These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Juniors (10-14)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Worden Unattached
2 Nate Morse
3 Matthew Corman Unattached
4 Peter Vollers, jr. Start House / Vollers Law Racin
5 Kevin Goguen Minuteman Road Club
6 Nicholas Delmonico
7 Victoria Gates NEBC
8 Phoebe Hallahan
9 Ben Moy NEBC
10 Grace Vollers Start House / Vollers Law Racin

Juniors (15-18)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Gilchrist Mystic Velo Juniors/Connaughty
2 Benjamin Wolfe MYSTIC
3 Chris Esposito Unattached
4 Nathan Etchells MYSTIC
5 Evan Kirk MYSTIC
6 Manny Goguen CL NOONAN
7 Steve Tirpak Minuteman Road Club
8 Tommy Goguen Minuteman Road Club
9 Oliver Hiller CORNER CYCLE
10 Conor Walsh NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent

Masters 35+ (1-4)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Raymond Botelho One Man Wrecking Crew
2 Paul Curley GEARWORKS
3 Michael Rowell NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent
4 David Potter ARC EN CIEL
5 Scott Brooks NEBC
6 Eric Jensen BIKE BARN
7 Thad Lavallee COLAVITA
8 Gregory Brown CAPE COD CYCLING
9 Michael Lorian BIKE ALLEY
10 Dave Maccutcheon MBRC
11 Adam Sternfield MILLWORK ONE
12 Tom Stevens Gear Works/Spin Arts

Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Papul Curley GEARWORKS
2 Joseph Rano Bike Alley
3 Tom Stevens Gear Works/Spin Arts
4 David Johnson MYSTIC VELO
5 Karl Hambrecht CCB
6 Mark Gunsalus FUJI/CLIFF BAR
7 Brian Murphy Blue Hills Cycling Club
8 Tim Dodd NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent
9 Jonathan Johnson BIKE WORKS
10 Bob Bisson Gear Works/Spin Arts
11 Gary Dalton Cox Communications Cycling Team
12 Marc Tatar Bikeworks/Hallamore
13 Adam Sternfield MILLWORK ONE
14 Stephen Ivester Gearworks
15 Steve Fortier NHCC/Team Nh
17 William Sawyer Gearworks - Spinarts
18 Gene Garneau Bikeworks/Hallamore/Svc
19 Normand Collard NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent
20 Rod Mitchell BIKEWORKS

Masters 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Hagen CCB
2 Doug Adams MOSA C SMALTI
3 Richard Cullen CORNER CYCLE
4 Richard Martin MASTERS
5 James Fitzgerald CCB Racing
6 David Burnell Cox Communications Cycling Team
7 Donald Labonte JULIO BICYCLES
8 David Holmander NHCC/Team Nh
9 Steven Heath MYSTIC VELO
10 Larry Stachowiak CCB Racing
11 Joe Barry Cape Cod Cycling
12 David Berner Berner Architects

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Collin Huston CL Nnoonan/Kam/Coast To Coast
2 David Chiu NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent
3 Tom Middleton MBRC
4 Paul Lynch CL NOONAN
6 Matthew Theodore CAPE COD CYCLIST
7 Lucas Fortini Corner Cycle Bike Club
8 Michael Rowell NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent
9 Marrocco Synjen CL NOONAN
10 Rider Unknown
11 Michael Blanchard FCC/Optimum Performance
12 Jeremy Durrin GAMACHE
13 Brad Warren Gamache Cyclery
14 Jesse Keough CL Nnoonan/Kam/Coast To Coast
15 Scott Brooks NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent
16 Oscar Jimenez NEBC

