These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Junior 14-

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matt Kogel Thomson
2 Bailey Harper Atlanta Trek
3 Simon Barnett Outspokin Bikes
4 Jack Phelan ACC
5 Kennedy Adams Outspokin Bikes

Junior 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jackson Drake Alpha Bikes
2 Joey Schoenfeld Fulton Flyers
3 Meredith Christianson

Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gary Yates
2 Robert Kuhn Hup United
3 Brady Rogers United Health Care
4 Jeff Welp GTC
5 James Wansley Peachtree Bikes
6 Tim Owens Addictive Cycles
7 John Phelan ACC
8 Nate Zukas ACC
9 Jimbo Smart Atomic Racing
10 Brendan Sullivan Iron Data
11 Eric Anderson Reality Bikes Racing
12 David Hicks Aarons
13 Sean Harper
14 Travis Neumuller
15 Jason Tompkins ACC
16 Wesley Garland Reality Bikes Racing
17 Sam Thompson Cartecay Bikes
18 Richard Burton System X
19 Ronnie Bratcher Aarons
20 Michael Sanders Dahlonega Wheelworks
21 Ross Douglas ACC
22 Jim Bilotto Aarons
23 Eric Davis Iron Data
24 Brian Culpepper ACC

Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Wayne Nix Fulton Flyers
2 Richard Mauney Fulton Flyers
3 Greg Schisla GTC
4 Torre Smitherman GTC
5 Time Stone
6 Brad Harper Cycleworks P/B HDR
7 Jeff Armstrong
8 James Behning GTC
9 Franz Keefer Surfing Life
10 Wendell Riley WSBL
11 Stephen Jansa GTC
12 Andy Baillie Aarons
13 Russel Lipscomb Fulton Flyers
14 Bobby Thrash
15 Carl White American Classic
16 Robert Bourne Faster Mustache
17 Michael Barnett Peachtree Bikes
18 Eric Ritenour Dedicated Athlete
19 John Johnson New Leaf Adventures
20 Karl Christianson
21 Dale Hemme

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Leech
2 Nathan Sibly Aarons
3 Jafer Beizer Fulton Flyers
4 Gary Yates
5 David Sagat Reality Bikes Racing
6 Brady Rogers United Health Care
7 Eric Neely Reality Bikes Racing
8 Alex Clifford Faster Mustache
9 Mathew Stewart ACC
10 Darren Dowling Bike Works
11 Brannon Amtower Reality Bikes Racing
12 Nathan Robins Cycle Therapy
13 John paul Russo Colavita
14 Jimbo Smart Atomic Racing
15 Bryan Schoeffler Team OSP
16 Mark Babcock Jittery Joes
17 James Horst Cycle Therapy
18 Ty Magner Locos
19 Parker Smith Locos
20 Casey Magner Locos
21 Mike Manthey BRT
22 Nate Zukas ACC

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Stone United Health Care
2 Daniel Patterson ACC
3 Brian Derose Reality Bikes Racing
4 Joshua Stinger Velo Voodoo
5 Daniel Stallings Georgia State
6 Andrew Saar
7 Charles Reeves The Bike Store
8 Greg Schisla GTC
9 Mike James Dahlonega Wheelworks
10 David Hicks Aarons
11 Jon Cheaves Atlanta Trek
12 Jamie Saye Irman Perk Coffee
13 Patrick Maginn Outspokin Bikes
14 Lamar Mauney Fulton Flyers
15 James Tudor Peachtree Bikes
16 Benjamin Dillingham GTC
17 Alan Wages
18 Brad Harper Cycleworks P/B HDR
19 Chris Tavel Loose Nuts
20 David Gearhart Cycleworks P/B HDR
21 Jesse Jones
22 Torre Smitherman GTC
23 Paul Nesmith
24 Mary Pat jones Blue Competition Cycles
25 Brian Lord Caffine
26 Grant Lockwood The Bike Store
27 Isaac Rodriguez Myogenesis
28 Jeff Esslinger Cycle Therapy
29 Joshua Frank Peachtree Bikes
30 Robert Derose
31 Adam Jones ACC
32 Andy Baillie Aarons
33 Ronnie Bratcher Aarons
34 Riley Spahn Auburn
35 Bobby Castello Peachtree Bikes
36 Kennan Phillips Aarons

