David Siegel
9 Paul Reichbach
10 Marcus Panozzo Duke City BMX
DNF Robert Vigil RIO Cycling Team
DNF Matthew Chavez
Men Master 40+
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Brett Hawkins
2 Matt Patton
3 Dennis Chavez Echelon Racing
4 Chris Dineen Sport Systems 505 Cycling
5 Robert Browning Zoe Fitness
DNF Jeremy Liska
Men Master 50+
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Nathan Masek High Desert Bicycles
2 Robert Sonora
3 Matt Caruso Nero p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
4 Mike Szabo
5 Wendell Egelhoff Bike N Sport Racing
6 Michael Abdalla
7 David Bernstein
Men Master 60+
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Jimmy Day New Mexico Bike N Sport Racing
2 Jan Bear The Bicycle Company
3 Larry Coons 505 Cycling/Sports Systems
4 Kerry Crockett howard High Desert Bicycles
5 David Siegel
6 Warren Hire nob hill
7 Paul Laur Spindoc Cycling
DNF Ray Roetman Zia Velo
Men Open
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Alex Morgan HiFi CX
2 Ryan Travelstead Nero Veloce p/b Micheal Thomas Coffee
3 Roy Roelofsen
4 Michael Palmer
5 Clark Bearsmith 505 Cycling
6 Kyle Johnson Elevate/Bikeworks ABQ
7 Grady Fowler Echelon Racing
8 John Verheul NERO Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
9 Matt Harding Bingham Cyclery
10 Albert Senft Zia Velo Cycling
11 Daniel Swinton Elevate/BikeWorks
12 Philip Neis Echelon Racing
13 Dennis Chavez Echelon Racing
14 Dan Lucero Elevate/BikeWorks
15 Cole Page Fort Lewis College
16 Wristen Paschich NERO veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
17 Mark Boggs
18 Douglas Torres High Desert Bicycles
19 Noah Jacobson Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
20 Ben Welch
21 Joshua Keener Team Hiro
DNF Todd Pilger
DNF Robert Sonora
Men Single Speed
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Michael Palmer
2 Daniel Swinton Elevate/BikeWorks
3 Jason Church
4 Philip Neis Echelon Racing
5 Joe Kozlowicz
6 Jonathan Williams FI Taos
7 Dan Lucero Elevate/BikeWorks
Women Cat PR/1/2/3
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Tanya Bettis
2 Sarah Sturm Topo Designs Cross
3 Anona Whitley
4 Tove Shere sport systems 505 cycling
5 Kim Bear New Mexico Spokettes Racing Team
6 Samantha Bear New Mexico Spokettes Team
Women Cat 4/5
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Michelle Barone Rocket Grrrl Racing
2 Lauren Thompson HDB Racing
3 Tricia Morris
4 Jj Bear Spokettes
Women Master 40+
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Jane Pilger
2 Lisa Broidy
3 Julie Mccollough HDB Racing
Women Master 50+
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Dora Cde baca
2 Annemarie Peck New Mexico Spokettes Racing
3 Judi Mumm High Desert Bicycles
4 Margaret Olivarez
Women Master 60+
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Kim Bear New Mexico Spokettes Racing Team
2 Maripat Glover New Mexico Spokettes Racing Team
3 Anne Keener