These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Elite Category 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ross Cerniglia My Wife Inc
2 Mark Norton Unattached
3 Matt Braun Unattached
4 Travis Braun Unknown
5 Chad Tucker Unknown
6 Cale Wenthur Unknown
7 Ryan Cate Unattached
8 Matthew Kamphuis Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
9 Nicholas Frye Team Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
10 Luke Seemann xXx Racing
11 Matt Yerke Unknown
12 Mike Heenan My Wife Inc
13 Christopher Newlin Team Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
14 Wade Loberger Team Wheel & SProcket
15 Ron Knaflic Kettle Moraine Flyers
16 Joe Greatens Unattached
17 Nathan Jacques Unattached
18 Kerry Drake Unknown
19 Jereme Noffke Unknown
20 Gregory Blake Unknown
21 Paul Warloski My Wife Inc
22 Scott Neperud Unattached
23 Nicholas Holbus Team Beans & Barley
24 Jason Svaldi Great Dane Velo Club
25 Brent Keller Unknown
26 Matthew Block Unattached
27 Russell Jobs RPM/Hayes Brake Cycling Team
28 Nils Gibson Unattached
29 Carl Ham Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
30 Eric Lau Unattached
31 Thomson Remo Baraboo Sharks
32 Brian Abraham Unattached
33 Brian Boyle South Chicago Wheelmen

Elite Category 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andy Hoenisch Unknown
2 Gustaf Juffer Unattached
3 Noah Marcus Unknown
4 Joel Hynes Unattached
5 Derek Nussbaum wegler Unattached
6 Spencer Cone Unknown
7 Grant Stevens Team Extreme
8 Aaron Goldberg Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
9 Zachary Redding Unattached
10 Brian Krueger Great Dane Velo Club
11 Michael Plymale 5Nines Cycling
12 David Price unattached
13 Chris Zagozen Unattached
14 David Studner Brazen Dropouts
15 Douglas Bailey Unattached
16 David Chancellor 5Nines Cycling
17 Chris Pappathopoulos Unknown
18 Colm Flannery Proctor Cycling Team
19 Kevin Last Unknown
20 Michael Sohasky Unattached
21 Larry Gundlach MadCity Velo Club
22 Adam Zimmerman Unattached
23 Tim Racette Unknown
24 Bryan Frazier Unattached
25 Ryan Shiroma Unknown
26 Clayton Griessmeyer Unattached
27 Justin Meyer Unattached
28 Luke Stater Unattached
29 Joseph Mueller Unattached
30 John Mcneill Unknown
31 Michael Robinson Unknown
32 Steve Gaffield Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
33 Jon Camp Unattached
34 Frank Hassler Unattached
35 James Davis Unknown
36 Robert Moreland MadCity Velo Club
37 John Curtin unattached
38 Aaron Duchon Unknown
39 Peter Speers Unattached
40 John Kunert Great Dane Velo Club
41 Gregory Renden Unknown
42 Peter Kazaks Unattached
43 Keith Watkins MadCity Velo Club
44 Christopher Gabrielson Baraboo Sharks
45 Grant Coisman Unknown
46 David Vogt Flying Bobcats
47 Noah Natzke Unattached
48 Tim Skinner Flying Bobcats
49 Dru Montague Unknown
50 John Chancellor Unattached
51 Matthew Tift Unattached
52 Ryan Griessmeyer MadCity Velo Club
53 Meredith Peterson Bob's Red Mill/Rocky Mountain Racing
54 Brandon Cornejo Unknown
55 Kirk Moorhead Unattached
56 Matt Newell Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
57 Nick Lois Unattached
58 Stephen Bagwell Unattached
59 Chrstopher Follmer Unknown
60 Christopher Beaver Unattached
61 Sean Mullen MadCity Velo Club
62 Jim Lease Unattached
63 Aaron Mcginnis Unknown
64 Frank Ransley Unattached
65 John Spaude Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.

Junior 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Garrett Roth Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
2 Sam Beste Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
3 Caleb Swartz Unattached

Junior 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gage Rodriguez Unattached
2 Ian Haupt Planet Bike
3 Mitchell Bogardus Unattached
4 Nathan Labecki Unattached
5 Thomson Remo Baraboo Sharks
6 Christopher Osborne Unattached
7 Alexander Riva Kenosha Velosport Inc

Junior Girls 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Emma Swartz Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
2 Alejandra Butcher Unattached
3 Isabella Butcher Unattached

Junior Girls 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Huang Planet Bike
2 Corrie Osborne Unattached

Masters 30+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Hills Effetto Coniglio-Wheel Fast
2 Robert Downs Planet Bike
3 Ryan Krayer Baraboo Sharks
4 David Staab Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
5 Mark Harms 5Nines Cycling
6 Christan Griego River Valley Cycling Club- RVCC
7 Chris Goehrig Stoton Velo Club
8 Randall Peterson Great Dane Velo Club
9 Brian Boyle South Chicago Wheelmen
10 Mac Schroeder Unattached

