These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicholas Zendler Liquid Velo
2 Andrew Martin Ten Speed Hero
3 Bradlee Haley Liquid Velo
4 Rian Rustvold HagenBerman/Society Consulting
5 Kristian Miller Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
6 Warren Atkey Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
7 Jed Stremel Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
8 Stuart Ayling Monton TM
9 William Broeker Monton TM
10 Mike Robson Ten Speed Hero
11 Andrew Austin Hedrick Racing
12 Jason Corbridge Liquid Velo
13 Jeevan Philip Husky Cycling
14 Sun Dang Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
15 Craig Hammond Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
16 Devin Fife
17 Josh Crow Liquid Velo
18 Christopher Carter Monton TM
19 Jeff Gaeckle Liquid Velo
20 Jesse Nofziger Liquid Velo
21 David Chipchase Liquid Velo
22 Edward Rosenberg Audi/Kryki Sports Racing

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Horan Fell Swoop
2 Alex Harrison Northwest Tri & Bike
3 Tyler Miller Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
4 David Kuester Metier Racing & Coffee
5 Keith Nida Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
6 Christopher Dennis Velobody/Gerk's
7 Shannon Owery
8 Alexander Safarik Husky Cycling
9 Tyrel Lacey RCCSEA
10 Lucas Beatty
11 Tri Tran RCCSEA
12 Jonathan Wood Metier Racing & Coffee
13 Michael Alvarez Dyna Racing
14 Alex Aguinaldo Apex Racing Team
15 Paul Gilbert Apex Racing Team
16 Tim Culbertson HagenBerman/Society Consulting
17 Stephen Fontenot OMG Racing
18 Jeremy Cucco Liquid Velo
19 George Wright Northwest Tri & Bike
20 Louis Mcgranaghan Liquid Velo
21 Kirk Canfield
22 Jesse Maris Tacoma Bike Racing Team
23 Bradley Williams Northwest Tri & Bike
24 Jeff Zeunert Apex Racing Team
25 Chris Harbers Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
26 William Cucco Liquid Velo
27 Zach Juracich Liquid Velo
28 Thomas Catalina Liquid Velo
29 Isaac Juracich Liquid Velo
30 Bruno Zbinden Northwest Tri & Bike
30 Ivan Zbinden
30 Walter Langley
30 Nathan Sabol Rad Racing NW
30 Florin Folta Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
30 Vincenzo Tomassi
30 Philip Ouellette Liquid Velo
DNF Cody Hamby

Men Masters Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Doug Davis Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
2 Mark Meuleman Monton TM
3 Sean Phillips Drop Bar Racing
4 Chris Adolf Fell Swoop
5 Sean Murphy Tacoma Bike Racing Team
6 Bill Booth Monton TM
7 Blaine Felton Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
8 Shaun Redman Velobody/Gerk's
9 Stephen Gingrich Dyna Racing
10 Richie Strong Liquid Velo
11 Jeffrey Reed Drop Bar Racing
12 David Mullen HagenBerman/Society Consulting
13 Lash Mullen Dyna Racing
14 Dee Patterson
15 Mark Caviness
16 Russ Sovde Dyna Racing
17 Steve Matson JoeFroyo Racing p/b Old Town Bicycle
18 Brian Babbitt
19 Phil Arnold Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
20 Aaron Locke JoeFroyo Racing p/b Old Town Bicycle
21 Josh Adams Monton TM
22 Igor Gousman Dyna Racing
23 Tom Hackleman JoeFroyo Racing p/b Old Town Bicycle
24 Robert Farwell Dyna Racing
25 Alex Newton HagenBerman/Society Consulting
26 Gordy Bolstad Velobody/Gerk's
27 Mark Watson HagenBerman/Society Consulting
28 Cameron Williams Drop Bar Racing
29 Matthew Hill Drop Bar Racing
30 Alex Rosenast Drop Bar Racing
31 David Hills Drop Bar Racing
32 Bryon Cline Velobody/Gerk's
33 Erik Johnson JoeFroyo Racing p/b Old Town Bicycle
34 Hugh Barrington Krimson Racing
35 Travis Dougan Fell Swoop
35 Sage Vann Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
35 Martin Vaneycke Tacoma Bike Racing Team
35 Lane Wilkinson Velobody/Gerk's
35 E Eric johnson
35 Jayson Stevens
35 Michael Klisch Center Cycles
DNF Kyle Broderson Excel
DNF Chris Mahan Fell Swoop
DNF Scott Petermeier Velobody/Gerk's
DNF Christi Kenyon Velobody/Gerk's
DNF Erik Olson Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
DNF Carlos Venero Velobody/Gerk's