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Littlefield Base36
2 Brett Walker Hammer/Fuji/Bikeman.Com
3 Gregory Brown Cape Cod Cyclist
4 Gregory Vigneaux GEARWORKS
5 Harry Poole Bates College/Colavita Racing I
6 Sebastien Dumont Cape Cod Cyclist
7 Alfred Bissell Essex County Velo
9 Joshua Burgel UNATTACHED
10 Justin Neviackas Cape Cod Cyclist
11 Derek Brinkerhoff Papa Wheelies/Back Bay Bicycles
12 Brian Quigley Colavita Racing Inc.
13 James Jones Base 36
14 Connor Cushman Bates College
16 Edward Brightman Bikeworks/Hallamore
17 Nicholas Fanaras Noreast Cycling
18 Jeff Landfried Gamache Cyclery
19 Charles b. Labbe Bikeworks/Hallamore
20 Brandon Sisino UNATTACHED
21 John Mcgrath NEBC
22 Scott Roy MBRC
23 Michael Brier Unattached
24 David Miller Cape Cod Cyclist
25 Stephen Rock BRC
26 Chris Cosgrove Bikeworks/Hallamore
27 Jim Papovich UNATTACHED
28 James Davis Unattached
29 Chad Demarest CORNER CYCLE
30 Colm Mcmahon Boston Road Club
31 Ryan Lyesiuk Unattached
32 Streett Silvestri 3D Racing Team
33 Rob Tyszko NHCC
34 Jason Dieffenbacher Essex County Velo
35 Doogie Mead CCB Racing
36 David Miller Cape Cod Cyclist
37 John Weaver Mystic Velo Club

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Devin Riley Unattached
2 Andy Legan Bikebarnracing.Com
3 George Shaw International Bicycle/Global
4 Jeffrey St.laurent Optimum Performance
5 Robert Hoenick Bikeworks/Hallamore
6 Ben Mccoy Boston Road Club
7 Francis Lane CCB Racing
8 Tom Fritschka Unattached
9 Mark Champagne Gamache Cyclery
10 William Kenney Bikebarnracing.Com
11 Scott Maclellan Northampton Cycling Club (Ncc)
12 Jeffrey Deitz Unattached
13 Richard Cohen Zteam Cycling
14 Tom Worster Unattached
15 Paul Mcdonagh Nebc/Cycle Loft /Devonshire Den
16 Jody Adamonis NEBC
17 Algis Norkevicius MBRC / Bicycle Link
18 Vinnie Defrancesco CVC/Subaru Of New England
19 Rider Unknown
20 Andrew Strobert Unattached
21 Ed Bagley Vision Quest
22 Christopher Fox Unattached
23 Tim Curley JRA CyclesZ
24 Robert Hildebrandt Cape Cod Cyclist
25 Norman Papazian Unattached
26 Gary Birkhamshaw Mystic Velo
27 Rod Moreno Unattached
28 Anthony Geruso Bikeworks/Hallamore
29 Christopher Payton NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent
30 Andrew Lawson Laurel Bicycle Club
31 Graham Dimmock Unattached
32 Timothy Cotreau Unattached
33 Brett Bersson Unattached
34 Henry Lane Unattached
35 Shawn Canney Unattached
36 Scott Mooney Unattached

Men Cat PRO 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Shawn Mccormack FUJI/CLIFF BAR
2 Jeffrey Craddock CBC
3 Frank Mccormack FUJI/CLIFF BAR
4 Roy Van cleef NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent
5 Luciano Pavan FITCHBURG CC
6 Tim Mitchell METLIFE
7 Chandler Delinks Zteam Cycling
8 Patrick Goguen NEU
9 John Hunter Talksoft Racing
10 Peter Vollers Vollers Law / Start House Racin
11 Jim Thomas NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dent
12 Mark Gunsalus FUJI/CLIFF BAR
13 Fabio Piergentili Woodstock Bicycle Club
14 Mark Mccormack FUJI/CLIFF BAR
15 Josh Austin NOREAST
16 Jonathan Lowenstein NBX/Narragansett Beer/Apex Tech

Women Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lydia Mathger Colavita
2 Kristen Gohr Colavita Racing Inc.
3 Cathy Rowell NEBCNebc/Cycleloft/Devonshirede
4 Carola Berger WEBCOR
5 Natalie Pumont NEBC
6 Kate Leppanen Quad Cycles
7 Emily Curley GEARWORKS
8 Claire Lunardoni NEBC
9 Vana Trudeau Cape Cod Cyclist
10 Jennifer Zeuli Quad Cycles
11 Peg Mitehel NOREAST
12 Katherine Snell NEBC
13 Julie Lockhart NEBC
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