Men C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Marcus Seymour Addictive Cycles
2 Eric Watson 29er Crew
3 Robert Simpson John Deere/Sunshine
4 Keenan Phillips Aarons
5 Matt Rogan AVX
6 Stephen Benson
7 Ethan Sealy The Bike Store
8 Daniel Heisel Contes Racing
9 Curtis Tucker Atlanta Trek
10 Aaron Kleinmann
11 Richard Foster Smyrna Bicycles
12 Benjamin Jones Loose Nuts
13 Clay Ellington Smyrna Bicycles
14 Brian Murphy Contes Racing
15 Josh Jackson ACC
16 James Deane Macon Chain Gang
17 Joshua Benett ACC
18 Blair Witkowski
19 Mark Fasczewski Krystal/SCV
20 Robert Jordan Security Bank
21 Dave Marbut Fulton Flyers
22 Joey Schoenfeld Fulton Flyers
23 George Hamby
24 Stephen Wiley Caffine
25 Jim Bilotto Aarons
26 Ben Braxley
27 Eric Burke Faster Mustache
28 Robert Womack Atlanta Trek
29 Thomas Butler Smyrna Bicycles
30 Trey Hair Atlanta Trek
31 Steve Hagan
32 Chris Lewis Faster Mustache
33 Kelly Edwards ACC
34 Robert Donlan Faster Mustache
35 Muse Davis Peachtree Bikes
36 Craig Steeds East Point Track Club
37 David Smith Rome Velo
38 Jim Hodgson Faster Mustache
39 James Deane Macon Chain Gang
40 Jake Wagner ACC
41 Jim Bailey The Bike Store
42 Brett Harper CB Cyolex
43 Tracy Honeycut Fulton Flyers
44 Mark Russo Colavita
45 Kevin Adams Outspokin Bikes
46 David Heath Cycle Therapy
47 Eric Ames
48 Tim Pierce
49 David Lakley
50 Thomas Williams
51 Trey Smith Cycle Therapy
52 Navid Amlani Loose Nuts
53 John Toms Cartecay Bikes
54 James Kessler AVX
55 William Key Caffine
56 Stan Cantrell
57 Gerald Gresham
58 Gene Holley
59 Gabriel Charvat Faster Mustache
60 Mike Guterrez Outspokin Bikes
61 Frank Gallo
62 Andrew James

Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Riley Spahn Auburn
2 Eric Nicoletti Faster Mustache
3 Robert Simpson John Deere/Sunshine
4 Jason Tompkins ACC
5 Ben Dillingham
6 William Coil Smyrna Bicycles
7 Richard Tillotson SFATTO
8 Eric Ritenour Dedicated Athlete
9 James Behning GTC
10 Mike Guberrez Outspokin Bikes
11 Steven Jansa GTC
12 Joshua Frank Peachtree Bikes
13 Wendell Riley WSBL
14 Brian Murphy Contes Racing
15 Bobby Thrash
16 Sean Brock No Brakes
17 Muse Davis Peachtree Bikes
18 Robert Donlan Faster Mustache
19 James Deane
20 Gabriel Charvat Faster Mustache
21 Jack Hamilton
22 Alexandra Miller Birmingham Bicycle Co
23 Dale Hemme

Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kimberly Flynn Vantaggio/Specialized
2 Kristen Bowers Sorella
3 Lisa Randall Outspokin Bikes
4 Angela Connaughton
5 Rebecca Phelan ACC
6 Elizabeth Lee Fulton Flyers
7 Trish Albert MedPlan

Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nancy Jones MedPlan
2 Margaret Denison Loose Nuts
3 Star Affolter Vantaggio/Specialized
4 Amy Frank Peachtree Bikes
5 Ashley Chan Cycleworks P/B HDR
6 Beth Gearhart Sorella
7 Jennifer Matjasko Sorella
8 Kirga Szaniawski Smyrna Bicycles
9 Dawn Smith
10 Jennifer Luce
11 Kindle Lord Caffine
12 Kimberly Wiley Caffine
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