Masters 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Peters Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
2 Gregory Ferguson MadCity Velo Club
3 Shawn Meinke Colavita Racing
4 Gene Tolli CZ Velo
5 John Miller Unknown
6 Jim Pingel Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
7 John Ericsson Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
8 Paul Roltgen Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
9 Daniel Guilfoil Planet Bike
10 Eric Knuth Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
11 Christopher Berge Unattached
12 David Vogt Flying Bobcats
13 Tim Leroy Unattached
14 Tedd Jacobson Unattached
15 Thomas Hooyer Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
16 David Neidhart Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
17 Colm Flannery Proctor Cycling Team
18 Dave Eckel Team Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
19 Mark Dolin Lakes Area Physical Therapy
20 Kevin Flowers The Bike Shop
21 Scott Ross Unattached
22 Tim Skinner Flying Bobcats
23 Mark Badger Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
24 Jeff Melcher Unattached
25 Ericsson Brazen dropouts/cronometro WI

Masters 40+ Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Timothy Valley Unattached
2 Jay Skrede Unattached
3 Jeff Frings Expo Racing
4 Larry Gundlach MadCity Velo Club
5 Timothy Theobald Cafe Hollander RDC
6 Chris Tamborino Unattached
7 Phillip Stutz Unattached
8 Mike Hulen Team Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
9 Joe Alligood Unknown
10 Kobus Rossouw Unattached
11 Timm Jacobson Unattached
12 Alan Kinnaman Unattached
13 William Lamay Unattached
14 Shawn Hauser Unattached
15 Christopher Osborne Unattached
16 Erik Jensen Unattached
17 John Grosz Unattached
18 Christopher Quinn Unattached

Masters 50+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Mcgeen Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
2 Gregory Pautsch Unattached
3 Gordon Paulson Planet Bike
4 David Mccollum Unattached
5 Joseph King Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
6 Tom Palmer Unknown
7 Richard Palmer Kettle Moraine Flyers
8 Robert Schueler Hampshire Cycle Club

Masters 50+ Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Simmermon Planet Bike
2 Darryl Mataya MadCity Velo Club
3 Tom Starr MadCity Velo Club
4 Don Carr Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
5 Richard Schroeder Unattached
6 Brian Buttcher Unattached
7 David Erickson MadCity Velo Club


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Lalonde Planet Bike
2 Scott Mclaughlin SRAM FACTORY
3 Brian Conant The Pony Shop
4 Kevin Klug Courage Cycles Inc
5 Kip Spaude Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
6 Chad Hartley Team Geargrinder
7 Lyle Hanson Great Dane Velo Club
8 Jesse Perreault Comprehensive Racing/Salem Cycle
9 David Peters Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
10 Jeff Melcher Unattached
11 Seth Eckert Great Dane Velo Club
12 Luke Batchelor-clark Unknown
13 Lee Unwin Unattached
14 Jordan Roessingh Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
15 David Thomas Unknown
16 Tim Pacholski Velo Trocadero
17 Kyle Jacobson Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
18 Casey Masterson velo trocadero cycling
19 Brooks Leedahl Colavita Racing
20 Johnson Unattached WI

Women Category 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samantha Schneider Team Type 1
2 Meghan Korol Unknown
3 Holly Klug Unknown
4 Patricia Kaufmann Planet Bike
5 Lisa Krayer Baraboo Sharks
6 Rachel Eichers roessingh ISCorp Cycling Team
7 Renee Callaway Capitol Velo Club

Women Category 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Arrietta Clauss MadCity Velo Club
2 Sarah Huang Planet Bike
3 Diane Ostenso Planet Bike
4 Heather Curnutt MadCity Velo Club
5 Antonia Leal Unattached
6 Jennifer Danielson Unknown
7 Alison Brooks MadCity Velo Club
8 Melissa Behr MadCity Velo Club
9 Gina Kenny ABD Cycle Club
10 Yvonne Schumacher Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
11 Heidi Ploeg MadCity Velo Club
12 Gail Goehrig Capitol Velo Club

Women Category 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Meredith Peterson Bob's Red Mill/Rocky Mountain Racing
2 Kristin Gallagher Unattached
3 Wendy Tougas Unattached
4 Liz Baumgardt Unknown
5 Carol Johnson Unattached
6 Melissa Putzer Team Wheel & SProcket
7 Sarah Newmister Unattached
8 Cathy Swanson Unattached
9 Helmy Tennis Baraboo Sharks
10 Alicia Jepsen Unattached
11 Cassey Lynn Unattached
12 Sara Grant MadCity Velo Club
13 Lori Kazaks Unattached
14 Angela Bagwell Unattached
15 Tracy Mather Team Beans & Barley
16 Renee Vogt Capitol Velo Club
17 Michelle Skinner Unattached
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